Monday, June 6, 2011

Brazil will be the Center of American Roller Hockey in 2011

As announced by CSP (South American Confederation), this year there will exist 2 American Competitions organized by CBHP (Brazilian Roller Sports Confederation).

Logo of Copa America last edition, the best ever
Copa America, after the best Cup ever hosted in Vic, Catalonia, will return this year, with the Women's Competition. The Championship will be held from 07 to 12 of November 2011, in São Paulo, Brazil.
Last time Women's Copa America was played by 8 teams: Catalonia, Argentina, Chile, USA, Uruguay, Germany and South Africa. The last 2 countries were invited to enlarge the tournament to has more competitiveness.
10 Countries were presented (3 not from America)
It would be great that Brazilian Edition could receive more countries like Colombia (present in the 2010 FIRS World Cup)
To note that Brazil will receive next year the 2012 FIRS Women's Roller Hockey World Cup for the second time after 1996 Edition, hosted in Sertãozinho.

2010 South American Club Championship (Photo:Mundook)
Otherwise the 2011 South American Roller Hockey Clubs Championship, will be also hosted in São Paulo, from 29th November to 3rd December of 2011.
If we take a brief look on the teams of last editions, is possible to see that Argentinian and Chilean were the most present. Thereby this organization will assure the presence of Brazilian teams, and who knows if teams coming from other countries, e.g Colombia, Mexico, Uruguay, USA ... (as happened in 2007).
In 2010 the teams presented were:
Argentina: Concepción PC, Estudantil San Juan, Olímpia PC
Brazil: Português Recife
Chile: Universidad Chile, Estudantil San Miguel, Subercaseaux Llano, Universidad Catolica

The information of City to host and dates of the tournament was confirmed by CSP.
If do you have some questions send an email to

America (South and North) needs to Roll Together!!!!!

Read the letter of CSP on:

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