Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Liga Nacional Argentina-Serie A1

 The best Roller Hockey League in America has already started.
One of the best Roller Hockey schools of the World is the Argentinian, so there are a lot of good players trying their opportunity during the Serie A1. This Championship is divided in 2 groups, the first with 6 teams and the second with 7, coming from 3 different states:

As I refer some days the concentration of Roller Hockey Sport just in some States in Argentina is the biggest reason, to justify why it isn't a national sport. A promotion work in other states should be done, and is very important that the FIRS World Cup can be transmitted on the Public TV Channel.

Video of a match between Porteño and Huracán

More information in:

Monday, May 30, 2011

1st Federal Roller Hockey Premier League in India

1st Roller Hockey League

According to the new Indian Blog Roller Hockey premier League a new competition will start this year.
From 5th to 9th of October 2011 at Punjabi Bagh Clubthe Premier League, will be organised by ROLLER HAWKS of Delhi and PUNJABI BAGH CLUB.
This competition is getting professional level, for the first time in India, with some important supports coming from Companies.
Federal a Spanish Roller Hockey stuff producer, is the main sponsor giving it name to the competition, and also Thukral Optical, for the second time sponsoring a Roller Hockey event.
For the second time an European Company support Roller Hockey after Roller One, a Portuguese Company helped with stuff our Sport in Jammu City.

About the competition there will exist prize money:
  • 1st Classified Rs 75000
  • 2nd Classified for Rs 50000 
  • 3rd Classified for Rs 25000 
and each team must pay a Fee of Rs 10000 that  includes boarding and lodging with lunch and dinner.

There are until now, 10 teams confirmed:
  • Roller hawks A Delhi 
  • Roller hawks B Delhi
  • Addiction Roller Hockey club Jammu 
  • Roller Athlete Club Jammu
  • A.M.U. Aligarh
  • Hydrabad A.P.
  • Chandigarh
  • Uttrakhand
  • Maharastra 
  • Sangrur
and are waited some more coming from PANCHKULA , RAJASTHAN and who knows from another countries.

These are great news, and show once again that our sport is growing in such a big and important country like India. After the National Championships, competition to state teams, Premier League can turn fast in the main Roller Hockey Clubs competition.

All details about this Championship on:

and if you have something to say about it, write to

Roller Hockey again in Ceará (Brasil)

One of the last Ceara State Championship (Ceara Federation)

Altought Roller Hockey hasn't any team comming from the state of Ceara, in "Brasileirão 2011" (Championship of Brasil), the sport continue to be played there.

In 17th June the season will start, with senior and school bases team competition (U20, U13, U11). Unhappily there will not exist Women's competition, but soon it is expectable the formation of a school female team.

 Another goal of Ceara Federation is to send a team of Fortaleza Esporte Clube to the Junior Brazilian Championship, to be hosted in Recife (Pernambuco State), in August. Furthermore it is important to refer that everybody hope that during this Junior Championship a Brazilian team will be selected to compete at the U20 World Cup to be disputed during September, in Barcelos (Portugal).

Concerning again Ceara Hockey,, will be realized in 10th June, a tournament 3x3 in Fortaleza, where the promotion of our sport is the main goal. This is also an example about what to do in other countries.

Source of the news:

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dutch League with Schedule, starts in 28th May

Seems that Dutch Roller Hockey don't stop, and the Dutch League has now conditions to start.
During five weekends in five different cities:
  • 28-5-2011 Dordrecht
  • 18-6-2011 Brunssum
  • 11-9-2011 Den Haag
  • 9-10-2011 Zaandam
  • 6-11-2011 Valkenswaard
the Championship will be disputed by 6 teams:
  1. Valkenswaardse RC
  2. edrc AGOR
  3. RC de Lichtstad 
  4. RC Brunssum
  5. Zaanse Roller Club 
  6. ehrc Marathon
After the many clinics that are serving to ask for more young players now the League is another prove that roller hockey is still alive.
The full schedule is on the next link:

CERH should notice this effort of Netherlands to keep roller hockey activity, and give an opportunity to play european competitions as the other countries.

Rolling Together

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Joan Petit Tournament, Catalonia

The sport can help to overcome diseases.This is what  Fundació Joan Petit Nens do with Cancer, organizing the 11th Roller Hockey Tournament to boys and girls with ages between 3 and 6 years.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Hockey in Angola is not just in Luanda

Ferroviário do Namibe was "inter-provincial" Champion last weekend.
Organized by "Porto Comercial do Namibe" (Namibe Comercial Harbor) the tournament was played by 4 teams comming from the South part of Angola.
The final rank of the Tournament was:
  1.  Ferroviário do Namibe 
  2. Casa Pessoal do Porto de Lobito
  3. Juventude da Huila
  4. Atlético do Namibe
The final between Ferroviário do Namibe and Casa Pessoal do Porto de Lobito was 4-1, while the 3rd position match between Juventude da Huila and Atlético do Namibe was 5-2.

One of the main goals to organize this tournament was to improve the competitive level of players that will play next July in Regional Championship.
It is prepared a promotion of Roller Hockey in 4 different cities: Tômbwa, Bibala Camucuio and Virei.

The coach of Casa Pessoal do Porto do Lobito, Correia Jamba, also told that hockey is evolute in south part of Angola, country where the main teams come from Luanda.
Not just in Angola but also in important countries like Spain and Argentina one of the big problems is that Roller hockey concentrates just in some parts of the country, like Catalonia (Spain), and San Juan (Argentina). The promotion is an important step to spread Roller Hockey in the World, allowing the massification of this beautiful sport.

Source of News:

Friday, May 20, 2011

Show Must Go ON!!!

The Best Roller Hockey Club Competition started, European League Final 8 , in Andorra. This is one of the high moments each year. One more time all of us can watch it LIVE ON TV!! 
Now you have a reason to invite a friend to take a dinner or drink some Beers :) 

Reus Deportiu 4-7 HC Coinasa Liceo
Saturday, 21st May 2011 2011 20:00 (+1GMT,CET)

Reus Deportiu 3-2 Bom Petisco Candelaria SC Friday, 20th May 201, 18:45h (+1GMT)

Fc Porto Império Bonança 4-5 HC Coinasa Liceo
Thursday, 20th May 2011 2011 20:30(+1GMT)

Sather Blanes HCF 0-2 Bom Petisco Candelaria SC Wednesday, 18th May 201, 18:45h (+1GMT) 
Video of the match (pay attention to the 2nd Goal-Montivero's Magic):

HC Coinasa Liceo 7-4 CE Noia Freixenet-Esports 3/TVG
Wednesday, 18th May 2011 20.30 (+1GMT)

Isello Hockey Valdagno 2-4 Tecnol Reus Deportiu-raisport 2
Thursday, 19th May 2011 18:45 (+1GMT) 

Fc Porto Império Bonança 4 - 3 FC Barcellona Sorli Discau
Thursday, 19th May 2011 2011 20:30(+1GMT) 

Video of the match (pay attention to the last goal by Pedro Gil, the best Roller Hockey Player of the World):

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Haka soon in 2011 FIRS World Cup U-20??

Haka Performance in 2010 FIRS B World Cup, in Austria
Our posts about Roller Hockey in countries where it hasn't to much important yet, continue. Today I am writing about the "Haka Country", New Zealand.
Seems that also there, Roller Hockey is growing up, due to a better organization and promotion.
New Zealand national team was part of last B World Cup, in Dornbirn, Austria, and finished in 9th position.
They had some good results, but of course, they need to continue with the work.
One of the biggest problems is the lack of teams to compete, so one of the solutions is the organization of tournaments with Australian teams, like Australasian Club Champions (should be good to see in this competition also Asian teams, from Japan, Macao...)

Papatoetoe in 2010 was the New Zealand and Australasian Champion.
The next tournament in 2011 will be the Ian Mackie / Noel Monks Memorial Cup between 4-6th of June in Kilbernie Recreation Centre Wellington.

All of Roller Hockey fans would like to see one day New Zealand playing A World Cup, but for this a lot of promotion and school base program must be done. New Zealand is not registered yet in 2011 FIRS World Cup U-20 to be hosted in Barcelos, Portugal, and this Championship could be a good opportunity to their young players have contact with the best roller hockey of the World.

To show a little bit of New Zealand Roller Hockey, watch the next video report abou it:

More info About New Zealand Roller Hockey in:

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Belgium playing Roller Hockey Again

In 21th and 22th Belgium will host again a Roller Hockey Tournament.
Although it is a Veteran tournament for players with more than 35 years old, can show to young people of Belgium, the quality of a sport like roller hockey. 
Probably most of Roller Hockey fans don't know that Belgium had some tradition of Roller Hockey, and suddenly due some reasons, disappeared from this sport (just some veterans keep playing it).
For example Belgium has a 2nd place in 1947 World/Euro Cup, a 2nd place of 1984 B World Cup, a 3rd place of 1938 Euro Cup and a Nations Cup conquered in 1951.

The teams to play in this Tournament will be:CP Roubaix (FRA), Agor (NED), EHRC Marathon (NED), REV Heilbronn (BEL), Kurink H.C.(BEL).
Tournament Program: http://www.rollerbond.be/docs/Tornooi%20Kurink%20HC%202011%20-%20programma.pdf

If you have any important information (info,photos,videos) write us please.
We would like to see Belgium Rolling Again, but for this something should be done! CERH and CIRH could help the federation, and also NRBB (Dutch Roller Hockey Association) that is doing some Roller Hockey Clinics in Netherlands. Taking advantage of the distance between Netherlands and Belgium, the cooperation could be decisive to reborn again Roller Hockey in Belgium. 

Websites about Belgium Roller Hockey:
  1. http://rolta.skynetblogs.be/  
  2. http://www.royalsundaysclub.be/ 
  3. http://www.rollerbond.be/
  4. http://www.rouliroula.com/ 
  5. http://www.kmodernscw.be

Monday, May 16, 2011

Roller Hockey Live on TV is possible

By: Tiago Silva (Best Hoquei Blog)
All the World Roller Hockey Fans know that one of the more important problems of our sport, is the lack of TV transmissions.
Usually the argument is that Roller Hockey is not attractive, the ball is to small...
As we know this is not true and now was proved by Porto Canal/MediaPro director Juan Figueroa Boullosa, in declarations to Mundo do Hóquei.
At last weeks they have been doing weekly transmissions of Portuguese League, He says that "Roller Hockey works good on TV, against what some people usually says. In Portugal is a very famous sport, that has market.Next season is not sure if Porto Canal will keep or not Roller Hockey transmissions.MediaPro is producing these matches cooperating with TA Sport, that got a good advertisement support.
To complete he says:"It is important to refer that without enterprise support, there's not hockey on TV."

Read the Complete News at http://www.mundook.net/news/5003-hoquei-em-patins-e-uma-aposta-ganha.html

This is one more good news, proving that Roller Hockey has everything to be a Top Sport.
Next days a big Roller Hockey TV transmission, will be done from Andorra. Will be the best Club's Roller Hockey Tournament, European League Final 8. There will be links to watch Live on Rolling Together.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Esporte Corrêas is Brazilian Champion for the second time

Final 14th May
Sport/Cimentos Nassaux 2 x 3 Corrêas

3rd/4th place
Portugês/Chef 2 x 3 Portuguesa

5th/6th place
Sertãozinho  4 x 5 Mogiana            

7th place

See all the Brazilian Hockey Historial in:

Report about "2011 Brasileirão":

More info:
  1. http://blogesportes7.blogspot.com
  2. http://hoqueibr.blogspot.com/
  3. http://www.mundook.net
  4. http://www.aconteceempetropolis.com.br/2011/05/petropolis-sedia-35º-campeonato-brasileiro-de-hoquei-masculino/ 
  5. http://www.aconteceempetropolis.com.br/2011/05/sport-derrota-sertaozinho-no-campeonato-brasileiro-de-hoquei/ 
  6. http://www.aconteceempetropolis.com.br/2011/05/correas-campeao-brasileiro-de-hoquei/
  7. http://coni33.blogspot.com/2011/05/hoquei-sport-inicia-disputa-de-mais-um.html 
  8. http://www.jornalacidade.com.br/editorias/esportes/2011/05/07/hoquei-de-sertaozinho-pronto-para-o-brasileiro.html 
  9. http://www.e-tribuna.com.br/2011/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=11992:solenidade-de-abertura-do-37o-campeonato-brasileiro-de-hoquei-&catid=72:bloco-3-com-foto
  10. http://www.e-tribuna.com.br/2011/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=11918&catid=89
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  12. http://www.jusbrasil.com.br/politica/6954203/prefeito-participa-da-solenidade-de-abertura-do-37-campeonato-brasileiro-de-hoquei 
  13. http://www.petropolis.rj.gov.br/index.php?url=http%3A//www.petropolis.rj.gov.br/pp/modules/news/ 
  14. http://www.portuguesa.com.br/noticias_m.asp?id_noticia=5390
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  17. http://esporterio.blogspot.com/2011/05/ec-correas-campeao-brasileiro-masculino.html
News with video:
  1. http://intertvonline.globo.com/rj/noticias.php?id=16787
  2. http://adonaitv.com.br/es/73-esportes/1330-comecou-o-campeonato-brasileiro-de-hoquei-.html

Saturday, May 14, 2011

France a Good Example of a Good Work in Roller Hockey

One of the countries that is doing a good job to improve Roller Hockey quality is France. Year by Year they are getting closer to the Big Roller Hockey Powers, Portugal, Italy, Spain and Argentina.

Watch this video where the president of rink hockey committee talks about this work:

Saint-Brieuc x HC Braga to 2011 CERS Cup Quarter Final:

cnosfRinkHockeySt-Brieuc por FFRoller

To the ones that want to know more about France hockey see these websites:



The Best Sport of the World

Video with some of the best Roller Hockey moments of 2011 with:
Carlos Nicolia (Valdagno),Pedro Gil (Porto), Lucas Ordonez (Vic) and Nicolas Fernandez (Matera).

Watch and ENJOY!!!!

Sport Cimentos Nassau and Corrêas for the Brazilian Champion

By: Marcelo Lopez
 Final 14th May
Sport/Cimentos Nassaux x Corrêas

7th Journey ---- 13th May
Internacional      0 x 10 Corrêas    (no matche)         
Sertãozinho        2 x 6 Portuguesa
Português/Chesf 3 x 2 Sport/Cimentos Nassau

6th Journey ---- 12th May
Mogiana             3 x 6 Portuguesa        
Português/Chesf 3 x 3 Sertãozinho
Internacional       3 x 0 Sport/Cimentos Nassau

5th Journey ---- 12th May
Portuguesa         5 x 2 Internacional
Português/Chesf 2 x 1 Mogiana
Corrêas              2 x 2 Sertãozinho

4th Journey ---- 11th May
Corrêas       5 x 4 Português/Chesf
Sertãozinho 3 x 2 Mogiana
Sport/Cimentos Nassau 5 x 5 Portuguesa

3rd Jouney ---- 11th May
Internacional 2 x 5 Sertãozinho
Sport/Cimentos Nassau 3 x 4 Mogiana
Corrêas        3 x 2 Portuguesa

2nd Journey ---- 10th May
Mogiana     4 x 2 Internacional
Portuguesa 2 x 2 Português/Chesf
Sport/Cimentos Nassau 3 x 2 Correas

1st Journey ---- 9th May
Internacional 2 x 4 Português/Chesf
Corrêas        2 x 2 Mogiana
Sertãozinho  2 x 5 Sport/Cimentos Nassau

Sport/Cimentos Nassau ----13 p
Português/Chesf----------------8 p
Sertãozinho----------------------8 p
Corrêas--------------------------11 p
Portuguesa SP------------------11 p
Mogiana-------------------------7 p
Internacional-------------------0 p

Friday, May 13, 2011

Good Hope to African Roller Hockey

Seems that CIRH is doing some efforts to support Roller Hockey.
During the Nations Cup in Montreux, Switzerland were approved the foundation of  CIRH Sub Committee – “Development of Africa”. The document of CIRH (press here to see) says this:
"Dear Sirs and friends;

CIRH Executive Committee has the pleasure to nominate the members of the
CIRH Sub Committee “Development of Africa”:
1. Mr. Carlos Alberto Jaime Pinto (President of FAP – Angola)
2. Mr. Nicolau Manjate (President of FMP – Mozambique)
3. Mr. Joaquim Coimbra (President FSAHP – South Africa)
4. Mr. Pedro Azevedo (Vice President FAP – Angola)
With sportive regards
Harro Strucksberg
CIRH President"

One of the targets of  CIRH Sub Committee is the introduction of Roller Hockey in another African countries, something there should start in my opinion in Namibia, where Inline Hockey is played.
Also there's a Sudan player in Egypt that would like to introduce the sport in his country, so...
Le's put Africa to Roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

News from Mozambique and African Roller Hockey

Mozambican TV was present
On last Wednesday, 11th May 2011, started the "Torneio de Preparação" (Preparation Tournament),in Pavilhão do Desportivo in Maputo.
There are 4 teams competing Ferroviário, Estrela Vermelha, Desportivo Maputo and for the first time Liga Muçulmana.
The reults were these:

Ferroviario 13 x 1 Estrela Vermelha

Desportivo Maputo 2 x 1 Ldmm Liga Muçulmana

More info:

Another important news to Mozambican Roller Hockey was the agreement between the Mozambican, Spanish, Portuguese and Internatinal Roller Hockey Federation  to help Mozambique
more info:http://www.jornalnoticias.co.mz/pls/notimz2/getxml/pt/contentx/1214858

At least is confrmed the 4th African Roller Hockey Club Championship , to be held in Maputo next year.
more info: http://www.jornalnoticias.co.mz/pls/notimz2/getxml/pt/contentx/1214859

Thursday, May 12, 2011

7th Magazine Rai 51' minuto

Program details:
  • European League Final 8
  • Play-out of Serie A1/A2
  • Enterview to Dario Rigo

Monday, May 9, 2011

2011 FIRS Roller Hockey World Cup U-20

Yesterday 7th May the 2011 FIRS Roller Hockey World Cup U-20 was presented in Barcelos, Portugal.
The World Cup will be played between 11-17 September. Until now the national teams confirmed are:

  1. Portugal
  2. Spain
  3. Italy
  4. Chile 
  5. Argentina
  6. France
  7. Switzerland
  8. Brazil
  9. England
  10. Germany
  11. Australia
  12. South Africa
  13. USA
  14. Angola
Another countries like Colombia, India, Netherlands, Uruguay that participated in 2009 edition didn't confirm yet, but we hope that they can play in Portugal. Also countries like Andorra , Mozambique, Japan, New Zealand, Israel, Austria, Macau and Egypt, that usually compete in B World Cup should be great surprises if could be present.

Let's wait for news and updates in the New Official Website of the World Cup in:


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Match of the Year in Spain LIVE in TV

Next Saturday, 07/05/2011 at 20:00 (Spanish Time =CET= +1GMT) the match that can decide the OKLiga Champion (after 13 years of Barcelona Kingdom) will be transmitted in two channels:

 Coinasa HC Liceo-Tecnol Reus Deportiu
1st vs 2nd classified with the same points

    In the next video you can watch some of the best moments in 24 day of OKLiga, where Barcelona Sorlidiscau said good bye to the Spanish Title after a draw with Tecnol Reus by 2-2.

    Wednesday, May 4, 2011

    Rolling Together reported in MundoOK

    After two days since the start of this blog, seems that this project is getting popular, and was already reported in one of the best roller hockey news website of the World, the Portuguese Mundo do Hóquei.
    I would like to say thanks to Nelson Alves and Pedro Alves to the relevance that are giving to the Blog.
    Furthermore I would like to ask for help of everybody, that can help me with more info, videos and news.

    Together we can do better things!!

    A Gift for Roller Hockey Lovers

    Is because of videos like these that I still believe that Roller Hockey is one of the best Sports of the World, and just due to some people and some mistakes, it is not in a best position. The first one is the Epic match between Vilanova and Olivenrense to CERS Cup, that Vilanova won for 5-1. The second and third are a Marketing Campaign that Vilanova is doing during this week to promote the Final 4 of CERS Cup to be held next weekend in Vilanova.
    Watch and Enjoy!!

    If you want to see more Videos of Vilanova visit it Channel in Youtube here

    Tuesday, May 3, 2011

    Magazine Rai 51' minuto

    Program details: 
    • Lodi-Molfetta (Serie A1 Playoff)
    • Amatori Vercelli e Pattinomania Matera (Serie A2 Champion Matche and report about the teams)
    • report about the only women playing in Serie A2, in the middle of Men's, Margherita Santini, that plays in Castiglione
    • images of the Nations Cup finnally between Spain-Portugal.

    Video about a Dutch International Tournament last weekend

    After Colombia now is a report of Roller Hockey in Netherlands. Again is one more prove that media can support roller hockey, even in countries where it is not the king's sport.

    Also Rollhockey (dutch roller hockey website) had reported about it:

    Rolling Together

    Video about Colombia preparation to 2011 U20 World Cup in Barcelos,Portugal

    One more prove that media can support roller hockey, even in countries where it is not the king's sport.

    Also Rh-news (one of the best roller hockey news sites) had reported about it:

    Dutch League with Schedule, starts next 28th May

    Seems that Dutch Roller Hockey don't stop, and the Dutch League has now conditions to start.
    During five weekends in five different cities:
    • 28-5-2011 Dordrecht
    • 18-6-2011 Brunssum
    • 11-9-2011 Den Haag
    • 9-10-2011 Zaandam
    • 6-11-2011 Valkenswaard
    the Championship will be disputed by 6 teams:
    1. Valkenswaardse RC
    2. edrc AGOR
    3. RC de Lichtstad 
    4. RC Brunssum
    5. Zaanse Roller Club 
    6. ehrc Marathon
    After the many clinics that are serving to ask for more young players now the League is another prove that roller hockey is still alive.
    The full schedule is on the next link:

    CERH should notice this effort of Netherlands to keep roller hockey activity, and give an opportunity to play european competitions as the other countries.

    Rolling Together