Friday, June 3, 2011

Final of Bundesliga, 1st match

The German Championship, Bundesliga, is at the end one more year, and once again, the final of the playoff is being disputed by RSC Cronenberg  and  ERG Iserlohn.
Since the last 6 years the competition has been dominated by this two teams, with 3 titles to each team. It is important to refer, that both of teams have Portuguese players, that are helping to improve the quality of German Roller Hockey.

The first match had the final result of:

RSC Cronenberg
Luís Coelho

2º Lugar 16J  11V  2E  3D
35 Pts Gol: +59 (101-42)


(1-1 Jogo)

Golo Ouro

Under you can watch a video of this match, with the best moments

The next matches will be:

Final Bundesliga City Date Time

ERG Iserlohn (1º)


RSC Cronenberg (2º)
2-1 Cronenberg 28th May  2011 14:30
- Iserlohn 4th June  2011 14:30
- Iserlohn 5th June 2011 14:30

All info:

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