Monday, November 26, 2012

Results and Classification of 2012 FIRS B World Cup in Canelones

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For the first time ever the B World Cup will be totally broadcasted, through the local radio Señales with Spanish comments of our Amigos Carlo Albanese and Ricardo Infante, so there are no excuses to not see roller hockey next days!!! Also the Antel website will broadcast on WebTV all the matches of Uruguay.

To know more about the competition, matches and time, consult all the websites and facebook pages available.

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- Facebook Official page of the Competition
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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Today starts the B World Cup in Uruguay

From today and during all week will take place the 15th edition of B World Cup. For the third time, Uruguay hosts this important competition which selects the last 3 countries to play the A World Cup (taking place next year in Angola). Usually is a competition where the uncertainty of countries to compete lasts until the opening ceremony. At this time only 9 countries will dispute the three first places, which ensures the promotion to main World Cup, including:
  1. Austria - 4th place in 2010 edition. Searching hard to be in Angola 2013.
  2. England - relegated from San Juan 2012, it is the home-country of roller hockey, so either goal than promotion is searched.
  3. Egypt - after the revolution in 2011, the news about roller hockey disappear so the fans wait for this World Cup to see how is the sport after so much obstacles.
  4. Israel -  consider as one of the best examples of sustainable growth on our sport, counts with the experience of his Spanish coach which expects to see his team in Angola next year.
  5. Macau - the best of Asia roller hockey is on this team, but the continuous non-support by local Government with better conditions to practice and develop the sport, reduce the targets for the World Cup.
  6. Mexico - the last participation in this competition remounts to 2006, also in Uruguay. Since them a big crisis stop the development of this sport in Mexico. The last news indicates that finally there's light for the future and again almost only roller hockey players will be part of the national team.
  7. Netherlands - also relegated from San Juan World Cup is one of the best teams presented. The sport seems to be gaining a new path for the future with a national championship organized each year and a successful team in German League.
  8. South Africa - the promotion to last A World Cup could mean a better development to roller hockey in such important country, but since them there wasn't big changes.
  9. Uruguay - the host country is increasing the promotion to this sport day by day, and this competition is faced as the right opportunity to be part of the main group of roller hockey.
The opening ceremony will be today at at 7:30 pm (+3 GMT), and the first match will happen next at 9pm between Uruguay and Mexico.

For the first time ever the B World Cup will be totally broadcasted, through the local radio Señales with Spanish comments of our Amigos Carlo Albaneze and Ricardo Infante, so there are no excuses to not see roller hockey next days!!! Also the Antel website will broadcast on WebTV all the matches of Uruguay.

To know more about the competition, matches and time, consult all the websites and facebook pages available. Official Website Twitter Official Page Facebook Group of the Competition Facebook Official page of the Competition Radio Señales website
World Cup webpage on Wikipedia

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Recife Women's World Cup is Alive

The Historiques french players won the World Cup for the 1st time
Video of the BIG final between Spain and France

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7th Day

The final between Spain and France looked like a complicated match. It was the second consecutive final that France was in, and Spain didn’t lose any game in this edition of the 11th Ladies World Championship. The French ladies won the game, going from a 2 – 0, to a 3 – 2.
In the first half, Spain attacked, and France attacked back. In an opportunity, at 12 minutes of game, the Spanish player Maria Diez, scored the first goal of her team in the final. One minute later, Maria scored again, letting pain with 2 – 0. However, Spain didn’t have much time to celebrate, it took to France only five minutes to tie the game, goals scored by Adeline Le Borgne and Tatiana Malard.
France untied the game in the start of the second half, six minute. Even though, Spain attacked, looking forward other goals, the French defense worked really well. Left five seconds to the end of the game, a shot out to Spain. Natsha Lee didn’t score. French victory by 3 – 2.

To get the 3rd place, were Colombia and Portugal. Both teams had won all the matches they played, except the row of eight. This Saturday night, the teams went to the court with one goal: be the third best team of the world.
The game was tight, and the first goal was scored only after 10 minutes of the first half. Andrea Rodriguez, from Colombia, did it, and Portugal tied with Marlene Sousa. Colombia scored again, with Paola Gutierrez, and went to the break winning.
The second half showed a match with many attacks. However, Colombia closed the defense very well. The south-Americans scored another time, with Catalina Acevedo, and Portugal did another goal, in shot out, by Rute Lopes. Colombia scored again in a shot out, with Catalina Acevedo. Portugal still cored again, with Marta Vieira, but it didn’t change de game. Colombia 4 – 3 Portugal.

Video of the 3rd/4th place Match
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In the game to know the 5th place, Germany won against Chile, in shot outs. Both teams shot a lot, but they didn’t score, the regular time finished 1 – 1, goals scored in the start of the first half, Chile, at 4 minutes, and Germany, at 5, of the first half. In the extra time, both team tried to score again, but they didn’t success. Groups of people from Chile and Germany cheered for their teams, and, in the end of the game, Germany got the 5th place.

It doesn’t matter the sport: Brazil x Argentina is always a game full of rivality. In rink hockey is the same thing. “Against Argentina there is rivality even when we play marbles”, said the Brazilian captain, Érica Bueno, before the game. Today, the teams played to get the 7th place in the 11th Ladies World Rink Hockey Championship. Today, the Argentinean ladies won, by 3 – 2.
Brazil scored first and played their game, but Argentina tied, and the match went to the break 1 – 1. Letícia Pestana, Brazilian athlete, cut her eyebrow, and had to leave the court, bleeding. However, before the second half, she was already back to the match.
The Argentinean victory came in the start of the second half, with two goals, and the control of the game. Brazil cored another one, but the game finished 3 – 2. Argentina got the 7th and Brazil, the 8th place. “The group we brought waited for this collocation, but it isn’t as good as the last world championship”, said the Argentinean coach, Pablo Cairo.

The last day of the tournament started with Switzerland and Uruguay in the court. Less than two minutes of game, the Swiss ladies had already scored three times. In the second half, Switzerland scored again, but soon the Uruguayans, who attacked more, scored twice in shot outs, and another one, in a regular time. Switzerland won by 5 – 3.
Later, United States and India made a game with 13 goals. The north-American victory was in a tight 7 – 6. Erin House, USA athlete, scored three of the seven goals. “My team played very well, and scored six goals in the USA team, so, I’m happy with the girls”, said the Indian coach, Gulrattan Singh Rathore.

Switzerland and England made a calm game. The Swiss ladies won by 5 – 2. The first half finished with Switzerland winning by 3 – 0. The English ladies scored their two goals in the second half, the last one, when 1 minute and a half were left to the end of the match.
The next match was between United States and Japan. The Japanese ladies scored first, when the clock showed one minute of game, but, by the end of the first half, the north-Americans had already 4 – 2 in the score, and more power in the attack. In the second half, only two goals were scored, one from each side. United States won by 5 – 3.

6th Day 
The first semifinal was an Iberian duel: Spain x Portugal. The game was very tight. Spain scored first and Portugal tied, and then, got the score to their side. The Spanish ladies tied back, and the Portuguese scored two goals. Spain scored twice too, and won the match. The Brazilian crowd cheered like they were Portuguese since their childhood. The support didn’t change the result. Spain is in the final, winning the game against their neighbor by 4 – 3. The Portuguese captain, Vánia Ribeiro, has hopes that her team can get the 3rd place. “I hope we can play our game and win it in the best way”, completed Vánia. Maria Diez, who scored one of the Spanish goals, said that the place in the final came in a hard game. “It’s a very good feeling, because we’ve never played a world final”, Maria said.

Video of the Semifinal between Spain and Portugal 
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France and Colombia made the other semifinal. One team stopped the other one’s attack, and the only goal of the game was scored by Tatiana Malard, in shot out, in the start of the game, 3 minutes of the first half. Both teams attacked, without other goals. The French coach, Fabien Savreux, said that Colombia knew how to play against his team. “It was a hard game, and we are happy to be in the second consecutive final”, he completed.

Video of the Semifinal between France and Colombia 
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This Friday morning, Uruguay and India played the first match. The south-Americans won by 4 – 3. The Indian coach, Gulrattan Singh Rathore, said that, even though they lost, the girls played well, and that Uruguay scored only one goal more. “There some difficulties too, like the heat, which is not very common in India this time of the year, and the time, because here is day, and there is night”, he said.
At 10:30 am, Switzerland and Japan went to the court. At the end of the first half, Switzerland had 2 – 0 in the score, and in the middle of the second, they already had four goals. Japan attacked back, but they didn’t shot very well. At 16 minutes of the second half, the Japanese ladies scored their first goal in a shot out. Left one minute to the end of the match, the Asians scored again, and the game finished 4 – 2, to the Swiss ladies. The Japanese player, Kaori Ito, from Japan, hit her shoulder in the security wall, around the court, but she didn’t have any big problem.
United States won their first game today. The north-American ladies won the English team by 6 – 2. The first goal was scored when U.S. attacked back, and they went to the break winning by 3 – 1. The other four goals of the game where scored in the second half. The USA athletes Autumn Lee and Erin House scored twice, each one.
In the afternoon, Germany won the match against Argentina, in the last minute of the extra time. During the entire game, both teams shared the possession of the ball, but Germany shot more, while the Argentinean goalkeeper, Gabriela Vargas, defended it. The Germans didn’t let Argentina do any better shots. The teams finished the first half in 1 – 1, and the score stayed like this until almost the end of the extra time. The German ladies won by 2- 1, both goals scored by the captain, Maren Wichardt. “I’m sad, but we have to stand up to the last game tomorrow”, said the Argentinean captain.
The fastest goal was scored in the match between Brazil and Chile. 9 seconds of game, and Chile scored. However, Brazil had the possession of the ball in most part of the first half. In the second half, though, Chile scored four times, and Brazil didn’t shot well.. The only goal scored by the Brazilian team, was by the captain Érica Bueno, in the end of the game. Even though they lost, the captain sees positive points. “This international tournament here is very important, because we never have the chance to play in Brazil. Everybody wants to win, but we need to learn to lose too”, Érica said. Tomorrow, Brazil is going to play against Argentina. “Against Argentina there is rivality even when we play marbles”, she completed.

5th Day
The morning of the Brazilian holiday started with Uruguay and Japan in the court. The Japanese team started scoring, but the Uruguayans soon,tied the game. The score showed 2 – 2 until the end of the second half, when Japan scored their victory goal. The Japanese ladies will go back to the court at 10:30 pm, local time. Right after, Indians and English ladies made a balanced game. When one team scored, the other one quickly tied the game. In the start of the second half, England had 4 – 2, but India scored twice and made the game tight again. Left 30 seconds to the end of them match, England scored the last goal and won, finishing it 5 – 4. It was the first English victory in the tournament. The English player, Kirsty, it was a good victory. “It was very good to win, because of all our hard work”, she said. The game that started at noon, between United States and Switzerland, had the three goals scored before the middle of the first half. Switzerland scored the three times, attacking better, even though both teams had the control of the match. In the beginning of the second half, Switzerland put 5 – 0 and got the control of the game. In shot out, the European ladies scored once again, finishing it 6 – 0. It was a match with many fouls, 15 to each side. The Swiss coach, Simon von Allmen, said that it was a perfect victory. “It was good to the girls mind too”, he completed.

In the afternoon, Spain and Germany started to play at 4 pm. Only after 13 minutes of the first half, Spain scored the first goal. A hard game, with many shots from both sides. In the start of the second half, Spain already shot from a far distance, and Germany used it to attack back. Groups of people cheering for both teams were in the court. The German ladies tied the game in the middle of the second half. The German captain, Maren Wichardt, got a blue card, and the Spanish scored the victory goal on a shot out. The German coach took his goalkeeper and put another player to attack. It didn’t the result. 3 – 1 to Spain, which goes to next phase.
Brazil had the support of the people, but it wasn’t enough to a victory. Brazilian played against Colombia and lost by 3 – 0. The Colombians scored the first goal in the middle of the first half. The second half was balanced, but the Colombian ladies scored twice, finishing the game. The Brazilian goalkeeper, Silvana, defended two shots out. The Brazilian coach, Josep Barbera, said that the team played well. “They only had problems to shot and score”, he completed. 

The tensest game in the tournament was between Chile and France, in the night of this Thursday. France scored first, in shot out, and quickly scored once again. Chile scored too, but soon, they had another goal against them, and went to the break losing by 3 – 1. Even though the Chile tried to score, France shot better. The irritation was easily seen on the Chilean team. Rodrigo Quintanilha and Francisca Danoso, coach and player of Chile, took blue cards. The French player, Tatiana Malard, scored five times in the victory of her team, by 6 – 1. “It was a gift to my family, in France, and to my team”, she said.

Video of the match between France and Chile
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At 9 pm, Argentina and Portugal went to the court. At 3 minutes of game, the Portuguese team scored, 1 – 0. During all the first half, both teams controlled the ball, with a little more of possession to Portugal. The second half wasn’t very different. The Portuguese ladies scored again, finishing the game 2 – 0. 

Results Classification

4th Day
The afternoon of this Tuesday started with India and Japan in the court. Both teams made a Asian match. The Indian ladies won the game by 4 – 2. The player of the winner team, Sabdeep, said that the athletes played their best. “We are feeling very good after the victory”, she completed.
The next game, between England and Uruguay, started very hard, and finished the first half tied in 1 – 1. In the second time, the Uruguayan ladies, though, scored their advantage, and put 4 – 1, and scoring another one in the end of the match, finishing it 5 – 1, to the south-Americans.
Colombia and Germany played the most difficult match of the group D. Both teams had won their previous games, and played to the first place in the group. The first goal was scored by the Colombians ladies, in shot from the middle of the court. Germany tied the game, left five seconds to the end of the first half. The final half was very balanced, with only the Colombian victory goal. The game finished 2 -1 to Colombia.
In the group B, Portugal and France started their match at 5:30pm. A very tight game, with both teams attacking a lot. There was no goal in the first half. The French player Tatiana Malard, hurt her ankle and needed to be replaced. The first goal of the game was scored at the second half. Portugal scored, and one minute later, the French ladies scored too. This was the first match in the tournament that ended in a tie, and needed an extra time, and, after that, shot out. Tatiana Malard went back to court to shot. She scored hers, but Portugal won by 2 – 1.
 3rd Day
The third day of competition started with a game between Germany and India. Both teams had played on Sunday. German ladies won their second victory, and India lost again. The score was 8-0 to the European girls. The German player, Laura La Rocca scored four times. The Indian player, Navneet, said that for next competition, she hopes that India can be the champion team. “We played better than the last time”, said Navneet.
At 1:30 pm, Recife time, Spain and Uruguay played their match. In the first half, Spanish team scored six goals. In the start of the second half, the Uruguayan captain, Noelia, needed to be replaced, after a foul, but she went back to the court later. “It was a very intense game. The other player and I chocked, and I hurt my neck”, said Noelia. Spain won by 12-0.
France and Switzerland played the next game. In a very balanced match, the French ladies scored first, and in last minutes of the first half, the players from Switzerland tied the game. In the second half, France held the score, but the Switzerland ladies scored again, and tied the game. In the end of the game, the French ladies made their victory, and won the game by 4-2.
The fourth game of this Monday was between Argentina and United States. The south-Americans had the control of the game in the beginning. The first goal was scored when the clock showed 10 minutes, by the Argentineans. Still in the first half, the north-Americans scored too. The second half of the match, was controlled by Argentina’s team. The ladies scored more seven goals, winning by 8-1. The American player, Ceilidh said that, even though, the Argentineans scored eight goals, the American team had a good defense. “We need to improve our offense, but we had the control on defense, because most of the Argentineans goals were when we got the ball out”, she said.
Colombia and Japan played the nest game. The Colombian ladies had the control of the game, in most part of the first half, always inside the Japanese defense. By the end of the first half, the score was 4 – 0, to Colombia. At the second half, though, the Colombians lost the control of the match, and Japan pressured, going to the attack. The Japanese ladies tried, but they lost by 7-1.
The night finished with the match between Brazil and England. The Brazilian ladies had support from the people, cheering for them. In a hard game, Brazil scored the first goal at 15 minutes of the first half. Mariana Cabral scored this one, and the second Brazilian goal. Between the two goals, the player Zoe, England’s number 9, hurt her knee, but she came back in the second half. Brazil scored more four times, with Andréa, Mariana e Érika twice. The game finished 6 – 0.

 2nd Day
 The first game, this Sunday, of the 11th Ladies World Championship, started at 1:30 pm, local time, at the Clube Português do Recife court. Colombia won by 7 – 0, against the Indian team. All the seven goals were scored in the first half. Andrea Rodriguez scored three of the seven Colombian goals.
At 3pm, Spain and England played. The Spanish team attacked the entire game, playing like a possible champion. The Spanish ladies won by 12 – 0. Five goals scored in the first half, and seven the second. England team made some attacks in the end of the first half, but they didn’t success. In the second time, the English ladies played more inside the Spanish side. However, Spain team didn’t give space, and finished the game. The Spanish goalkeeper, Laia Salicrú, said that they Always wait for a difficult game. “We have to play well against any team. We will have a complicated game against Uruguay”, she predicted.
Portugal and Switzerland played the third game of this Sunday. The Portuguese team attacked more, and the opportunities that the Swiss team had to go to the other side of the court were when the Portuguese ladies lose the ball. Portugal won the game, 6-0. Marlene Sousa, Portugal’s number 3, scored four times. “The team scored the goals. If I can score in the next game, I’ll be happy, but the point is to win”, said Marlene. To the Swiss coach, Simon von Allmen, the game wasn’t bad. “We were well in the defense and we had some opportunities to score. To the next game, we will do our best.”
The game between Germany and Japan, which started at 7pm, started very tight. However, by the end of the first half, the German ladies had already scored five goals. The first goal in the second half, was scored only after 14 minutes of game, but, right after this one, the German girls scored again. In a game with only six fouls (three from each team), the German ladies finished the game, winning by 8-0. “Ita was hard to get used to the temperature in the court, but after we got used to it, we did a good game”, said the German player Maren Wichardt. The Japanese forward, Kanae Funaki, hopes that Japan com get the points in the next game.
The last game of the night was Chile x USA. Less than a minute of game, the ladies from Chile scored the first goal. A minute later, the USA team scored too. Even though both teams were playing really strong, the ladies from Chile had the score by their side the whole game. It ended with a victory of Chile, 11-2. The coach of Chile, Rodrigo Quintanilla, said that it was a fast game, and that the girls played their best in the second half.
Monday, the games are going to start at noon. The first game is Germany x India.

1st Day
The opening ceremony of the 11th Ladies World Championship happened Saturday, 10, night, at the court of the Clube Português. The ceremony, which was supposed to be hold at 7 pm, started at 8:30 pm, decision of the organization.
The Police band played while the athletes rolled inside the court. All the 14 teams went inside the court to be presented. The referees and the International Committee were presented too. The Brazilian flag, the flags of Pernambuco, Recife and Clube Português were hoisted. The Brazilian players and the public sung the Brazilian Anthem, played by the Police band.
While the teams were waiting for the ceremony, some players talked about their expectations for the tournament. The Argentinean goalkeeper, Gabriela Vargas, said that the team hopes to get the best classification they can. “We are going to enter the games attitude, and win the championship, if possible.”
“I want to have fun and I hope we can win some games”, said Daniele Walter, goalkeeper of the USA team. The Indian Yashdeep Kaur said that the India team will do their best at the championship.
After the opening, Brazil and Uruguay played the first game of the championship.