Monday, May 21, 2012

Next Days watch the Best Club's Competition of the World
Official Banner of 2012 European League Final 8
One more season in Europe is getting close to finish. At this moment the national championships are having weekly decisive matches. Until now only the Spanish title was deliver, but a few more are waiting for it owner...

The same happens with the most important Club Championship, European League! Next days, from 24th to 27th May, Lodi (Ialy) will host the fantastic Final Eight of the Best Club Competition in the World! The best 8 Teams of Europe will be fighting for such honor!!
The stage is ready to receive the artists as the follow video shows:

All roller hockey fans will have the opportunity to watch their favorite players during this days Live on TV or WebTV. Some broadcast were already announced, and will be:

24th May 2012 - 20:00
Esport 3 - Live Web
European League Final Eight - Quarter-Finals
Oliveirense (Por) 2-6 Barcelona (Spa) 

24th May 2012 - 22:00
Raisport 2 - Live Web
European League Final Eight - Quarter-Finals
Tecnol Reus Deportivo (Spa) 3-1 Amatori Lodi (Ita) 

25th May 2012 - 19:15
RTP Azzorre - Live Web
European League Final Eight - Quarter-Finals
Coinasa Liceo La Coruña (Spa) 4-2 Candelária (Por) 

25th May 2012 - 21:15
Raisport Web - Live Web
European League Final Eight - Quarter-Finals
Benfica (Por) 5-11 Recalac Valdagno (Ita)

26th May 2012 - 18:00
Esport 3 - Live Web
European League Final Eight - Semi-Finals
Barcelona (Spa) - Tecnol Reus Deportivo (Spa)

26th May 2012 - 20:00
Raisport Web - Live Web
European League Final Eight - Semi-Finals
Recalac Valdagno (Ita) - Coinasa Liceo La Coruña (Spa)

27th May 2012 - 18:00
Esport 3 - Live Web
European League Final Eight - Final

Once again there's any sport channel supporting such Magic Championship, but all of us are sure that one day an Eurosport or ESPN could promote our sport...
In other hand is preparing the biggest coverage of such event ever on all it means
Youtube Channel, Twitter and facebook.

Don't waste this opportunity to watch the best sport of the world Live!!!

All info at: (Italian) (Portuguese)

Showing that Lodi wants to organize the Best European League Final 8 ever, they prepared an Amazing Brochure, presenting the city, the teams and the competition

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Austria still growing and will organize the 2nd Youth Camp in Villach

Group photo from the roller hockey youth camp 2011

Trainer team of the youth camp 2011
For the second time, after the big success of the 1st Youth Camp (in August 2011) a roller hockey youth camp with the U20 Portuguese national coach Luís Duarte, will take place in Villach, Austria. This event supported by CERH, will take place from 5th to the 11th of August and will have the presence of players from Austria, Switzerland and Germany.

  Since 2010, Rollhockey Club Villach has the goal to train new young players. An important factor to reach this goal was, the fact that roller hockey became a part of the "Neue Mittelschule Auen" (Auen is a part of Villach),  in September, and since then, each Monday a group of 20 pupils play during two hours roller hockey. A year later RC Villach organized the first championship of Villach region, with four teams (Villach I, Villach II, Auen I, Auen II) in Under 15th category. 
Group photo in a primary school
The format of the tournament was like this, because the other clubs in Austria are about 500 kilometers far away, what becomes difficult at this moment  national competitions. Once again, even the big interest of kids to play roller hockey, the staff and the place to play are the biggest problems. Concerning material as we know roller skates are a bite expensive.

RHC Villach I in Regional Championship 2012
 In other hand concerning the place to play at this moment there are two big sport halls, but one of them will be demolished, thus there will be only one hall for all sports in Villach ( at this moment, the first team can only train 2 times and all youth teams can play only 4 times). The entities of the club are sure, that with the right conditions they could have 80-100 players, through visits among the region's schools, and maybe they could introduce roller hockey in other school, becoming possible a school championship. 

Senior Team
Concerning the senior's team, they play in Italian Championship Serie B. At this moment the directors of Villach are trying also that their youth teams can also play in Italy, although it's getting very difficult to reach this objective. The Italian Federation said that Villach must dispute it home games in Italy, in Pordenone (it's about 200 km away from Villach). This situation is not good for the supporters, that just have the opportunity to see the Austrian championship, and it 3 home games.

Until the end of 2012 RHC Villach wants to reach the 1000 Likes mark on Facebook page, so please just click on it :)

More details about RHC Villach also on:

Thursday, May 3, 2012

1st Anniversary with a Funtastic Gift for You

In 3rd May 2011 I began with Rolling Together Blog!!
The main objectives of this blog were:
-Blog written in English with information all over the world
-Promote roller hockey activity in countries where it is almost an unknown sport
-Give ideas about good examples of promoting our sport
-Divulge problems that put in risk roller hockey in some parts of the world
After one year I think the balance must be positive.
More than 60.000 visits, from 105 countries!!!
Rolling Together have turned in an information source, about roller hockey actuality, for other websites.

I really hope each visitor had liked my blog, even with some mistakes, that somebody young like me sometimes do. I know that my English is not perfect, and sometime the fact that I've never been a roller hockey player, can harm myself. Also I have been really critic in some points (e.g. Mexico situation), what can put the image of this blog and myself in risk, although in my opinion this is the time to roller hockey fans assume their point of views, and fight by what they think it's right.

Because It's time to commemorate 1st Anniversary, Rolling Together promotes a Contest, where it will be offered a Roller Hockey Premium Stick, Azemad AZ-100 Special (details: thin wood stick and wider stick head 10º covered whith glass fibre), one of the best sticks of the World, used by some of the best players!!

To win this fantastic prize you just need to be creative and create something relating Rolling Together and Roller Hockey. Can be something like a video, a paint, a phrase, a song, a logo for our blog :) ... You are free to choose something you want!! The final winner will be choose by me. Of course the contest will be available for somebody from any part of the World.
Thus if you want to have this stick, send me your idea to until the end of May!!

Good Luck and Keep Rolling Together!!!!