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    Saturday, December 24, 2011

    Merry Christmas Dear Roller Hockey Lovers

    Friday, December 23, 2011

    Pakistan National Roller Hockey Championship

    2nd Edition of All Pakistan Roller Skating Championship

    National championship is going to happen in Lahore from 26th to 29th December 2011.

    The amount of information received until now, it's small. Although it is confirmed the presence of teams from 3 of the total 4 provinces of Pakistan:

    The unique Province not presented will be Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Otherwise there are no information about the quantity of teams coming from each province.

    Exibir mapa ampliado

    Our blog suspects that probably Punjab team will be the same than Jinnah Sports Club, which competed last October month in Roller Hockey Premier League in India.
    To remember the team was composed by the next players/staff:

    Group Leader
    T. Manager
    T. Coach

    After some years without national competition, this will be one more great challenge to Pakistan.
    In other hand Pakistan will prepare it players to the 15th Asian Cup.

     This is a great opportunity to promote roller hockey in Pakistan.It would be good if Asian Confederation, CIRH and FIRS could help this countries with the developing of Roller Hockey.

    We would like to receive more and more information about this competition and in general, roller hockey in Pakistan

    Source: Pakistan Roller Hockey Blog

    Wednesday, December 21, 2011

    Even Unofficial Jaguares is National Champion in Mexico

    The team of Jaguares got the Mexican title, in a championship disputed in 20th November. The Championship was played in "Patinódromo Municipal Apizaco Tlaxcala". Unfortunately the news was just discovered now. Although the information is available since November in Facebook page of AHPM. The results, classification and goal table were:

    The squad of Jaguares (source AHPM Facebook)
    Also during this weekend was dispute the Young and Women Championship.
    Concerning the young championship there were 2 teams competing, being CP Apizaco the Champion with the following results:
    CP Apizaco 2-0 CP Gallitos Negros Querétaro
    CP Apizaco 4-3 CP Gallitos Negros Querétaro

     In Womens Championship were the Gallinas Negras Querétarothe Champion with
    CP Apizaco 1-2 CP Gallinas Negras Querétaro

    Everybody knows all the problems that exist in Mexico, already reported with an interview to the President of the "Unofficial" Mexican Roller Hockey Federation, in Rolling Together.

    This Championship, but also the Christmas Tournament taking place at this momente, and also the Tournament in Baja California (during November) are excellent news showing to the World that Roller Hockey keeps luchando in Mexico!

    Source of news:  AHPM Facebook

    Monday, December 19, 2011

    Who says that Women don't play Roller Hockey in Italy???

    They didn't give up
    One of the reasons advanced in 1992 to no continue with Roller Hockey in Olympic Games was the fact of not existence a solid women's roller hockey system. Thus international federations did efforts to change all this situation an start women's international competitions of roller hockey. In 1988, CERH organized a first tournament in Eldagsen (Germany), before the first official one to happen lately in 1991. At this time Italy appeared as one of main and strongest teams, having this curriculum: 
    • 2x European Championships (1991, 1993) 
    • 2x vice World Championship  
    • 2x vice European Championships (1995, 1997)   
    • 1x third position in European Championship (2001)  
      After all these successes, the participation of Italy in international competitions, stopped in 2006, being the last appearence in Chile's World Cup, where was ranked as 11th classified. Nowadays seems that Italian Federation has abandoned the women's project in our sport. Althought the passion for it didn't disappeared and this year there's a female team playing at the Juniors U-17 Championship against boys teams. The Roller Bassano Grapa gives the opportunity to all these women's to play their favorite sport. Another example of womens persistence in Italian roller hockey, was one reported last year in Italian media, about a young girl that was taking part of Corregio team.
    Playing for the U-17 Championhip
    The team is composed by 7 players: 
    • Laura MINUZZO (#6)  
    • Maria CRIVELLARO (#5)  
    • Elena TOFFANIN (#9)  
    • Giulia GRENDENE (#3)  
    • Stefania MENIN (#23) Goalkeeper 
    • Paola ZOLIN (#59) Goalkeeper 
    • Sara BROTTO (#2).
    and has as responsible Claudia SCRIMIN and Alessandro MILANI "Bibi" .
    They know how to defend
     Rolling Together is sure that like these women's in Bassano de la Grappa, could exist more in Italy, which would like to play an Italian League just for ladies. Of course, this depends of FIHP (Italian Federation of Roller Hockey). So it's time to have again Ragazzas in European and World Roller Hockey.
    Source of info: 
    CERH Women's Ranking: 


    Monday, December 12, 2011

    Roller Hockey Hope Stories from Brazil

    As all of us know our sport it is not Olympic and doesn't move money, but moves passion, and this videos proves that. Kids from Recife and Petropolis, that even without the best conditions keep fighting and playing to be the future of our sport one day in Brazil and who knows in the World. The example for all this boys is Diego Souza, player with 15 years old and from Recife, that since last year is playing in Benfica, and studying in Lisbon. All this was possible due to the help of the biggest Brazilian Hockey player at this moment. Cláudio Filho (nickname: "Cacau").
    We hope that more kids like Diego could have this opportunity...

    Tuesday, December 6, 2011

    Who has reason in all Continental Cup Controversy (with video press conference)

    As almost Roller Hockey World know, last 5th November was a sad day for European Roller Hockey.
    Like Rolling Together reported Liceo didn't take part in this Cup, because didn't agree with the host place and the date. CERH using the rules of this competition, said that Liceo doesn't have reason, so they must be punished with a money payment, and probevly will be forbidden to take part in next European Competitions between 1 and 3 years.
    Although Liceo doesn't agree with CERH's decision about Continental Cup, and yesterday advance with a press conference (watch the video)

    On it website they put available all documentation that will use to defend themselves:
    Allegations from RFEP (Spanish Federation to CERS
    Recurse of HC Coinasa Liceo
    Attachment of HC Coinasa Liceo Recurse
    CEA Report 

    Who has reason in all this novel?? Roller Hockey doesn't need this kind of Polemics. 
    They just kill our fragile sport. Be respectful with it please!

    Sunday, December 4, 2011

    Workshop about Fitness in Roller Hockey


    Certificado Preparación física de hockey patines

    Duration: 100 hours
    1st Day: 1 February 2012
    Duration:6 months
    Stuff: Avilable online
    Methodology: Online
    Certificate: IIDCA, Alto Rendimiento
    "Specialist in Roller Hockey Fitness"
    Price: 495 €

    Course Objectives Translation using Google Translate)

    Orient and guide the students in the theoretical and practical knowledge of hockey.
    To train students to be more effective in improving the performance of hockey player.
    Distinguish and apply different training methods of various physical abilities (endurance, strength, flexibility and speed) as appropriate.
    Interpret the theoretical foundations that underlie the various basic planning units applied in roller hockey (session, microcycle, mesocycle, macrocycle).
    Use knowledge of the evolution of the physical through biological maturation and training for career planning hockey player.
    Differentiate the various types of fatigue and have a precise knowledge of the causes and triggers of the same, and know some means and methods for recovery of roller hockey player.
    After completing the course the student will be able to:

    To know in depth the theory behind sports training, especially in the physical preparation of roller hockey.
    Correctly use the specific methodology for training the hockey player.
    Accurately articulate the theory and practice.
    Knowing the morphological and functional aspects of the body of the roller hockey player.
    Mastering the basics of nutrition, hydration, sports massage, recovery techniques that professional hockey player needs.
    Know the main assessment protocols mostly used in the field of hockey.
    Identify the role of sports psychologist, to analyze the behavior of coaches and athletes and use effective intervention programs that allow us to detect and solve various problems.
    Enable the student to define, characterize and analyze from the various aspects of hockey skating.
    Learn the secrets of specific physical preparation hockey player, loads the correct dosage and applying the periodization that competition requires, effectively using the latest methodology.
    Knowing the specific role of trainer of hockey skates in different categories and situations that may arise.

    All info at:

    Rolling Together has been noted the interest from roller hockey coaches all over the world, which want to learn with the best coaches in Portugal, Spain and Italy. There are a lot of them which want to improve their knowledge, but sometimes federations (including CIRH, FIRS, CERH and CSP) doesn't help. If all of us wish a better Roller Hockey in the future the share of knowledge between different parts it is very important.

    Thursday, December 1, 2011

    RC Lichstad Beker Champion after 9 years

    Historical (
    Surprising Dutch roller hockey world RC Lichstad was for the 7th time Beker Champion. The second most important competition in Netherlands, with more than 50 years, was hosted in Eidhoven in 27th November. With the participation of 6 teams: edrc AGOR, ehrc MARATHON, Zaanse Roller Club, RC Brunssum, RC de Lichtstad, Valkenswaardse RC.
    In the last 10 years VRC has dominating this competition like the Dutch League also, and had conquered 6 titles. This year everybody was expecting a re edition of VRC victory, but RC Lichstad won in the final.
    The results were the follow:

    1st Phase
    edrc AGOR - ehrc MARATHON 2 - 3
    Zaanse Roller Club - RC Brunssum 6 - 4

    Semi Finals:
    14.00 RC de Lichtstad -ehrc Marathon 10 - 7
    15.30 Valkenswaardse RC - Zaanse Roller Club 17 - 0

    17.15  RC de Lichtstad  - Valkenswaardse RC  14 - 9

    This competition ends the Roller Hockey year in Netherlands, after one year full of events that try to put again this country in Europe Roller Hockey map. Just to remember the Dutch year had it big moment in San Juan with a participation in World Cup. Unhappily any youth team took part in both young competitions taking place this year in Barcelos (U20 FIRS World Cup) and Geneva (U17 CERH Euro Cup), but a great program of Youth Clinics in some cities was a great success.
    All roller hockey fans wish that next year this situation can continue, and Netherlands could be part of European/World Youth Cups, and also a special one, Netherlands can help the renaissance of roller hockey in Belgium, and who knows in Luxembourg!!!

    Champions of Beker Cup 2011 (source:

    Rolling Together Dreams, and Roller Hockey Fans need to Dream!!

    Sunday, November 27, 2011

    A Brighter Future in Angolan Roller Hockey

    Infrastructure to built will benefice 3000 young in several sports
    Some weeks ago Rolling Together reported about Campeonato Unificado (Unified Championship began in Angola). Was referred in the article the exaggerated concentration of teams in Luanda, missing teams from another regions...

    Although according to recent news from "Jornal Angola", the things are changing and new rinks are starting to be built in other cities, like Lobito and Huambo.
    Both of them born from a partnership between local clubs Sporting Clube do Lobito, JGM do Huambo and the Portuguese Sporting Clube Portugal (one of the main clubs in Portugal, actually in 2nd Division).
    Sporting Clube Moçâmedes in 1956 (source:Memórias Desportivas)

    For example JGM has until now 48 young registered to be part of a team to compete in several National Championships or particular matches.
    Sporting Clube Portugal had a lot of "brother clubs" in Angola, before the "25th April" (Revolution in Portugal that finished with colonial territories) playing roller hockey. Due to the revolution and the civil war almost all of them finished Roller Hockey sections. Nowadays just Benfica de Luanda has a team.Thus should be good if other brother teams of Sporting, SL Benfica and FC Porto could support this kind of initiatives in other parts of Angola, to turn Roller Hockey a Real National Sport!!!

    These are great news for Angolan Roller Hockey, proving once again all the efforts that the country is doing to be a power, 2 years before the A World Cup to be host in Luanda.
    Once again Rolling Together wishes that all this initiatives could start with kids and young, to finish finally in Seniors. Of course girls and women's shouldn't be forgotten.

    source of news:

    Sunday, November 20, 2011

    21st South American Club Championship

    The skates don't stop in South America. After Women's Copa America, now it's time to start the main Clubs Competition, the South American Clubs Championship. Once again Sertãozinho will be the American Capital of our Sport. Organized by CBHP ("Confederação Brasileira de Hóquei e Patinação") and Sertãozinho Hóquei Club, this competition will start from tomorrow 21st until 25th of November.

    Are confirmed 7 clubs from 3 different countries, and one invited National team, divided in two Groups (classification updated daily):

    Grupo A
    Olimpia Patin Club (Argentina) 9 pts
    Huracán (Argentina) 6 pts

    Grupo B
    Unión Vecinal Trinidad (Argentina) 6 pts
    Sport Clube do Recife (Brazil) 6 pts
    Miguel Leon Prado (Chile) 4 pts
        The schedule of 21/11/2011 is:
        • 18:30 Português do Recife 4-2 Angola
        • 20:00 Unión Vecinal de Trinidad 3-6 Miguel León Prado
        • 21:30 Open Ceremony
        • 22:00. HC Sertãozinho 6-7 Sport Recife
        2nd Day Tuesday - 22/11/2011
        • 17h00       Sport Recife 6-2 Leon Prado
        • 18h30       Seleção Angola 2-4 Olímpia
        • 20h30       Sertãozinho 1-10 UVT
        • 21h30       Português do Recife (BRA)  2-3 Hurracan
        3th Day Tuesday - 23/11/2011
        • 10h00 Olimpia 3-2 Huracan
        • 18h00 Olimpia 6-0 Português do Recife
        • 19h30 UVT 10-4  Sport Recife
        • 21h00 Sertãozinho 3-3 Leon Prado
        • 22h30 Huracan 3-2 Angola 
        4th Day Tuesday - 24/11/2011
         Matches for 5th to 8th place
        • 17:00 Miguel León Prado 1-2 Angola 
        • 20:00 Português do Recife 3-4 Sertãozinho
        • 18:30 Unión Vecinal Trinidad 4-5 Huracán
        • 21:30 Olimpia 13-2 Sport Recife

         5th Day Tuesday - 24/11/2011 Match for 7th/8th place
        • 17:00 Miguel León Prado 9-8 Português do Recife

         Match for 5th/6th place
        • 18:30  Sertãozinho 5-2 Angola
         Match for 3rd/4th place
        • 20:00 Unión Vecinal Trinidad 4-5 Sport Recife

        Huracan yesterday was the King in Sertãozinho (from hóqueibrasil)
         Match for 1st/2nd place

        • 21:30 Olimpia 1-2 Huracan
        Huracan is South American Championship for the first time!! It's an excellent news for Roller Hockey in Buenos Aires, and a signal that it is possible to win the San Juan teams.

              Roller Hockey World Starts like Mariano Velasquez and Alan Karan are confirmed.

              For the first time all matches will be transmited by WEBTV in tvexcelsiorstz.

              Watch live video from tvexcelsiorstz on 
              Also Radio will transmit some matches of the Championship (at least Sertãozinho Hóquei Clube Matches.

              Ranking (source: Wikipedia)

              The winner of last year was Olimpia Patin Club, defeating in the final Universidade Catolica from Chile.
              On left you can see the ranking of clubs with more titles.
              Who will be next to fill the History of Roller Hockey???
              Follow all the competition in the following websites and facebook pages:

              To finish Rolling Together doesn't forget Uruguay, Colombia, Mexico and USA. We hope next year teams from al these countries could be present!!

                Tuesday, November 15, 2011

                Bet in EuroStick and Win a Trip to the Final 8 of European League

                It's real, and an excellent news for all Roller Hockey Lovers!
                A new contest about Roller Hockey was born last days, EuroStick.
                For the first time ever a Contest put together all fans of Roller Hockey. Designed by the webmaster of, Pedro Alves, Eurostick is a partnership between almost all European Roller Hockey Websites: (pt), (pt), (pt), (cat), (it) and (ger,swi,aut) (more websites are expected to promote it).
                The contest is being sponsored by CERH, that will award the final Winner (from an european capital city, on low-cost) with a Flight to the place where European League Final-8 competition will take place and 2 TICKETS for all 3 days of the competition, CERH offer (prize still not confirmed, and only possíble if CERH agrees).

                The game is very simple, WITH NO VALUES IN MONEY WHAT SO EVER, for the player (participant)  and has a simple genesis, bet in the total score of European League and CERS Cup matches.

                All the rules are present on the website:

                What are you waiting for?? Don't miss this opportunity to bet for Roller Hockey and for FREE with an AMAZING FINAL PRIZE!!!

                Sunday, November 13, 2011

                Valkenswaardse RC is Dutch Champion for the 7th time

                The Stars of the 7th Title (
                In last 7th November Valkenswaardse RC had confirmed it power in Dutch Roller Hockey winning the 50th Edition of the Championship at home.
                The results of the weekend confirm it supremacy in Netherlands:
                EHRC Marathon 4-25 Valkenswaardse RC
                Valkenswaardse RC 19-2 RC de Lichtstad

                Also taking a look to the classification, we can observe that in all League Valkenswaardse RC didn't lost any point against the other teams.
                Final Classification (

                Valkenswaardse RC continues in the fourth place of the teams with more trophies in Dutch League. The first place continues to be occupied by RC de Lichstad with 10 titles (all info in wikipedia).

                Unhappily any team of Netherlands will take part of European Competitions this year. Rolling Together would like to suggest a changing in the dates of this championship to allow the participation of Dutch teams in CERH competitions, because is the last championship in Europe to finish this year.
                As we know Valkenswaardse RC is taking part of German Championship and until now the results are not so bad as probably some roller hockey fans were expecting. This can be a signal that the level is not so different to other countries in Europe and next year Valkenswaardse RC could take place in European Competition.

                New rink in Netherlands??

                Old Rink of Valkenswaard
                Rolling Together was surprised by the following news these days:
                "Sportshall 17th edition EVRICup 2012 Valkenswaard outdate

                Valkenswaard - The sportshall where the club Valkenswaardse Roller Club (V.R.C.) operates with rollerhockey and figure skating is quite outdated. And this sportshall, De Dennenberg, will most probably have closed in 2013. An alternative is not there yet. Marty van den Brand, president of the Technical Committee of the rollerhockey section, says that the floor is a big problem. Van den Brand : "We still hope that we can stay here in this part of Valkenswaard and hope that the community of Valkenswaard understands that. With a good boost, we are on our way." Until then V.R.C. is still in an old sportshall. Chairman of the Club V.R.C., Marc Schoonderwoert, the municipality of Valkenswaard has already proposed to renovate the sportshall. "In the short term, we do need support of the municipality," he says. V.R.C. is still in consultation with the municipality of Valkenswaard for a better sportshall."

                Also this problem was reported by Dutch TV. See in the link.

                2011-11-12 IGR Remscheid - Valkenswaardse RC (For the German Bundesliga)

                Rolling Together wish a happy end to this story, a construction of a new Rink with modern floor and appropriated to receive Roller Hockey Competitions.

                Sunday, November 6, 2011

                Copa America starts tomorrow in Sertãozinho, Brazil

                One more International competition is starting soon, and once again played by Women. After CERH Women's Euro Cup, conquered by Spain, now it's time to decide the American title. From 7th to 12th November, will be disputed in Sertãozinho, Brazil, the 3rd Copa America. After the biggest Copa America edition in 2010, played in Vic, Catalonia, where both sex's were present, again Women's tournament will be separated.             Five teams are expected to compete:
                • Brazil
                • Chile
                • Uruguay
                • Catalonia
                • South Africa
                It could be difficult to understand somethings about this competition. First of all why Argentina, the actual Champion of this competition, it's not present?? Simple answer said by CAP (Argentinian Roller Sports Confederation), this year all money is concentrated in Men's national teams support. It's good to remember that Argentina was present in their own territory, for the Pan American Games.
                Other two national teams which will not be presents, and usually are part of this competition are Colombia and USA. Unhappily both of them federation recognize the lack of funds to support the participation in this competition.
                Finally other two doubts that all readers of this article can have. Why two non American national teams are presenting? As the title of the tournament indicates it's an Open tournament, so all countries invited by CSP (South American Roller Sports Confederation), can play the tournament.
                The last question it would be, why a region that is not a country, like Catalonia is playing?? As mentioned in Rolling Together in several countries, Catalonia is the main region in Spain where Roller Hockey is played with a lot of teams. As some of you know, they keep a big strike to have the right to participate in sport international competitions with official national teams. CSP understood their opinion and made Catalonia part of their membership list.

                Returning to details of the competition the matches will be:

                With this tournament all national teams present, and also Brazilian Organization, are preparing the 2012 FIRS Women's World Cup, which take place next year also in Sertãozinho, Brazil.
                For Brazil this is a great opportunity to put again, Women's rolling on the right way, after the 2006 crisis...

                Baixe o Adobe Flash Player
                Report about the Tournament

                Follow all the Copa at:

                Friday, November 4, 2011

                European Continental Cup ?

                By Fernando Castro
                If you want to take part of the discussion join the facebook group
                Pelo Hóquei em Patins

                source of photo:
                Very unfortunate news for roller hockey:

                As diffused by several websites, the team of HC Liceo should miss the game of tomorrow in Viana do Castelo, against SL Benfica.

                A "legal" dispute on the interpretation of the cup regulation between club HC Liceo and the organizing body CERH is on the basis of this unattended decision by HC Liceo.

                SL Benfica assures that the team will be in Viana to dispute the game.

                If the game is not played, because of HC Liceo missing it, this will be the first time in rink-hockey history that one of the top european competitions is not played by missing of one team.

                The game will be transmitted in direct by Portuguese TV RTP2, as well as for all world by internet sports channel Plurisports.

                If the game is not to be played, beside the probable economic losses for organizers, this will represent a strong back move in media diffusion of rink-hockey at worldwide level. Probably with very bad impact on the sponsoring of the sport, because of the evident loss of credibility this unfortunate accident will have upon companies and public opinion.

                One more sad moment for our Sport
                No Comments for this

                Thursday, November 3, 2011

                Macau a strange case, and Asia the asleep Continent

                Since the beginning of Roller Hockey activity that Asia is one of the worst continents concerning it.
                There are a lot of reasons for this situation:
                • CARS (Confederation Asia of Roller Sports), presided by Mr. Sheng Zhiguo, doesn't promote and develop roller hockey.
                • CIRH doesn't promote the rising of an Asian Roller Hockey Confederation like happens in Africa and Europe, which would have a main role in our sport.
                • Inline hockey is getting day by day much important, taking Roller Hockey to a second plan
                • Few countries play Roller Hockey, for example in last Asia Cup, only Macau, India, Taiwan and Japan were present (China, North Korea, South Korea, Pakistan, Hong Kong had been played roller hockey years ago).
                • Asian Cup is the unique international competition in Asia-there's any competition between clubs.
                 For example it's not decided yet the location of 2012 Asia Roller Sports Cup. "Hoje Macau" talks about China, but there's any confirmation, just some months before the competition, reveling all disorganization of CARS.

                Casa de Portugal A in 2005 with 13 players (Where are them?)
                Taking a brief look on Roller Hockey history, it's possible to observe that Macau has dominate the sport until today:
                • Asian Champion for 8th times
                • Unique Asian country to dispute FIRS World Cup
                • Unique Asian country to play Nations Cup in Montreux
                Unhappily the situation seems to change forever, due to many facts. The president of Associação de Patinagem de Macau (Roller Sports Macau Association), António Aguiar, and their players accuse Macau Government to not build a new Roller Hockey rink, where could be possible to practice our sport. The unexistance of rink to play stopped the Macau Championship and the school bases program in Casa de Portugal (2005 and 2006 was the last time reported) wasn't reported any more.
                Casa de Portugal A in 2006 with 11 players
                The National Championship, was played usually for three teams connected to Portugal:
                According to "Hoje Macau" Dom Bosco, the same rink that doensn't have conditions to practice roller hockey, received in last days of October the Inline Hockey Championship!!!!
                Worst than that are the teams playing it... the same that played roller hockey until some years ago. All this situation is quite curious and revels that some people is lying. Seems that soon Roller Hockey will be substituted by Inline Hockey, forgetting all cultural connexion between Portugal and Macau, where inline hockey is not included.
                Like happens in a lot of things in Macau, the Region doesn't resist to China invasion, and forget all it ancients.

                Macau team in FIRS B World Cup 2011 in Dornbirn, Austria
                Some months ago other newspaper from Macau, "Ponto Final" reported the opinion of Antonio Aguiar (APM president) concerning the actual presidence of CIRH, by Mr. Harro Strucksberg. He said that there were some movements to take off Mr. Harro, and he was a possible name to manage CIRH.

                Rolling Together just has the doubt... How a man that is not able to manage roller hockey in his own region wants and thinks will be able to coordinate roller hockey all over the world???

                Source of News: