Sunday, June 5, 2011

New teams in Switzerland

 Article written by: Simon von Allmen (RH-news)

In Switzerland some new teams will appear in the next season.

RHC Basel and RHC Langenthal will start to play in the NLB (National League B).
Furthermore the team of Berner RHC (founded this year) hasn't enough junior players to play yet, so it is expected that they will play only some friendly matches. Some more promotion work should be done.
In other hand Konstanzer REC doesn't have enough players to continue in the NLB , but some efforts are being done, together with the RC Zürich.

Another new team, RSV Baden, untill now without roller hockey, is searching also for players to start in the season of 2012/2013 with a team in the NLB.

At least a note that from next season, the French Federation doesn't allow their teams to play in other championships, so HC Chambéry can't play it no more.

It is very important to have Swiss Teams from all the main Swiss Cities, and who know if some kind of partnership between the main Football clubs can be a solution to promote our sport. Another help, using the example of Geneva, could be the help of Portuguese (there are a lot living in Switzerland) to improve the quality of the Roller Hockey in Helvetian Grounds.

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