Thursday, September 19, 2013

All Angola 2013 World Cup matches broadcasted on WebTV and TV

The Dream is almost getting True!

Angola will debut against South Africa in less than 48 hours.

And the news that all roller hockey fans that can't be in Luanda and Namibe's Arenas, was already confirmed by FIRS.

All the matches will have at least WebTV broadcasting on FIRS TV.

Unfortunately until now only National TV Channels from Angola, Portugal, Spain and Italy confirmed the TV broadcasting of the respective teams.
All Matches, Opening and Closing Ceremony

Attention to watch matches in NAmibe you should go to this link:


1. Angola Matches

2. Portugal Matches

3. Italy Matches

4.Spain Matches (Alberto Borregan Comments)

If do you know some more TV let us know!!

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Read also the article about the Future of African Roller Hockey, Cameroon and Mozambique:

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Is Time for Africa... in Roller Hockey

Rolling Together is not death :)
Due to my professional situation is being difficult to find time for roller hockey.
But the current roller hockey time obliges me to write about the unbelievable event that is coming next weekend  on our sport:

The 41st Roller Hockey World Cup, for the first time ever in Angola and in Africa.

The roller hockey fans still don't believe about the two Arenas where the matches will take place, in Luanda and Namibe. Two new Cathedrals for roller hockey is what all of us hope, something like the "African Aldo Cantoni" (Roller Hockey "Cathedral" in San Juan) .

Arena de Luanda, The new Roller Hockey Planet
Arena do Namibe

The Championship will start next Friday, 20th September with an African derby between Angola and South Africa, at 20:00 (local time +1GMT).
And what better for the first African World Cup than a match between two African countries.
This article is really about this dream to see this Continent rolling for hockey. A Continent with a lot of opportunities for our sport but still with some disorganization, lack of financial resources, including places to play, material to play, sport know-out...

Roller Hockey needs Africa Dream

But we hope this event can change forever the actual moment of roller hockey in Africa, and why not in all World.

Some "Roller Hockey Dreams" are already taking place in Africa and I'm sure you will be aware with them.  

1. Cameroon On for Roller Hockey in 2014

Kouokam Pa'Hom Dream comes true next year

An incredible dream is coming true day by day on the head of the great Kouokam Pa'Hom. Since young he had the crazy dream of being able to play for it country, Cameroon. And because this is more than a dream he started to think how to turn it real.

Wheels and Wheels to put Cameroon Rolling
"Roller hockey is a great sport whose practice has had a very important place in my life, this sport has given me troubles, but the joys that I have made are comparableness; early years in this club Mont St Aignan, who was (and remains) for a long time as a second home, and then the first step to Nationale 1 (1st French League) with Noisy le Grand debuting the European Story of this club, and finally the pleasure of being able to touch the highest level in the most prestigious French club,  the SCRA St Omer.  

Today, it is time to make all this Fund-rising. I've always a crazy dream of being able to play for my country Cameroon, unworkable, but today I want to share roller hockey in my country. Cameroon is a country located in the Gulf of Guinea wedged between Nigeria, Chad, Congo and Gabon, the king of sports is of course football. Not only by choice or lack of resources but also by lack of diversity in sport.This dream is becoming a reality thanks to a multi-sports facility located in Douala, led by Mr Djitta. Already offering his services to football, tennis and sports outings, the structure now wants to diversify and incorporate roller hockey for 2014!  

Skates waiting for Cameroon future Players
This is a great news for our sport. After Angola, Mozambique, South Africa and Egypt, it will therefore fifth African country, and a 36th country in the world practicing roller hockey. In this Olympic period, we must keep in mind that with more countries playing hockey, greater are the chances to see hockey in Olympic Games. Launch this kind of new activity, and in a country unaccustomed to fund sport in addition, is a challenge that requires a significant amount of equipment, new or used. It is able to cope I therefore appeal to everyone from the roller-hockey: 
 We need sticks, wheels, shoes, hilled, bearings, pads, balls, matter state even if they seem you useless. and all sizes. Then you can choose between giving me or selling them to me. How do I send the material? Just entrust the various sponsors of the operation or myself. These sponsors then charge it to me. On this page, we will keep you regularly informed of arrivals in stock.In advance thank you to all of you, is counting on you to, hockey in Cameroon in 2014!

 Sponsors of the operation: Vanessa Daribo Anthony Leroux, Mathieu Ruckebush, Flora Michoud Godard.

In my opinion this is an unique Project that must me copied not only in Africa, but also in Asia and Latin America. Visit this incredible project on Facebook Page and see how the Dream is getting Real day by day.

2. Hockey spreading in Mozambique

Bamboos Sticks?? why not when there's nothing more to play??

If there's one African country with tradition in our Sport it is Mozambique. Since the Portuguese colonial time, roller hockey had an important place in Mozambican sport life. After than the Portuguese left the country and due to the civil war the situation worsened. In the past years roller hockey was most concentrated in 4 Maputo's clubs: Desportivo, Frerroviário, Estrela Vermelha and Liga Muçulmana. Fortunately and probably also because of the success of Mozambique in last World Club (4th place, best ever for an African country), some young players from another regions of the country started to dream also about being one day in their National team... 
Thus, at this moment there are 2 clubs growing and growing each day in the cities of Quelimane and Nampula. It's increadible the willing of this young players, that even with lack of resources don't give up and keep training and playing each week.
As you imagine also them need a lot of new or used stuff. If you want to keep their dream of playing one day for the national team get in touch with them or with the "Great" Bruno Pimental, Mozambican Federation Member and responsible for the massification of the sport in another regions.

Visit Quelimane Facebook Page on

Match between Quelimane and Nampula

Because when we have a FIRS that doesn't care about our Sport, only the people that really loves it can put the World playing this Sport. Keep Dreaming!!