Sunday, July 31, 2011

52th All Japan Championships

Japan's Team on 2010 B World Cup
 Sometimes there are countries which is very difficult to find information about Roller Hockey. One of them is Japan, and the big reason is the language. Just with a big effort using a web translate, it is possible to know more about the activity there. As all the World knows, Japan was affected by a big earthquake and after a tsunami, that destroyed mostly the north part of the country. Like other sports also Roller Hockey suffer a lot with this tragedy.
Happily the competition didn´t stop and, one more year will be disputed the main Japanese Championship, the 52th edition of All Japan Championships, proving that Roller Hockey exists there since a long time.

Concerning the teams, there are no names confirmed yet, but usually Japanese Roller Hockey is based on teams coming from national Universities.

The place of the All Japan will be Nagano Riverfront

On the next link you can watch a brief video of the competition in 2007 at the same place

Roller Hockey Championships in Tokyo, the 27th (fully Otsuka) 

 Another important Tournament is coming on September, this one to be organized by Tokyo Roller Sports Federation. The next text is a translation of the letter that Mr. Mitsuo Ishii, President of the Roller Hockey Comitee wrote on it website:

Sponsored by

Roller Sports Federation, Tokyo


Japan Federation of Roller Sports Nonprofit

Date and time

September 19, 2011 (Mon) 23-9 (Fri) May 10, 10 (Mon) 23 • 12 Friday, February 11, 2012 (Sat)
With the number of teams may change due to ※


TSUKUBA Roller Stadium Link (Furukawa)


Organized by the Federation for Roller Sports athlete roster in fiscal 2011, Tokyo, roller hockey sports men and women in Tokyo League members

Registration fees

20,000 yen per team

How to apply

Federation to the Secretariat by fax an application form at Attachment Form (PDF6.74KB)
Fax 03 (3986) 2661

Application deadline

August 19, 2011 (Friday) until Pm6


Mizuho Bank branch Honancho
Normally No.3686176
Roller Sports Federation, Tokyo

July 10, 2011
Roller Sports Federation, Tokyo
Hockey Committee
Chairman Mitsuo Ishii

Monday, July 25, 2011

2011 FIRS Roller Hockey World Cup U-20 has Countries and Schedule

After sometime waiting for the registration of national teams, the final schedule is already announced.
There will be 15 countries disputing the World Cup title, in Barcelos, Portugal:
  1. Angola
  2. Argentina
  3. Austria
  4. Chile
  5. Colombia
  6. England
  7. France
  8. Germany
  9. India
  10. Italy
  11. Portugal
  12. South Africa
  13. Spain
  14. Switzerland
  15. USA

Comparing numbers and also teams presented at the last editions of the Tournament, it's possible to conclude that there were a decreasing of 2 teams from 2009 edition, Uruguay and Netherlands. Furthermore countries like Brazil, Ecuador, Macao, Mexico and New Zealand which played the previous competitions, also will not be in Portugal.

Considering the actual crisis time, it's good to see so many countries, coming from all Continents, but of course that one more country would be excellent to avoid the existence of a group just with 3 countries.

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Friday, July 22, 2011

Goodbye Herne Bay Pier Pavilion, the “Cathedral of Roller Hockey”

Probably the unique rink over the sea in the World
When Herne Bay’s Grand Pier Pavilion was opened on 1st December 1910, competitive rink hockey was 30 year’s old and there were talented players already in the town. The Herne Bay rink hockey and skating club was formed just over a week later on 10th December 1910. There were competitive matches from the world go with teams from all over the country and Herne Bay winning more often than not. There was a particularly keen rivalry with Faversham’s classy team.
The Kent League (Kent Amateur Rink Hockey Association) was formed on 19th October 1912 being instigated by the team from Canterbury but strangely coming together with just Herne Bay, Rochester and Margate. The Kent League grew well and spread across Kent and into London so that in the 1950’s teams from Alexander Palace and Forest Gate were regular names on the bill at the Pier Pavilion.
Herne Bay quickly became a major venue for international rink hockey picking up where London’s Crystal Palace left off. After the 1914-1918 war European Championships were inaugurated and Herne Bay players took rink hockey to the World playing for England and becoming European Champions time and time again. These tournaments used two alternate venues Herne Bay and Montreux in Switzerland. Herne Bay’s Pier Pavilion had now become the World’s “Cathedral of Roller Hockey”.
Herne Bay and England’s leadership in rink hockey continued until the 1939-1945 war after which there was a sea change in roller hockey. The rink hockey players of Herne Bay continued to be talented and charismatic and the Pier Pavilion was home to many exciting matches and international tournaments but internationally the game had moved on, tactics had changed and players were beginning to become professional. Internationally, the game became dominated by Portugal, Spain and Italy and then Argentina.
The Pier Pavilion was closed for repair and refurbishment but in 1970 this work resulted in the building catching fire and it was destroyed. The replacement building was opened by PM Edward Heath in 1976. There were only 8 rink hockey players left playing in Herne Bay but the sport quickly re-established itself and all three of the local clubs were soon operating to full capacity.
The new building broke away from seaside tradition and was of modern architecture which did not please everybody but it was built to international rink hockey standards and provided excellent spectator facilities. As a result the history of staging international events resumed and Herne Bay is the only place capable of holding international roller hockey (the name has changed from rink hockey in England even though it’s international designation is still “rink hockey”) in the UK.
While the Herne Bay and Herne United clubs were successful in the 1970s and 1980s it was Southsea that had become the Champions of England and who monopolised the England team. It was not until Herne Bay United gained promotion to the Premier League (then called the Superleague) in 1992 and dislodged Southsea in 1993 that Herne Bay once again became the dominant force in English roller hockey. HBU has won the title 16 times in the last 18 years and is challenging to win again in 2010/2011. The final Premier League match against arch rivals Middlesbrough is at the Pier Pavilion on Saturday 4th June and the winner will take all.
On 23rd July, the National Cup Finals will be at the Pier Pavilion and this will mark the end of roller hockey above the sea at Herne Bay after 101 years.
The Pier Pavilion is due to be demolished and roller hockey will transfer to the new arena at Herne Bay High School. International rink dimensions have increased since the Pier Pavilion was built and the new arena is built to the new size with regulation barriers and spectator facilities. Herne Bay has the setting for a new generation of players to come through and keep Herne Bay as the heart of UK roller hockey. With money pressures mounting in the sport throughout Europe it could also provide the opportunity to once more move up the international scale.

Ron Barker 31/5/2011
With acknowledgement to Roger Pout’s book “The Early Years of English Roller Hockey 1885 – 1914”

Tomorrow,23rd July, the National Cup Finals at Herne Bay Pier Pavilion

Schedule of the Tournament
The NRHA Cup Finals is on Saturday 23rd July at the Pier Pavilion Herne Bay and this is for the very last time as it is being demolished in September.
The first Cup Final of the day starts at 10.30am and the last one starts at 4.45pm.
After which the presentations will take place.
We are also having as much Roller Hockey memorabilia as we can get, on display in the Cafeteria by way of a tribute to the Pier.
Anybody wishing to bring items of interest are more than welcome.







Good bye to one of the First places where Roller Hockey was played!!

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Monday, July 18, 2011

Rolling Together with Sport Club Bison-Calenberg

All Roller Hockey Community is shocked with a news, coming from Bison in Germany.

 As the image shows a fire destroyed all the rink of Sport Club Bison-Calenberg.

How can We help the Bison Calenberg SC?


Erik Johansson:
Klaus Johansson: 05044-8602 or 0171-5763524


Bank details Germany:
Sparkasse Hannover
Account Name: SC Bison Calenberg e.V.
Bank code: 250 50 180
Account number: 300 71 31 851
Subject: Bison Hall fundraiser

Bank abroad:
IBAN: DE31 2505 0180 3007 1318 51

Rolling Together Blog wants to show it solidarity with all people of this important German club.

info: (VIDEO) 

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Uruguay Championship Officially Real!!!!

Logo of participating teams

After some years without official championships, Uruguay it's prepared to roll again. Sponsored by National Federation, it will start this weekend, during 16th and 17th July, in Montevideo, Uruguay Capital.
Like in other countries of the world (e.g. Netherlands) the competition will be host by the different teams that will play almost weekly.
Another important aspect is the inclusion of school bases championship, U-9, U-12,U-15, and women's championship.

A total of 7 clubs are registered to play the biggest Uruguayan competition of last years:
Distribution of teams in Uruguay that will play
  • Albatros from Maldonado
  • CESOPE from Montevideo
  • Platense from Montevideo
  • Golden Wings from Maldonado
  • Pioneros from Flores
  • San Lorenzo from San Jose
  • Pinamar from Canelones

The first team to receive the championship will be CESOPE (Centro Social Peñarol) in Montevideo.

The last official Uruguay Champions was Platense, that won in 2008 the Uruguay League (previous Uruguay Championship).

This is a great news to Uruguay Hockey, after so many problems in other years.
All this was possible mostly due to a big effort done by all clubs, that wanted to Roll Together.  Now it's possible to believe that Uruguay has a way to roll and reach a better future.

I hope to receive all results, news, videos... of this Championship that the Roller Hockey Lovers will follow for sure, with enthusiasm.

Future of Uruguayan Hockey lives here

Rolling Together... the better way to play 
Roller Hockey!!!!!

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Friday, July 8, 2011

USA National Championships from 9th to 15th of July


 The best time of US Roller Hockey is arriving these days. As Roller Hockey fans know, is difficult to big countries like USA, Brazil, India... keep competitions during one year, due to big distances, and trqansport costs.
So the National Champions are decided during a one week competition.
Next days, Salt Lake City, Utah State, will host the 51st edition of the US Championships. Last year, Olympia Warriors conquered it 9th Championship (also won in 2008, 2009). It's easy to observe that this club, from Washington State, had dominated the competition, in 10 years won 6.

It's good to see teams coming from all parts of USA, since Alaska until New York. For one sport like Roller Hockey (Rink Hockey in USA) is difficult to have some relevance against the most important as Basketball, American Football, Baseball and Ice Hockey, but there's a lot of people which don't give up and love this sport.

Thus there will be represented the following 12 teams, from 9 States:
Distribution of represented States at US Nationals
Washington: Olympia, Bremerton, Burlington
Texas: Decatur, Lubbock, San Angelo 
Utah: Salt Lake City
Maryland: Cumberland
Arkansas: Fort Smith
Pennsylvania: Boyertown
Alaska: Anchorage
New York: Utica 
California: Merced 

The clubs that will compete in Salt Lake City Champs are:

Divisions and Teams

PeeWee                      Midget                       Freshman                  Junior
Decatur, TX               Salt Lake City, UT     Decatur, TX               Olympia, WA
Olympia, WA             Olympia, WA             Bremerton, WA          Cumberland, MD
Lubbock, TX              Decatur, TX               Boyertown, PA          Lubbock, TX
Salt Lake City, UT     Cumberland, MD       Olympia, WA             Bremerton, WA
                                   Bremerton, WA          Lubbock, TX              Decatur, TX
                                   Fort Smith, AR

Ladies                        Bronze                       Silver                          World Class
Salt Lake City, UT     Anchorage, AK          Bremerton 1, WA       Salt Lake City, UT
Bremerton, WA          Merced, CA               Lubbock, TX              Olympia, WA
Anchorage, AK          Olympia, WA             Cumberland, MD       Cumberland, MD
Olympia, WA             Decatur, TX               Bremerton 2, WA       Bremerton, WA
                              Salt Lake City, UT         Olympia, WA             Utica, NY
                              Bremerton, WA              San Angelo, TX
                                                                 Anchorage, AK

                        Divisions                  Teams            Games
                        World Class                 5                      10
                        Silver                          7                      21
                        Bronze                        6                      15
                        Ladies                         4                      10
                        Junior                         5                      10
                        Freshman                    5                      10
                        Midget                        6                      15
                        PeeWee                       4                      10

                        Total                           42                    101

To refer that this competition will serve as selection and preparation to next American team to dispute the FIRS World Cup, next September in San Juan, also the young team to the U20 World Cup in Barcelos, Portugal, and who knows if woman are going to Brazil to play American Cup...

Let's Roll United States!!!!!!!

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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Exchange programs, a good way to share Roller Hockey skills

As everything in life, concerning Roller Hockey there are better people playing it and other not so much, countries that are wonderful playing this sports, other that need to learn a lot...
Life is like that, and one of the best ways to accelerate the learning time is sharing ideas and knowledge concerning roller hockey.

This work has been done since sometime in countries where this sport is played.
For example a national coach that come from another country, as happen in Angola, Brazil, England, South Africa..
Jordi Camps, Josep Maria Barbera, South African Federation and players that took part in course/training session at APF

          Usually the main coach's exporters are Porugal and Catalonia. For example Catalonian Roller Sports Federation has an exchange program to send coaches to other countries to help the develop of roller hockey.

José Carlos with Al Dahklyea club from Egypt
Another example is the travel of some roller hockey coaches to other countries to teach how to play better. This happened last year in Egypt, when Mr. José Carlos went there for a week and gave new kwoledges to Egyptian players. This was very important before the participation in African Clubs Cup.

Portuguese and French players playing in Mexico
One more example are players that travel or went to other countries to work and are volunteers to play for teams existing there. A recent example of this, was the participation of two roller hockey players, Frederico Abrantes from Portugal, and Martin Babilotte from France, in a Mexican Tournament.
Also during the Brazilian Championship "Esport Clube Corrêas" had in their constitution three Portuguese that are living in Rio de Janeiro, and were invited to play for Corrêas side.

The last example is the travel of school or senior teams to other countries, where young players can share experiences with other players from different parts of the world.
Almost all the young tournaments are international, receiving also foreign teams.

Israel young team that played "Torneio dos Cerejinhas" in 2010
One good example was the participation of an Israel young team in a tournament in Madeira's Islands (Portugal). Israel people see this has one opportunity to improve it roller hockey quality and is confirmed that this year, again a young team from Israel will compete in a tournament hosted in Catalonia.

The part of the world where this exchange is less observed is Asia. Beyond Asia Cup, there's no more exchange activity. But a hopeful news comes from India and Pakistan, because for the first time, a Pakistan team will compete in an Indian national tournament, Federal Roller Hockey Premier League. Also the participation of the Argentinian club, Parana Rowing Club at this tournament seems like an excellent news to Asian Roller Hockey.

As the name of this blog says Rolling Together is fundamental to improve the quality of our sport, and spread it in other countries. So if you are a coach, a player, a fan, when you travel/work in other region, think before to contact possible roller hockey clubs or players to teach, learn or just play there for a while...

Roller Hockey needs your help!!!