Sunday, February 26, 2012

Roller Hockey as an University Sport

Flyer of Cup (source:Desporto UP facebook)
All of us, which had the pleasure to study in Universities know about the amount of sports that could be practice, representing our Faculties/Universities. Although our roller hockey doesn't have almost expressive concerning University sport. One of the uniques countries where this is possible is Portugal, but even here it's impossible to compare their power with other sports like football, handball, rugby, athletics...
One of the unique championship each year, is "Torneio dos Campeões". Universidade do Porto organizer of the competition this year, that took place today, in Valongo, near Porto, with 4 men teams and 4 women teams from 5 different universities:
-Universidade do Porto (men and women)
-Universidade do Minho (men)
-Instituto Politécnico do Porto (men and women)
-Associação Académica de Coimbra (men and women)
-Universidade Técnica de Lisboa (women)

It's important to note that it's the first time that Women play in this tournament what means, something new for our sport in Portuguese universities. 

Rolling Together believes that Universities could have an essential role to assure that young players formed in clubs, when apply for universities, could have here an opportunity to keep practicing roller hockey. We can't forget about United States University sports example, where there are very important competitions concerning American Football and Basketball. Here the students reach in a lot of cases professional level. 

Furthermore, for example in Chile some of the existent teams are part of National Universities, eg: Universidad de Chile and Universidad Católicaand the same happens in Mexico, eg: BUAP (Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla and UABC (Universidad Autónoma de Baja California). The same could happen in other countries, having University teams competing in national competitions, and not just in university championships (eg. Associação Académica de Coimbra , team from Coimbra's University Association, playing in 2nd Portuguese Division).

One more idea to National Federations think about :) 

More info on:
Facebook Desporto U.Porto
Jornal a Voz de Ermesinde

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Benfica's Roller Hockey section wants to create B team

Benfica’s head of the roller hockey section, José Trindade, announced the intention to create a B team in order to give more opportunities to the Academy’s youth.

"Although having vast potential, the Academy’s youth need to attain greater maturity so they can integrate more easily Benfica’s First Team," told José Trindade, speaking to Benfica TV.

At this moment Catalan and Italian teams have B teams, disputing regional championships, but for example this situation doesn't happen in Portugal. As the head of Benfica's hockey section, says this is a great opportunity to give experience to young players formed in school bases of the club. It would be nice if this initiative could go ahead.

Visit Benfica's website now in English!!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ecuador growing step by step

Ecuador team in the match of American Cup against Uruhuay (source:Fecapa)
Everybody likes good surprises and this time Rolling Together saved one just for our Fans. Who will imagine that at this time roller hockey was being played in Ecuador??
It's true, after some initiatives to introduce the sport, finally was possible the reappearance of a roller hockey club in this South American country. Probably most of you didn't register that in 2010 American Cup, hosted in Vic, Ecuador was one of the invited countries to dispute this tournament.

Even with the inexperience, they were there, learning with some of the best players of the world. At this time the national team was composed by the following players

Squad of the 2010 American Cup in Vic (source:Fecapa)

mostly of them, inline hockey players, supported by Catalan Roller Sports Federation to participate.
Riau RC (green) and Masters team (blue)
Although after this competition the majority of the player returned to inline hockey, forgetting the excellent opportunity that each of them had to play in an international competition.
Nevertheless there was a player that couldn't forget our amazing sport, Israel Mariduena. After another failed experience in 2007 U20 World Cup in Chile, in 2010 the things were different and Israel Madriuena didn't give up from our sport. Thus with the support from Ecuadorian Roller Sports Federation he went to train in Chile with a Spanish coach and after he suggested him to go into San Juan (Argentina).
As expected he developed his skills and the passion for our sport increased even more.

When he arrived to Ecuator he didn't want to play more inline hockey, so called some friends to play our roller hockey. With enough number of players was founded last year the Riau Rink Hockey. 

Match of Riau RC in Colombia
This club from Guayaquil, is the unique club at this moment in Ecuador, so due to this problem the oldest players from this country, with ages from 42 to 50 years old, were invited to play against them to improve the experience and competition. Furthermore last November 2011, the club traveled to Colombia where had participated in friendly matches against Colombian teams. Once again they learned a lot and had acquired more experience and knowledge for the future, keeping a good relationship with their neighbors (in the future it will be expected new matches)

At his moment, the team is proceeding the officiation, together with the Ecuadorian Federation.
Another important point is the begging of a young team with 6 kids, and one ladies team, with 4 players.

All this people dream with a presence in International competitions of 2012, like American Cup, B World Cup, and South American Clubs Championship.

An excellent example, showing that dream is not forbidden in Roller Hockey and there are a few good examples that persistence can win all the obstacles on the way of our Sport!!!! Now it's time to American countries support Ecuador with matches!!!

Visit the Facebook Page of Riau Rink Hockey 

Video of the match Catalonia-Ecuador for Copa America 2010 (by 9tv)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Hefei, China hosts 2012 Roller Hockey Asia Cup

Asia Cup Open Ceremony in Dalian 2010 (Dalian News)
After some doubts about the host city of the 14th Roller Hockey Asia Cup it was confirmed by Macau's Federation President, Mr. António Aguiar, that Hefei city, in China will receive this championship, in October.
After Dalian, two years ago also in China, CARS (Roller Sports Asian Confederation) nominated again a Chinese city as host city of the most important Asian roller hockey tournament.
Due to the lack of other applications to held the championship, this was the last option.

To remember that the last edition of this Championship happened in Taipei, just with the presence of 3 National teams in both genres, India, Japan and Taiwan. being Japan (men's), and Taiwan (women's) the champions.

Thus this is an excellent opportunity to do one of the greatest Asia Cup of last year, with the presence of more countries, than the last editions. At least, Roller Hockey fans are sure about the presence of Taiwan, Japan, India and Macau, but of course we dream with the presence of some more. For example Pakistan, where roller hockey proved to be alive during the last National Championship in December 2011. Furthermore, having China the opportunity to host the Championship, would be an excellent chance to have again a national roller hockey team. We can't forget that they are the second largest country power at this moment, and having  a sport without them in XXI century it's not good...
We can't also forget countries like South Korea and North Korea that for sometimes were also participating (North Korea was Champion for one time in 2001!!).
But of course, the success of this competition will be possible, just with a lot of work done by CARS, presided by Mr. Sheng Zhiguo. This competition will happen one month after the B World Cup in Montevideo.

To note that India is already preparing these two competitions, with the presence of an Italian coach, Mr. Aldo Baraldi.

Rolling Together wish that this competition can be a new beginning for Asian Roller Hockey

Source: Hoje Macau Newspaper
Asia Cup in Wikipedia

Thursday, February 2, 2012

French Federation promoting Roller Hockey for Kids

CD cover (source:FFRS)
Because Rolling Together loves to promote the good examples which exist in our sport, this time, we talk about French Federation, FFRS. With an innovating program, the Roller Hockey Committee of FFRS, had published a CD, called by "Le rink  hockey à l'école." (The Roller Hockey in the School.). As the title says, this document has the goal to promote our sport in the schools near of Roller Hockey Clubs.
The Committee  has defined two main objectives:
1. Introduce the practice of Roller Hockey for more children, hoping the future grow of players.
2. Attract teachers to this sport and hope to see some executives to join the staff of sports clubs (one master teacher managing a group of children received a pedagogical training that can quickly make the necessary transfers to supervise a team of Roller Hockey).  

Watch a brief Video Presentation of the School Program
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The CD is composed by a part "Discovering Roller Hockey", with a presentation of the sport. 
The second part presents two teachers teaching at different levels (beginners and advanced). They were designed for the autonomy of the teacher in the conduct of its meetings. Any kind of qualification is necessary to start skating and therefore don't need permission of the hierarchy.

Discovery Offer 2012

Roller Hockey Committee also presented "DISCOVERY OFFER" to get new members aged under 13.
The information about this second initiative will be available in all Roller Hockey clubs, Region Committee and the Roller Hockey Committee in La Roche sur Yon.

The French Federation hopes that this two initiatives will allow the development of Roller Hockey and increase the number of Young Players. We can't forget that France will host in 2015 the World Cup!!!!

Source: Roller Sports French Federation