Wednesday, June 8, 2011

APLisboa TV will transmit a lot of Roller Hockey next weekends

Text sent by: Pedro Gonçalves
The Web TV channel APLisboa TV is back to the portuguese roller hockey!

After the broadcast of some events of (Speed Skating), this channel returns to the roller hockey matches, to show all around the world, great emotions of the end of the 2010/2011 season. After some time preparing this month's events, the official television of the Lisbon Roller Sports Association (Associação de Patinagem de Lisboa), will be live during next 3 weekends, broadcasting exclusive events! With a new image and a new design and some news, the viewers of this channel may see:
- June 10th and 11th - APL CUP's Final 4 - (Ages: Juniores e Iniciados)
- June 18th and 19th - APL CUP's Final 4 - (Ages: Juvenis e Infantis)
- June 25th and 26th - APL CUP's Final 4 - (Ages: Bambis, Benjamins e Escolares)
- June 25th and 26th - National Championship-Final 4 (Juniores e Iniciados) - Live from Castro Verde, this main event will have a special program before the games, with some guests like José Gaspar, Hugo Gaidão, Luís Duarte, Luís Moreira and António Rocha.
There will be many activities and matches during this month, in the APLisboa TV's

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Note: APL TV is one of the Portuguese examples (Brunim TV, PA TV, Plurisport, HCTV...), made to give a solution against the fact, that TV's left the regular Roller Hockey transmissions. With the new technologies there's no excuse to don't transmit and watch Roller Hockey.

Just with a camera connected with a computer and Internet, we can transmit a Roller Hockey match to all the World? Do you accept the Challenge in your Country???????

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