Saturday, January 12, 2013

2013 World Cup U-20 organization flies from Colombia to Germany

preliminary World Cup logo (designed by Tim Graumann)
When everybody was expecting to see news from Colombia about the preparation of 2013 World Cup U-20 , today an unexpected news appeared on rh-news website: Iserlohn in Germany will host this World Cup.From 26.10. until 11.02.2013, Hemberghalle will receive the best of the future of our sport.
The confirmation of this change of plans was done this morning by Mr. Harro Strucksberg to ERG Iserlohn president,
Ralf Henke. 
According to Iserlohn website Argentina and Colombia lost the the application process, despite the great efforts by CIRH governing body. Thusthe competition returned to Europe, to Iserlohn. Ralf Henke doesn't want to appoint more reasons for the host city change, but is sure that they want to welcome both Argentines and Colombians national teams.

40 years after the Senior Championship of 1973 in Iserlohn, finally the Forest City
will host a roller hockey major event again . We, fans would like to see, almost all the next list of countries at the world cup: 
  1. From Europe: Spain (actual champion), Portugal, France, Italy, Netherlands, Andorra, England, Switzerland,Austria, Israel (hopefully).
  2. From America: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Colombia, Mexico and USA. 
  3. From Asia: India, Japan and Macau 
  4. From Africa: Egypt, Angola, Mozambique and South Africa
  5. From Oceania: Australia and New Zealand.
"But it also means that now a lot of work in the next ten months, waiting for us," Henke also know that with the commitment by the FIRS great responsibility rests on the shoulders of the Germans. Because the cycle of - the last World Cup was held in Portuguese Barcelos - actually the South Americans would have their turn. "They could not agree, however, there were some inconsistencies across the Atlantic," Henke has brought in experience, so was waiting with the Tournament award relatively long.
During eight days Iserlohn will be the hub of roller hockey world, because the best U20 young players will be there: the 19-year-old Portuguese rh player Helder Nunes, the 17-year-old Frenchman Carlo Di Benedetto, or Italian Giulio Cocco apply (17) as a rising star, where a large international future is predicted.
After the 2013 A World Cup country change from Mozambique to Angola, due to financial problems, now it's the U-20 competition to have their own problems. We hope that all this incongruities don't deviate roller hockey countries and federations from the main Goal, a better future of Roller Hockey.

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Monday, January 7, 2013

All World invited for Australia Day Cup

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"From 25th to 28th January Victoria Roller Sports Federation, invite all roller hockey lovers, from Australia, New Zealand, Asia and all over the world to play roller hockey in the tournament Australia Day Cup. In the last years the roller hockey in Australia has reached a critical point, with lack of clubs, new young players and competition. To change this panorama this championship appears has a New Day in Australian Roller Hockey.

Skate Victoria Inc. is sponsoring the Australia Day Cup in January 2013 which will take place in the City of Dandenong, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. SV is attempting to refresh Roller Hockey in Victoria and Australia by inviting more participation from past and new athletes to enjoy this beautiful sport. SV is attempting to have the Australia Day Cup open to any club in the Asia-Pacific rim or the World as it would be a great effort from foreign countries to attend and participate."

Victorino Rodrigues
Skate Victoria Inc.

Groups already arranged 

Group A
Mordialloc 2 (VIC)
Stafford 1 (QLD)
Dandenong (VIC)
Lisport (VIC)
Melbourne (VIC)

Group B
Stafford 2 (QLD)
Figjam (NZ)
Mordialloc 1 (VIC)
Skateabout (QLD)
Warrnambool (VIC)

As we know Australia didn't participate in last B Men's World Cup or Women's World Cup. 
Rolling Together hopes that all roller hockey community can help to avoid the critical point that our sport reached in Oceania, and the roller hockey community from this country can create an urgent plan together with national federation to promote roller hockey among kids (see Israel development plan example).