Sunday, February 24, 2013

Revolution in Roller Hockey World Organization

Participants of FIRS Congress (source: FIRS Facebook)
Yesterday, as expected, the Italian Mr. Sabatino was re-elected for 4 more years as FIRS president. The final voting was 151 votes for Mr. Sabatino, against 46 votes for Mr. George Kolibaba (from USA).
Concerning the vice-presidency, Mr. Armando Quintanilla, president of South America Roller Sports Confederation, was elected. With a very competitive election he won with a great "vote finish", with 81 votes against the 80 votes of Ms. Valery Leftwich (Australia).

But as Rolling Together reported last days, this congress was not only about elections... A very important subject was discussed this 23rd February. Thus from now, the CIRH organization and elections will change the format. The assembly will elect his director, who is responsible to present the candidates for each roller sports international committee.
After this presentation, it is the FIRS president who will nominate the president of each discipline committee including our CIRH.
It' is important to note that the candidates to director and other members must be supported by the respective federations.

U20 World Cup change again to Colombia

According to Colombian Federation website, it is expected to be official, this week, a ratification to give again the organization of U20 World Cup to Colombia.
In the first deliberation's opportunity of the FIRS congress, Colombian Federation by the voice of his president Alberto Herrera Ayala hold his protest, presented 15 days before, due to the decision took by CIRH president Mr. Harro Strucksberg, to change the organization to Germany (his country)
Mr. Ayala never accepted the decision of CIRH, confirming that in the next days FIRS will present and official letter. In his opinion this was an important result from the ordinary assembly of FIRS central committee, where Colombia got the restitution of his own rights.
Teleantioquia confirms that until now only Medellín and Barranquilla presented a candidature to host the World cup (watch the video).

Is Mr. Strucksberg alone in FIRS like in the photo?? (FIRS Facebook)
Harro Strucksberg against FIRS

Considering the information advanced by , Mr. Harro Strucksberg left the Congress room during the discussion of new FIRS Statutes. He is against the new statutes that according to him decrease the strength and independence of roller hockey from FIRS. Let's see how this story evolutes, and how will the actual CIRH president deal with FIRS power/interests, and of course the update about U20 World Cup...

PS: Will Finally FIRS support hockey, or just continue to worry about taking profits from television rights of the World Cup???

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

More Space for Roller Hockey in next FIRS presidency??

Mr. Sabatino
After the application phase for candidacy for FIRS President and First Vicepresident has successfully been closed on January 23, FIRS  introduced to all the affiliated Federations the following nominations:

Candidates to FIRS Presidency  
·     Sabatino Aracu - FIHP (actual president)
·     George Kolibaba - USARS

Candidates to FIRS First Vicepresidency
·     Valerie Leftwich - Australia
·     Armando Quintanilla - Chile

Ms. Leftwich
Mr. Quintanilla
This important elections will be held next 23rd February 2013 at 10 am during FIRS Elective Congress in Rome in the Salone D’Onore del C.O.N.I., Foro Italico, Largo Lauro de Bosis 15.

Also there will be the FIRS Congress on the same day, with the proposal of the actual FIRS direction to change the FIRS Statutes.

This are important elections for the future of roller sports, and mainly to see if FIRS will start to support roller hockey or will continue with this strange politic, ignoring constantly our sport, comparing with other disciplines.

Also according to some sources, the new Statutes that Mr Sabatino and his Crew  are trying to approve, can put in risk the independence of each roller sport Committee (e.g.CIRH).

Rolling Together is waiting to see the results of this important elections, and possible talking between the present members. For example, we are imaging the conversation between Mr. Strucksberg, and Colombian Federation President about the U20 World Cup city.

 It will be possible to accomplish this entire day on FIRS TV Website.

Schedule (Italian Time, +1GMT):
9:30-  FIRS General Ordinary Congress: Broadcast test
10:00-FIRS General Ordinary Congress: President and Vice President Elections
14:30-FIRS General Ordinary Congress:FIRS Congress: Afternoon Session

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Recruit, Develop and Retain-New Strategy for Australian Hockey

Stephen has been involved in Roller Hockey for more than 25 years,  with success at many levels. His Roller Hockey journey started as a young player based in Geelong Victoria, and from these humble beginnings, he progressed through the ranks and played for Victoria and Australia for many years.
Stephen also enjoyed time in Europe playing hockey for a number of clubs in Switzerland, Spain and Portugal. His proudest moments in his playing history was captaining the Australia Senior Men’s team at 5 World Championships along with numerous other international events from 1998 through to 2006.

Stephen Hoey holds a Masters in Business Administration and has more than 20 years of experience across a diverse range of industries.  Stephen ‘s focus is on the management  of  large projects incorporating dynamic teams and the delivery of key initiatives . He is currently employed by Australia Post as a senior manager.
Next you can read his message to the Australian Roller Hockey Community:

"Hello Roller Hockey Community,
As of January 2013 I have taken on the role as Chairman of Roller Hockey in Australia which
I am both honored and feel privileged to do so.

I would also like to take the opportunity to thanks the previous Australia Roller Hockey
committee for their contribution and in particular Jamie Reid for leadership and never ending
support for Roller Hockey – I look forward to working with Jamie in the future.

The future of Roller Hockey is in the hands of all of us – not 1 person, club, federation or
association has the responsibility to ensure the heath or growth of Roller Hockey in Australia,
the responsibility of Australian Roller Hockey is ours , the existing community and we need to
come together to rebuild and grow this fantastic sport.
The recent Australia Day Cup that was held in Melbourne demonstrated the community
strength. With more than 100 players coming together, over 200 spectators, including past
players, friends and family and media were present. It proved we have a great sport with
great people. I spoke to many people and discussed Roller Hockey and the priorities we
need to focus on, the common theme was participation and growth at all levels is required
which I couldn’t agree more. More impressively it was acknowledged that we all need to
come together and drive towards a common goal and that it is our responsibility – the
existing Roller Hockey Community. 
Our immediate focus has been to ensure stability across clubs, states with ensuring that both
Skate Australia and Skate Victoria are supporting Roller Hockey and its key objectives –
participation and growth. I am pleased to advise that Skate Australia have the best
interests of skate sports at heart and have agreed that Roller Hockey members and the
participation of players and teams will have no negative consequence for any affiliations with
non-recognised associations such as Skate Victoria.

In regards to key priorities for 2013 we have a lot to do. Roller Hockey Australia has the
following key objectives - increase the number of games, number of referees, number of
coaches and number of new players. These 4 components are key and crucial for our
success. To achieve our objectives we need a simple and direct strategy which I expect us
all to contribute.

The strategy is made up of 3 key stages: 
Stage 1: Recruit 
Stage 2: Develop 
Stage 3: Retain

Stage 1 - Recruit
This stage will focus on people – people at all levels and stages of Roller Hockey. We need
to focus on recruiting personal and players who are willing to contribute. 
New and existing players, coaches, referees, time keepers, clubs and supporters are our
focus. We will establish a strong foundation of people and players that ensure the operation
of Roller Hockey can continue without risk of an individual, club or association failing to
contribute. I encourage you all to look into your existing or past player pool of people for our

Stage 2 - Development 
Development of players, clubs, coaches, referees is vital for our success. We will continue to
create relevant development opportunities for all areas Roller Hockey. International
competition will be reintroduced onto our agenda, however in the next 12 to 24 months we
will be ensuring our local competition is strong and supported by strong clubs and officials. 
Stage 3 - Retain 
Retention of our players, officials and clubs is an area for improvement – our focus in stage 3
is to ensure we have the necessary structure and opportunities for individuals and clubs to
keep active and involved in our sport. We will achieve this increasing local competition, state
and international representation for players and officials.

In summary: our focus will be Recruit, Develop and Retain to ensure a foundation for
success is in place and that Roller Hockey can continue for years to come. I indicated earlier
this strategy is simple and direct and something we can all contribute to - our journey will
take a number of years and I encourage you all to participate and be active in Roller Hockey
where you have the passion and willingness to participate.
I look forward to the months and years ahead and hearing from you 
Stephen Hoey"

Text copied from Skate Australia

2013 Victorian Roller Hockey League Comp 
To prove this new Era of Australian Hockey will start in 24th February the 2013 Victorian Roller Hockey League Competition.The venue of this League will be Skate Victoria Rink "Exhibition Pavillion, Greaves Reserve, Dandenong Showgrounds, Dandenong".
According with the plan there will be 6 teams disputing the trophy: Mordi with 2 teams (the second a young team), Warrnambool, Lisport, Melbourne and Dangenong; and it will run for 6 months (1 League Day each month).

Don't miss the opportunity to LIKE the Australia Facebook Page and read all about this sport in Australia!!

Friday, February 1, 2013

A New Begginning for Mexican Roller Hockey

Amazing, Maravilloso!!! After a long journey of polemics, confusions and discussions, roller hockey in Mexico has a new beginning. After 6 years since last appearance in B World Cup, Mexico repeated it last November in Canelones (Uruguay) where classified in 8th position. Unlike the polemic participation of a Mexican national team in 2010 Women's World Cup (Alcobendas, Spain), with inline hockey players against FIRS rules, this time FEMEPAR (Mexican Roller Sports Federation) supported a Mexican team composed mostly by real roller hockey players.
This was a great development, which meant that finally FEMEPAR is defending our sport.
It is confirmed that FEMEPAR and AHPM have a deal to include roller hockey in events organized by the federation like: National Championship, Inter-Associations Tournament and FEMEPAR Cup. The unique condition is that the players to compete must be affiliated to a local Association recognized by FEMEPAR. Also the events organized by AHPM will be recognized by FEMEPAR after so many years without an official acceptance. Result of this important deal is the autorization of FEMEPAR to all official events use it own rinks. All these news were already known by CIRH President, Mr. Harro Strucksberg, who was one of the most involved person to solve all this giant problem.

Hope For a Great Future!!
It is confirmed that in some days a youth team will travel to Texas state in USA, to play one tournament, what is also a great news.

Rolling Together is very satisfied to see a happy end for all this Novel, since we were really committed with this story. Now it's time to develop our sport and PUT ALL PEOPLE TOGETHER without more wars in Mexico. Promoting this example  in other countries, where roller hockey still has some politic problems would be a great idea. Hopefully this could be an inspiring story!!!