Monday, October 31, 2011

A New ERA in Roller Hockey and TV

After many years without Roller Hockey live on TV, seems that situation is changing finally in Portugal and Spain.
There are two main reasons to reach this amazing goal for our sport:
  1. A big effort by federations together with public and private TV's;
  2. Web TV's started to grow and to prove that Roller Hockey still has market.
In Portugal the "Primeira Divisão" (Firs Division) was always broad-casted until some years ago, when the Portuguese Roller Sports Federation stopped the agreement with RTP, public TV.
However the agreement was renovated again and all the season of  2011/2012 will have at least a match broad-casted at 15:00 (+0 GMT Portuguese Time) all Saturdays.

In Spain the agreement was concluded between Spanish Federation and two channels TV3 and RTVE, being transmitted all Monday at 21:00 hours (+1 GMT, Spanish Time) in these channels and also in RFEP TV.

Italy keeps the agreement with RAI (not available by internet out of Italy) broadcasting weekly the games of the Italian league.

Beside the National Federation Agreements there are WEBTV's that also will transmit some matches of each competition. Usually this channels are part of the clubs, but others regional channels like:

These are very important examples, and all Roller Hockey Fans would like to watch soon the same in other countries. It's very important to countries like France, Germany, Switzerland, Brazil, Colombia... where the Roller Hockey wants to reach other lever to guarantee transmissions by television or internet...

On the next Portuguese Link you can have weekly almost all matches in all Europe that have Broadcast by TV and WebTV:

Do you want to do the Same and create a WEBTV??
Watch it

Just an important reminder, that for the first time ever all matches in FIRS World Cup Senior and Junior were broadcasted by WebTV's...

Rolling Together LIVE on TV

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Real Madrid with Roller Hockey Flavor

Pedro Gil starts the match (source: Real Madrid website)
Real Madrid has finally a Roller Hockey team???
Not yet...unhappily, but yesterday for the first time in Real's Madrid history a Roller Hockey player started a football match in Santiago Bernabéu.
Who could be? Just Pedro Gil, one of the greatest Roller Hockey players nowadays, with one of the best Curriculum's.
After a news in a Spanish newspapers, Pedro Gil announced that one of his dreams was to give the first kick in a Real's Madrid match. 
Due to his uncommon preference for Real (he comes from Catalonia, so almost everybody there supports Barcelona), the club gave him the honor to start yesterday the football match against Villareal. After Alonso and Nadal, Pedro Gil made history also yesterday.
According to "O Jogo" newspaper Casillas wish to Pedro Gil more titles with Spanish colours, and Mourinho asked if was everything nice with the Dragon (meaning FC Porto)...
Pedro Gil with Casillas (source: Real Madrid website)
As in this blog we like to dream to a greater future to our sport we hope that this fact can sensitize Real Madrid to have soon a Roller Hockey team.

Put a Like and leave a comment on Real's Madrid Pedro Gil news asking for a Roller Hockey Team 
Let's show them that World wants Real Madrid playing Roller Hockey

Real Madrid Roller Hockey Team in 1950 (source: Biesca Gijon)
Real Madrid Rolling Together!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

CERH Women's Euro 2011

Spain defeat yesterday France (source: FEP Press)
Unfortunately Women's Roller Hockey haven't been reported until now in Rolling Together.
To change this situation we can't forget about the Women's Euro Cup that started yesterday in Cronemberg, Germany.
There are 5 national teams present in this competition: Germany, France, Spain, Portugal and Switzerland (It's more than time to CERH wake up and change this situation). Last edition in Dinan (France), Spain won the title.

The results of yesterday were:

France 1-4 Spain
Germany 7-3 Switzerland

The next matches will be (Portuguese Time + 0GMT)

17h Switzerland-Portugal
18:30h Spain-Germany

17h Switzerland-France
18:30h Portugal-Germany

17h Spain-Switzerland
18:30h Portugal-France

17h Portugal-Spain
18:30h France-Germany

All the matches are broadcasting, once again by Plurisport at:

Rolling Together with Women's

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Unified Championship began in Angola

Even with the frustration of Angola in last World Cup, the skates doesn't stop, and once again the "Campeonato Nacional Unificado" (Unified National Championship, because Seniors and Juniors plays together).
With 13 teams, this can be one of the best editions, confirming Angola as a new Roller Hockey Power.
The teams to compete are: 1º Agosto, 1º Agosto Juniors, Clube Académica de Luanda, Clube Académica de Luanda Juniors, GD Banca Juniors, GD Juventude Viana, GD Juventude Viana Juniors, Hóquei 2000, Hóquei 2000 Juniors, Kabuscorp, Petro Atlético Luanda, Petro Atlético Luanda Juniors, Sport Luanda e Benfica.

The Championship will be played weekly,on Saturday (morning and afternoon), and sometimes on Wednesday and Thursday (end of afternoon and night). Each team will play with the others just one time, and the forth first classified of the group will play the playoff. The semifinals will be disputed according to best of 3 matches and the final to best of 5 matches.

The place where the matches will be played are "Pavilhão da Cidadela" and "Dream Space".

Unhappily once again the teams are concentrated in Luanda. For example Hóquei Clube do Lobito and Ferroviário do Namibe, teams that played other editions of this Championship and also other Roller Hockey tournaments, and come from other regions of Angola will not compete.

It's very important that next season Angolan Federation, can change this situation, because as known Angola will be the host country of 2013 World Cup, and the promotion of Roller Hockey in all country will gain other image if teams coming from several regions could compete.

The results of 1st Day (15.10.2011) were:

GD Banca Juniors 3-2 Hóquei Clube 2000Académica de Luanda Juniors 3-1 Juventude de Viana Juniors
Sport Luanda e Benfica 4-1 Hóquei Clube 2000 Juniors
Kabuscorp vs 1º de Agosto Juniors (Kabuscorp lost due lack of players) Petro de Luanda 5-2 Petro de Luanda Juniors
1º de Agosto - Académica de Luanda (still unknown)

In 19.10.2011 an 21.10.2011) was the 2nd Day of Competition and yesterday the 3rd Day.
Until now the results were not announced by the federation and Angolan newspapers.

Next Journey will be played in 26th and 28th of October.

The work done by FAP is improving year by year, but still there's a long way to cross, until reach the quality of National championships of Portugal, Spain and Italy, or of other sports like football, basketball and handball in Angola.

Soon should be good a contract with TPA (Angolan Public TV) to broadcast a match each week.

Jornal de Angola reported also that soon will start other Championship in Angola, and this one will have only senior teams, and fortunately two of them will come from other regions than Luanda, Benguela and Malange.

Consult all schedule here:,com_joomleague/p,70/func,showResultsRank/Itemid,29/

Source of info:

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Scandal of Mexican Roller Hockey (English Version)

Francisco playing his favorite sport
One of the main goals of Rolling Together blog is to present the reality of Roller Hockey in countries that aren't in the first line of the sport.
Nothing better to start with interviews on the blog, than ask all the problems that Mexican Roller Hockey Lovers are suffering to play one of the best sports of the World.

Our first guest is Francisco Javier Cortes Cruz, the President of AHPMAC, Agrupación de Hockey Sobre Patines de México (Mexican Roller Hockey Association).

Rolling Together- Dear Francisco, I must begin asking you, to introduce our visitors about actual state of Roller Hockey in Mexico, explaining all the "official" structure of the sport in your country.
Francisco Cruz- It is a pleasure to find me with you dear Ricardo. I am grateful include like topic of international interest given the circumstances of Roller Hockey to us in Mexico.
The official structure since you mention it, consists of the following form:
An association for every federative entity or the State of the country (32) the one that is named an association of roller skates of … (name of the state) AC which lodges to the local clubs that theoretically the number of clubs must be legalized properly like civil associations (AC) by the state is unlimited, which one will have to have local activity and realize your own state championship to define its state selections for competences in national level in the different forms of the skate, same that are defined by the maximum national organism of the skate that is the Mexican roller sports Federation BC (FEMEPAR) which one is the manager of directing the national skating, promoting and trying that spread 4 specialties of the skating in the state associations.

RT- When did the problem with FEMEPAR (Mexican Roller Sports Federation) begin, and why? Before this, FEMEPAR lead of Mr. Ordonez, Roller Hockey was supported by the Federation?
FC- The problem in Mexico began long time ago, when the inline hockey began to take force and popularity. Two disciplines were practiced in entire disorder and without control of the implements to be used for each one. There were national championships with a strange miscellany of players of inline with hockey players skate. Mr. Roberto Ordoñez was the president of the Association of National Polytechnic school (IPN), where from he was impelling very loudly to the inline hockey, since its two children were practicing it and also they it were right. For its political attributes and its economic power it achieved positioning like president of the FEMEPAR where from now, it would do all the possible from supporting and impelling the sport of its preference, the inline hockey, leaving roller hockey and other disciplines as secondary sports. He hardly was granting guarantee for international competitions unless to maintain the legal right of the discipline opposite to FIRS, he had to send some team to cover the requisite.
In the year 2004 there came to our country Mister Guillem Halcón Ciurana, Catalan originated from Reus Ploms, and came to the city of Puebla, where there met the vice-president of Roller Hockey of the FEMEPAR mister Gabriel Sánchez Gómez, who also was and he keeps on being a president of the association of skates of Puebla AC, with whom it initiated a good relation of friendship and sport. This Mr. Sánchez had a hockey club skate, called Vikings to the one that integrated and played like doorman one or two periods in the local tournament. Mr. Hawk, it worried as it was always characterized, began promoting that one was giving us the opportunity to play on a global scale since he was finding good quality in the Mexican players. For his insistence Mr. managed to convince the Vice-president. Sánchez who was requesting himself guarantee to compete in the FIRS B World Cup of Uruguay in 2006. One managed to interview with Ordoñez and speak until high hours of the night, between drinks and friends, to achieve that there was assigned Hawk as national trainer and the guarantee was happening to compete in this world cup.
The selection process began and there were named the 10 best players, who to eyes of the national trainer and of vice-president Sánchez were considered to be the best. One worked really a very little time, without preparation out of Mexico, without friendly games abroad, even without economic funds since Ordoñez and the FEMEPAR only contributed something like 3000 euros and the players had to pay its expenses. There was registering neither for the Mexican sports authorities, nor even national flag nor the CD of the national anthem. The players together with the trainer came to the world cup of Uruguay in the year 2006, bringing from return a good 6th place. The goals were achieved, and it was a stimulant for many that we entrust in Hawk and the players of these years. The first comment of Mr.  Ordoñez, on the return, was … “do not believe that they will go out again … they will not go to Johannesburg to the world cup of 2008 …” the cause we did not know it, it even bothered us very much. The vice-president allowed to Guillem Halcón it will continue its work and it was doing selection again, to which it was including younger players like presorted, in addition to summoning ages children of up to 13 years to do infantile national team and to be able to lead her to playing some places in South America and Europe where invitations were already had. For this moment there was already certain incompatibility level between Ordoñez and Hawk. In the national hockey championship skate in the city of Tlaxcala there was reached the maximum infantile participation of the history in Mexico, overcoming in number the inline hockey and was the last one.
The problem exploded when a trainer of the Federal district had the bad intention of blackmailing some children who were taking part in the selective infantile one and its trainings, them threatening that if they kept on informing in Roller Hockey them would veto of the inline hockey and would fine them economically, since these children also were practicing inline hockey. The parents of the children warned the trainer Halcón and this one in turn to vice-president Sánchez and to the same Ordoñez, from whom only it received roastings and up to insults. The end of the discussions, for being true or it is not done, they gave as there proved the dismissal of Hawk as national trainer. In this moment it initiated the conflict and the separation of the FEMEPAR of the hockey skate. All the players we were expelled with tricks of the different associations of the country, some by solidarity with Hawk, and others because Mr.Ordoñez was arranging it. . For Mr.Ordoñez this was the best pretext to got rid of the hockey since for ages he has felt a deep scorn for him, arguing whenever it is a sport that should disappear.
Infinity of arguments not to maintain the players in the tracks had happened, in all the associations, facts appeared always to intimidate the players using the big Ordoñez power not to get with him. The sportsmen wanted only to play, and from this moment a national coach never named the FEMEPAR, and it prohibited all the associations presidents to spread and to promote the roller hockey for the following years up to the current date.
The players we met all events had decided to found a civil association named AGRUPACIÓN DE HOCKEY SOBRE PATINES DE MEXICO AC that it has happened for infinity of difficult moments, but that to the date we still keep on promoting and practicing the roller hockey.

RT- When was the last "official" Mexican National Championship, and participation of a "real" national team in FIRS or CSP competition?
FC- The last national championship that was realized in Mexico, was in May, 2007 in the city of Morelia, Michoacán, where Mr. Hawk was forbidden.
The last event, where there was a selective hockey national team was in Uruguay 2006. The South American Confederacy of Skate invited us in the year 2008, for friendship with Hawk, nevertheless it was not endorsed by FEMEPAR. We were like AHPM AC.

RT- How did you see the participation of a Mexican Women's team in last edition of FIRS Women's World Cup in Alcobendas (Spain), last year?
FC- Since my opinion might not express it in this space, it is very strong since there turned out to be involved many people, who was in a way without exit, since some of them were roller hockey players in rupture with FEMEPAR they decided to keep playing only inline Hockey. Although its alma keeps with roller hockey, and even I know some of them. I believe that the worst of this participation so tricky and full of an unworthy political load of a president of federation the trick has been for the rest of the world, for the rest of the feminine selections, with real hockey players skate, who practice it and estimate because they were prepared for this event, and the fact of showing to eyes of the whole world that Mr. Sabatino Aracu, Mr. Roberto Marotta, and all the members of the executive Bureau of FIRS knew clearly that it would happen and allowed it simply for friendship with Ordoñez.
This feminine selection of Mexico in alone September, 2010 was a step so that FEMEPAR was not losing the right to possess a discipline that he does not promote, does not have, he is not interested in, and that with it was preventing the AHPM AC from obtaining its place as new member of FIRS in the following congress of Portimão, Portugal on December 3, 2010.

RT- All this tricks played by FEMEPAR, were reported in Mexico sometime, for a newspaper, or just Roller Hockey lovers knows about this.
FC- In the beginning of our problem only a political magazine was interested and published, nevertheless in Mexico the hockey skate at least one does not even know since the FEMEPAR has been in charge of killing to this discipline of the skating.

RT- Do you have some strategy to stop this atrocity against our sport?
FC- I believe that the biggest misfortune for the sportsmen and for the roller hockey, it is the corruption, and it is an evil very difficult to finish, nevertheless I think that there will be always alternatives, and better and more powerful is to work, and keep roller hockey alive. To promote it, to practice it, to spread it especially in children, to sow the seed that later than fruit. In Mexico this is very difficult, but it is not impossible. 

RT- We know that CSP consider Catalunya to participate in Copa America as a country, even if the federation is not recognized by FIRS. Did you talk with Mr. Armando Quintanilla sometime, trying the participation of a Mexico team in Copa America, with an non-official Federation?
FC- From the beginning of our problem Mr. Armando Quintanilla never wanted to interfere sufficiently, I believe that its political position does not allow him to go against the orders that he receives. We come in 2008 to play the South American clubs championship, and from there one never returned us to invite. Recently we request formally an affiliation to the CSP as it is the case of the Catalan Federation, and they did not even have the amiability to answer. Having realized the America Cup in Vic, Spain last year, I believe that it has them quite busy.

RT- Let's talk about local competitions in Mexico now.
How many teams and players do you estimate existing in your country at this moment?
FC- At present we have record of few teams, which regrettably every time are less in category a senior, but we can say that they are replaced for infantile. Category Senior, distributed in the whole Mexico we have about 15 teams, and infantile approximately 8 or 10.

RT- Can you tell us about your championships? Do you have a National League? Which teams participate?
FC- The AHPM AC competes with certain frequency during the year, and more or less in October or November of every year we realize the CHAMPIONSHIP MEXICO OF ROLLER HOCKEY, from which the champion of our country arises. Tournament is realized from February until December, in its different categories and assembling teams of San Luis Potosí, Querétaro, the State of Mexico, It populates, Federal district, Taught Baja California.

RT- We can't forget the future of Mexican Roller Hockey, of course I mean school bases. Do you have also young competition?
FC- Initially the categories were had covered infantile and Novice monk, nevertheless sometimes the despondency of the people has provoked that players lose, what again we have taken this segment shortly to set it to work. In Cove Baja California, one is employed very well at this category, at the Federal district, at Querétaro, and at Puebla. Possibly shortly they will have news about this categories and will see very good small players.

Image of a Rink with agreement of Mexican Entities
RT- All the activity is concentrated just in Capital, or it is in all Mexico?What about infrastuctures?
FC- Principally the activity of roller hockey is in the center of the country, like Tlaxcala Populates, Federal district, nevertheless now we have also proposals of San Luis Potosí, Querétaro and Cove Baja California.
Regrettably the facilities are not so good, since there has managed a model that many states have copied without having the knowledge of how to build a roller hockey rink, and I refer that all of them are outdoors.There are no roofed tracks, with cement rails, and in slightly strategic places, without maintenance of any type. But this is the model that the FEMEPAR has contributed for all Mexican rinks of the country. Last constructed, it is that of the city of Puebla, with a track of 40 for 20 mts, outdoors, with rail and surface of polished cement. The same that it does not expire with the international norms for events of high level as it was mentioned in its opening.
RT- I saw that you have some foreign players in some teams. How do they see Mexican Roller Hockey?
FC- Since they have been young players of big clubs of Spain, of France, of Portugal, of Argentina, which have had the opportunity to realize the abandonment that is had for this sport, they comment on all mexican players that they are very good players, but with these facilities and without international competition, it is not possible to increase its level. They have come to reach port very much, and I am grateful to them for this way to all.

RT- Concerning the international panorama of our sport can you tell us a brief opinion of it? Do you follow Roller Hockey all over the World?
Sure that we continue to see, what happens in the world of the roller hockey, and what I see with many sadness, is the fact that there's a lot of people not interested in the competition and the coexistence between the players of the whole world.Besides this the most important thing is the economic part and the profit that it generates. I believe that the most delicate and deplorable part of our sport is the people who is part of the leaderships in the national federations, and that everything moves for friends and good relations between these leaders. I believe that one looks very much for the power that these charges generate to be able to place the personal taste in the lineaments of every sport of the hockey. Very few takes into consideration what it could spend with the sportsmen and with the sports, while I generated utilities and is convenient to the interests of the federations. The part that can't fail so far, is the part of the promotion and practice, that is to say, for statute they are forced to promote the disciplines of the roller hockey, and if they do not do it must allow who do it to be able to compete, and there the problem comes. If they are friends of the president, or they it are not, it will be the result of the future of this sport.

RT- To complete, how do you imagine the future of our sport in Mexico, and in the World? When do you preview a Mexican National Team to play in an Official Competition again, and Roller Hockey in Olympic Games? 
FC- In Mexico the things will never be good while the mentality of the one that FEMEPAR directs does not change, and the people have been very injured, not only in the roller hockey, but in all the disciplines. The Mexican Roller Hockey will never die, because always there will be someone who wants to put a pair of skates and play it, and while the AHPM BC exists, hardly it will disappear. The growth will not be so good as it would be if the governmental support was had, but we are going to achieve it. On a global scale, I believe that they will not manage to finish with this beautiful sport either, since there are many people who estimates it and teaches small players. In the countries it promotes, there is many school, and this will give him world permanence.
Mr. Ordoñez has threatened that in 3 years will do the same again of Alcobendas, Spain, and I believe that if the AHPM BC promoter of the hockey does not manage to be recognized by FIRS like the only organism of Roller Hockey in Mexico, again we will see Mexico again in an offensive and denigrating official competition for sportsmen, judges, organizers, and in general for the whole world of the roller hockey.
I believe that the problems of interests and the scorn in the hockey it will prevent from considering it as Olympic, and more with awful work that the federations presidents do to promote these sports disciplines.

With them team Friends of Puebla Club
RT- Great Thanks to Mr. Francisco that deserve all our support, due to his big fighting against people that just want to kill our Sport.
FC-In Mexico I have done my commitment with roller hockey, and with which I represent, and I will not rest until the players are respected and we are allowed to demonstrate that we can play roller hockey. The corrupt people and who only has allowed outrage and unworthy attitudes, sooner or later will receive what corresponds to him.
Dear Ricardo receives a hug.

Rolling Together with Mexico!!! 

Lo Escándalo en el Hockey sobre Patines en México (Version Castellana)

Francisco jugando su deporte favorito
Uno de los objetivos principales de Hacer el blog de ROLLING TOGETHER es presentar la realidad del Roller Hockey en países que no están en la primera línea.
Nada mejor para comenzar con entrevistas del blog, que pregunta a todos los problemas que los Amantes del Hockey sobre Patines Mexicano sufren para jugar uno de los mejores deportes del Mundo.

Nuestro primer invitado es Francisco Javier Cortes Cruz, el presidente de AHPM A.C., Agrupación de Hockey Sobre Patines de México A.C.,

Rolling Together- Estimado Francisco, debo comenzar a preguntarle, presenta a nuestros invitados sobre el estado actual del Roller Hockey de México, explicando toda la estructura "oficial" del deporte en su país.
Fracisco Cruz- Es un placer encontrarme contigo querido Ricardo. Agradezco nos incluyas como tema de interés internacional dadas las circunstancias del Hockey sobre PAtines en México.
La estructura oficial como lo mencionas, se compone de la siguiente forma:
Una asociación por cada entidad federativa o Estado del país (32) a la que se denomina asociación de patines sobre ruedas de…(nombre del estado) a.c. la cual alberga a los clubes locales que en teoría deben estar debidamente legalizados como asociaciones civiles (a.c.) el número de clubes por estado es ilimitado, el cual deberá tener actividad local y realizar su propio campeonato estatal para definir sus selecciones estatales para competencias a nivel nacional en las diferentes modalidades del patín, mismas que son definidas por el máximo organismo nacional del patín que es la Federación Mexicana de patines sobre Ruedas A.C. (FEMEPAR) la cual es la encargada de dirigir el patinaje nacional, promoviendo y procurando que se difundan las 4 especialidades del patinaje en las asociaciones estatales. 

RT- ¿cuándo Hizo el problema con FEMEPAR (¿Federación de Deportes de Patines mexicana) comienzan, y por qué? ¿Antes de esto, La FEMEPAR de Sr. Ordonez, el Rink Hockey fue apoyado por la Federación?
FC- El problema en México comenzó hace  mucho tiempo, cuando el inline hockey comenzó a tomar fuerza y popularidad. Las dos disciplinas se practicaban en total desorden y sin control de los implementos a usarse por cada una. Había campeonatos nacionales con una mezcla extraña de jugadores de inline con  jugadores de hockey patines. El Sr Roberto Ordoñez era el presidente de la Asociación de Instituto Politécnico Nacional (IPN) desde donde él impulsaba muy fuerte al inline hockey ya que sus dos hijos lo practicaban y además lo hacían bien. Por sus atributos políticos y su poder económico logró posicionarse como presidente de la FEMEPAR desde donde ahora haría todo lo posible por apoyar e impulsar el deporte de su preferencia, el inline hockey, dejando como asunto secundario al hockey patines y las demás disciplinas. Él difícilmente otorgaba aval para competencias internacionales a menos que para mantener el derecho legal de la disciplina frente a FIRS, tuviera que enviar algún equipo para cubrir el requisito.
En el año 2004 llegó a nuestro país el Señor Guillem Halcón Ciurana, catalán proveniente del Reus Ploms, y llegó a la ciudad de Puebla, donde conoció al vicepresidente de Roller Hockey de la FEMEPAR el señor Gabriel Sánchez Gómez, quién también era y sigue siendo presidente de la asociación de patines de Puebla a.c., con quién inició una buena relación de amistad y deporte. Este Sr. Sánchez tenía un club de hockey patines llamado Vikingos al que se integró y jugó como portero una o dos temporadas en el torneo local. El Sr. Halcón, inquieto como siempre se caracterizó, empezó a promover que se nos diera la oportunidad de jugar a nivel internacional ya que él encontraba buena calidad en los jugadores mexicanos. Por insistencia suya logró convencer al Vicepresidente el Sr. Sánchez que se solicitara aval para competir en el mundial B de Uruguay en el 2006. Se logró entrevistar con Ordoñez y hablar hasta altas horas de la noche entre bebidas y amigos, para lograr  que se asignara a Halcón como entrenador nacional y se diera el aval para competir en ese mundial.
El proceso de selección se inició y se nombraron a los 10 mejores jugadores, que a ojos del entrenador nacional y del vicepresidente Sánchez se consideraban los mejores. Se trabajó en verdad muy poco tiempo, sin preparación fuera de México, sin partidos amistosos en el extranjero, incluso sin fondos económicos ya que Ordoñez y la FEMEPAR solo aportaron algo así como 3000 euros y los jugadores tuvieron que pagar sus gastos. No hubo abanderamiento por las autoridades deportivas mexicanas, ni siquiera bandera nacional ni el CD del himno nacional. Los jugadores junto con el entrenador acudieron al mundial de Uruguay en el año 2006, trayendo de regreso un buen 6° lugar. Las metas se lograron, y fue un estimulante para muchos que confiamos en Halcón y los jugadores de esos años. El primer comentario del Sr. Ordoñez al regresar fue… “no crean que volverán a salir…  no irán a Johannesburgo al mundial del 2008…” la causa no  la sabíamos, incluso nos molestó mucho. El vicepresidente permitió a Guillem Halcón continuara su trabajo e hiciera selección nuevamente, a la que incluía jugadores más jóvenes como preseleccionados, además de convocar a niños de edades de hasta 13 años para hacer selección nacional infantil y poderla llevar a jugar a algunos sitios en Sudamérica y Europa en donde ya se tenían invitaciones. Para este momento ya había cierto nivel de incompatibilidad entre Ordoñez y Halcón. En el campeonato nacional de hockey patines en la ciudad de Tlaxcala se alcanzó la máxima participación infantil de la historia en México, superando en número al inline hockey  y fue la última.
El problema estalló cuando un entrenador del Distrito federal tuvo la mala intención de chantajear a algunos niños que participaban en el selectivo infantil y sus entrenamientos, amenazándolos que si seguían participando en Rink hockey los vetaría del inline hockey y los multaría económicamente, ya que estos niños también practicaban inline hockey. Los padres de los niños avisaron al entrenador Halcón y éste a su vez al vicepresidente Sánchez y al mismo Ordoñez, de quienes solo recibió regaños y hasta insultos. El final de las discusiones por ser verdad o no este hecho, dieron como resultado el despido de Halcón como entrenador nacional. En ese momento inició el conflicto y la separación de la FEMEPAR del hockey patines. Todos los jugadores fuimos expulsados con engaños de las diferentes asociaciones del país, unos por solidaridad con Halcón, y otros porque lo ordenaba el Sr. Ordoñez. Para el Sr. Ordoñez este fue el mejor pretexto para deshacerse del hockey patines ya que desde siempre ha sentido un profundo desprecio por él, argumentando siempre que es un deporte que debería desaparecer.
Infinidad de argumentos para no mantener a los jugadores en las pistas se dieron, en todas las asociaciones se presentaron hechos para intimidar a los jugadores siempre utilizando el gran poder de Ordoñez para no meterse con él. Los deportistas solo querían jugar, y desde ese momento la FEMEPAR nunca nombró un seleccionador nacional, y prohibió a todos los presidentes de asociaciones difundir y promover el hockey patines por los siguientes años y hasta la fecha actual.
Con todo lo sucedido los jugadores nos reunimos y decidimos fundar una asociación civil denominada AGRUPACIÓN DE HOCKEY SOBRE PATINES DE MÉXICO A.C. que ha pasado por infinidad de momentos difíciles, pero que a la fecha todavía continuamos promoviendo y practicando el hockey sobre patines.

RT- Cuando era el último Campeonato Nacional mexicano "oficial", y la participación "de un verdadero" equipo nacional en FIRS o concurso CSP.
FC- El último campeonato nacional que se realizó en México, fue en Mayo de 2007 en la ciudad de Morelia, Michoacán, en el que prohibió que Halcón estuviera.
El último evento en el que hubo un selectivo nacional de hockey patines fue en Uruguay 2006. La Confederación Sudamericana de Patín nos invitó en el año 2008, por amistad con Halcón, sin embargo no fue avalado por FEMEPAR. Fuimos como AHPM A.C.

RT- ¿Cómo vio usted la participación de un equipo Femenino mexicano en la última edición de FIRS Copa del mundo Femenina en el Alcobendas (España), el año pasado?
FC- Pues mi opinión podría no expresarla en este espacio, es muy fuerte ya que se vio involucrada mucha gente que se encontraba en un camino sin salida, ya que algunas de ellas fueron jugadoras de hockey patines y en la ruptura con FEMEPAR decidieron continuar solo jugando inline Hockey, pero su alma mater fue el hockey patines, y además conocidísimas mías. Creo que lo peor de esta participación tan tramposa y llena de una carga política indigna de un presidente de federación ha sido el engaño para el resto del mundo, para el resto de las selecciones femeninas, con verdaderas jugadoras de hockey patines, quienes lo practican y estiman porque se prepararon para este evento, y el hecho de mostrar a ojos de todo el mundo que el Sr. Sabatino Aracu, el Sr. Roberto Marotta, y todos los integrantes del Buró ejecutivo de FIRS sabían claramente que pasaría y lo permitieron simplemente por amistad con Ordoñez.
Esta selección femenina de México en septiembre de 2010 solo fue un trámite para que FEMEPAR no perdiera el derecho de poseer una disciplina que no promueve, no tiene, no le interesa, y que con ello impedía que la AHPM A.C. obtuviera su membrecía como nuevo miembro de FIRS en el siguiente congreso de Portimao, Portugal el 3 de Diciembre de 2010.

RT- Todo esto engaña jugado por FEMEPAR, fueron relatados en México algún día, para un periódico, o sólo los amantes de Hockey de Rodillo saben sobre esto.
FC- En el inicio de nuestro problema solamente una revista política se interesó y publicó, sin embargo en México el hockey patines ni siquiera se conoce ya que la FEMEPAR se ha encargado de matar a esta disciplina del patinaje.

RT- ¿Tiene usted alguna estrategia de parar esta atrocidad contra nuestro deporte?
FC- Creo que la mayor desgracia para los deportistas y para el hockey patines es la corrupción, y es un mal muy difícil de acabar, sin embargo considero que siempre habrá alternativas, y la mejor y más poderosa es trabajar para que el hockey patines no muera. Promoverlo, practicarlo, difundirlo especialmente en niños, sembrar la semilla que mas tarde de fruto. En México esto es muy difícil, pero no es imposible.

RT- Sabemos que CSP piensan que Catalunya participa en América Copa como un país, aun si la federación no es reconocida por FIRS. ¿Habló usted con Sr. Armando Quintanilla algún día, intentando la participación de un equipo de México en América Copa, con una Federación no oficial?
FC- Desde el inicio de nuestro problema el Sr. Armando Quintanilla nunca quiso involucrarse suficientemente, creo que su posición política no le permite ir en contra de las órdenes que él recibe. Acudimos en el 2008 a jugar el campeonato sudamericano de clubes, y desde ahí nunca se nos volvió a invitar. Recientemente solicitamos formalmente una afiliación a la CSP como es el caso de la Federación Catalana, y ni siquiera tuvieron la amabilidad de contestar. El haber realizado la copa América en Vic, España el año pasado, creo que les tiene bastante ocupados.

RT- Vaya a la conversación sobre concursos locales en México ahora.
¿Cuántos equipos y jugadores estima usted la existencia en su país en este momento?
FC- Actualmente tenemos registro de pocos equipos, que lamentablemente cada vez son menos en categoría senior, pero podemos decir que se van sustituyendo por infantiles.  Categoría Senior, distribuidos en todo México tenemos alrededor de 15 equipos, e infantiles aproximadamente 8 o 10.

RT- ¿Puede usted decirnos sobre sus campeonatos? ¿Tiene usted una Liga Nacional? ¿Qué equipos participan?
FC- La AHPM A.C. compite con cierta frecuencia durante el año, y más o menos en octubre o noviembre de cada año realizamos el CAMPEONATO MÉXICO DE HOCKEY SOBRE PATINES, de donde surge el campeón de nuestro país. Se realizan torneo desde el mes de febrero y hasta el mes de diciembre, en sus diferentes categorías y reuniendo equipos de San Luis Potosí, Querétaro, Estado de México, Puebla, Distrito Federal, Ensenada Baja California.

RT- No podemos olvidar el futuro del RINK Hockey mexicano, por supuesto quiero decir bases escolares. ¿Tiene usted también el concurso joven?
FC- Inicialmente se tenía cubiertas las categorías infantil y Junior, sin embargo a veces el desánimo de la gente ha provocado que se pierdan jugadores, por lo que nuevamente hemos tomado este segmento para en breve ponerlo a funcionar. En Ensenada Baja California se está trabajando muy bien en esta categoría, en el Distrito federal, en Querétaro, y en Puebla. Posiblemente en breve tendrán noticias de esta categorías y verán a pequeños jugadores muy buenos.

En los últimos meses fue así que una pista ha aparecido
RT- ¿Toda la actividad es concentrada sólo en la Capital, o es en todo el México? ¿E infraestructuras?
FC- Principalmente la actividad del hockey patines es en el centro del país, Puebla, Distrito Federal, Tlaxcala, sin embargo ahora tenemos también propuestas de San Luis Potosí, Querétaro y Ensenada Baja California.
Lamentablemente las instalaciones no son tan buenas, ya que se ha manejado un modelo que muchos estados han copiado sin tener el conocimiento de cómo es una pista de hockey patines, y me refiero a que todas son al aire libre, no hay pistas techadas, con barandas de cemento, y en lugares poco estratégicos, sin mantenimiento de ningún tipo. Pero este es el modelo que la FEMEPAR ha aportado para todos los patinódromos del país. El último construido, es el de la ciudad de Puebla, con una pista de 40 por 20 mts, al aire libre, con baranda y superficie de cemento pulido. Misma que no cumple con las normas internacionales para eventos de alto nivel como se mencionó en su inauguración.

RT- I vio que usted tiene a algunos jugadores extranjeros en algunos equipos. ¿Cómo ven ellos el Hockey de Rodillo mexicano?
FC- Pues han sido jóvenes jugadores de grandes clubes de España, de Francia, de Portugal, de Argentina, que han tenido la oportunidad de darse cuenta del abandono que se tiene para este deporte, y comentan todos que es una lástima ya que hay jugadores muy buenos, pero con estas instalaciones y sin competencia internacional, no es posible incrementar su nivel. Ellos han venido a aportar mucho, y les agradezco por este medio a todos.

RT- ¿Acerca del panorama internacional de nuestro deporte puede usted decirnos una breve opinión de ello? ¿Sigue usted el Hockey de Rodillo por todo el mundo?
FC- Claro que seguimos lo que ocurre en el mundo del hockey patines, y lo que veo con mucha tristeza es que lo que más interesa a muchos no es la competencia y la convivencia entre los jugadores de todo el mundo, sino que lo más importante es la parte económica y las ganancias que esto genere. Creo que la parte más delicada y lamentable de nuestro deporte es la gente que forma parte de las dirigencias en las federaciones nacionales, y que todo se mueva por amistades y buenas relaciones entre estos dirigentes. Creo que se busca mucho el poder que estos cargos generan para poder colocar el gusto personal en los lineamientos de cada deporte del patín. Muy poco se toma en cuenta lo que pueda pasar con los deportistas y con los deportes, mientras genere utilidades y convenga a los intereses de las federaciones. La parte que más puede llegar a fallar a todos es la parte de la promoción y práctica, es decir, por estatuto están obligados a promover las disciplinas del patín, y si no lo hacen deben permitir que quién sí lo hace pueda competir, y ahí viene el problema. Si son amigos del presidente, o no lo son, será el resultado del futuro de ese deporte.

RT- ¿Completar, cómo imagina usted el futuro de nuestro deporte en México, y en el Mundo? ¿Cuándo hacen usted ve un Equipo nacional mexicano de preestreno para jugar en un Concurso Oficial otra vez, y Hockey de Rodillo en Juegos Olímpicos?
FC- En México las cosas nunca serán buenas mientras la mentalidad del que dirija FEMEPAR no cambie, y la gente ha sido muy lastimada, no solo en el hockey patines, sino en todas las disciplinas. El Hockey Patines Mexicano nunca morirá, siempre habrá quién se quiera poner un par de patines y jugarlo, y mientras la AHPM A.C. exista, difícilmente desaparecerá. El crecimiento no será tan bueno como sería si se tuviera el apoyo gubernamental, pero lo vamos a lograr.  A nivel mundial, creo que tampoco lograrán acabar con este bello deporte, ya que hay muchísima gente que lo estima y enseña a pequeños jugadores. En los países potencia, hay mucha escuela, y esto le dará permanencia mundial.
El Sr. Ordoñez ha amenazado que en 3 años volverá a hacer lo mismo de Alcobendas, España, y creo que si la AHPM A.C. no consigue ser reconocida por FIRS como único organismo promotor del hockey patines en México, nuevamente volveremos a ver a México en una competencia oficial ofensiva y denigrante para deportistas, jueces, organizadores, y en general para todo el mundo del hockey patines.
Creo que los problemas de intereses y el desprecio por el hockey patines evitará que los deportes de patines sean considerados olímpicos, y mas con la pésima labor que los presidentes de federaciones hacen para promover estas disciplinas deportivas.

Con sus amigos del equipo de Puebla
RT- Muchas Gracias a Sr. Francisco que merecen todo nuestro apoyo, debido a sus enfrentamientos grandes contra la gente que sólo quiere matar nuestro Deporte.
FC- En México mi compromiso lo he hecho con el hockey patines, y con los que represento, y no descansaré hasta que se respete a los jugadores y se nos permita demostrar que si sabemos jugar al hockey patines. La gente corrupta y que solo ha permitido atropellos y actitudes indignas, tarde o temprano recibirá lo que le corresponde.
Recibe un abrazo estimado Ricardo.

¡¡El Balanceo Juntos con México!!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sertãozinho HC won Brazilian U20 National Championship

EC Corrêas and Fortaleza EC Teams (source of photo Hóquei Brasil FB)
During the last week (12th till 15th October) , the city of Sertãozinho, in São Paulo State, Brazil, hosted the Brazilian U20 National Championship.
The Championship was played by 4 teams coming from 3 different states in Brazil:
  1. Sertãozinho Hóquei Clube (São Paulo State)
  2. Esporte Clube Corrêas
  3. Fortaleza Esporte Clube (Ceará State)
  4. Clube Internacional de Regatas (São Paulo State)
Internacional de Regatas Team (source of photo Hóquei Brasil FB)
The format of the tournament was first, group phase, where all teams played against each other. After concerning the classification there were the semifinals and yesterday the final and 3rd place match.
The final was played between Sertãozinho HC and EC Corrêas. After a score of 2-0 for EC Corrêas, the young from Sertãozinho, playing at home, didn't give up and change the score. The final result was 3-2, and the trophy stayed at home, for happiness of host team.

Setãozinho HC  (source of photo Hóquei Brasil FB)
In the match for the 3rd place Fortaleza was stronger,winning by 6-5 against Internacional de Regatas. Although they were declassified because didn't apply the rules of the tournament, using two players with 20 years old (The ages was just until 19 years old)

Unhappily any team from Pernambuco State had attended to the Championship. Recife is the city with much Roller Hockey teams in Brazil, 3 in total, but due to financial problems was impossible for them to travel. According to the president of Brazilian Federation, Mr. Moacyr Junior, they saved the money to participate in South American Club Championship, to be held in Recife, from 29th November to 3rd December more info here.

All Results:
12-10 Internacional 2x2 Corrêas
12-10 Sertãozinho 6x1 Fortaleza
13-10 Internacional 9x0 Fortaleza
13-10 Sertãozinho 2x5 Corrêas
14-10 Fortaleza 1x7 Corrêas
14-10 Sertãozinho 5x4 Internacional
15-10 Internacional 5x6 Fortaleza
15-10 Corrêas 2x2 Sertãozinho

Was agreed by the present teams that 2012 Brazilian U20 National Championship will be held in Fortaleza.

Also other important competition will be hosted in Brazil, the Women's American Cup, to be disputed in Sertãozinho, from 7th to 12th November.

During the competition Moacyr gave an important interview to, talking about the actual Roller Hockey problems in Brazil. Watch it under (in Portuguese)

It's very important that Roller Hockey entities can express their opinions, because as we know there's a big lack of media promotion of all work done for Roller Hockey all over the World.

Roller Hockey needs SAMBA FLAVOR

more info:

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Dream comes True in India

After a great job of the organization, finally the skates can start to roll in Delhi.
During one week the 1st Roller Hockey Premier League will be held in Punjabi Bagh Club.Organized by ROLLER HAWKS, in last months since Rolling Together published an article about it (30th May), a lot of Marketing was done.

To note that the dates of the event were changed, because was previewed to start, on last week.

The competition started yesterday with the following schedule:

Roller Hawks vs Deccan Hawks B seniors 9-00am
Skatelanders vs U.P seniors 10-00am
Roller Athlete vs Deccan Hawks A seniors 11-00am
Stallions vs Police sports sangrur seniors 12-00pm

Lunch Break 1-00pm - 3-00 pm

Team toppers A vs CRJ sub juniors 3-00pm
Roller Hawks vs Team toppers B sub Juniors 3-30pm
Roller hawks vs Alig Strickers Juniors 4-00pm
Ryan Jawzz vs Deccan Hawks Juniors 5-00pm
Addiction club vs Classoc Boys Seniors 6-00pm
Kurukshetra Warriors vs Amritsar rollers Seniors 7-00pm
Khalsa Rollers vs FGS club Seniors 8-00pm
Alig Strickers vs Rajasthan Seniors 9-00pm

It is expected, according with organizaton the broadcast of some matches in internet

Watch live streaming video from rhpl at

All details about this Championship on:

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Maidstone Roller Hockey Club NEEDS YOUR VOTE

All visitors of Rolling Together, please help Maidstone RHC in this campaign, to earn £6000, that they will apply buying stuff to their Roller Hockey Schools. You just need to do a registration and after vote for the project at

Do it now because just miss a week to finish the contest and they are in the second position.Next you can read about all this Roller Hockey project.

Video promoting this Project

YMCA-Maidstone Roller Hockey Club
YMCA-Maidstone Roller Hockey Club is back. We have started our youth teams The Maidstone Mosquitos and Belle Bombers and have a great group of enthusiastic children but we lack equipment. We need pads and skates so more children can join in.

What does your charity/project do?

We have started training on Tuesdays at the YMCA for children of ages 7 to 16 and currently have approx 20 boys and girls regularly attending, but we want more to join and try this fantastic sport, make friends and stay healthy. We have a small selection of donated skates, sticks, protection and balls but unfortunately not enough for everyone, some of the children are currently wearing skates that are over 25 years old.

How does your charity/project support the local community?

We offer a safe and fun environment for all local children. Roller hockey is a community in itself and the children are encouraged to take pride in themselves and what they can acheive together as a team. They all love the fact they have something to do and somewhere they can go.

What do you plan to use the CommunityForce award for?

Equipment: Skates, Protection and coaching qualifications for volunteer coaches. We have limited donated sticks, skates,goals, protection and balls and we would like to offer more children the opportunity to take part without having to put pressure on family finances. We need a pool of equipment that everyone can use. Our team of volunteer coaches need our support to progress throught to higher levels to give our children the best possible opportunity to play roller hockey at the highest level.

Let's prove that Roller Hockey Lovers are Rolling Together!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Who must manage Roller Hockey???

During the World Cup in San Juan it was possible to see that some Newspapers and some people still doesn't know who is behind our Sport Federations. To help Rolling Together divulge the main persons  that work or "must work" to develop our Sport.

First we must know that the main Federation is FIRS, responsible to manage all Roller Sports, including Roller Hockey. FIRS has a president and President of Continental Confederation. Also FIRS has a president to each Roller Sports Committee. You can see a diagram and also each person next:
FIRS Organization

President of Fédération Internationale de Roller Sports (FIRS)  President of Fédération Internationale de Roller Sports (FIRS)

Sabatino Aracu
Viale Tiziano, 74
00196 Rome , Italy
Phone: 0039.063685.8543  0039.06.3685.8211
Fax: 0039.06.3685.8211
 <br/> Vicepresident of Fédération Internationale de Roller Sports (FIRS)  <br/> President of African Confederation of Sports of Roller Skating (ACSRS)

President of African Confederation of Sports of Roller Skating (ACSRS)

Wendy Gila
Sinoville, 0129
0129 Sinoville , South Africa
Phone: 0027.12.5672229
 <br/> Vicepresident of Fédération Internationale de Roller Sports (FIRS)  <br/> President of Confédération Européenne de Roller Sports (CERS)

President of Confédération Européenne de Roller Sports (CERS)

Fernando Elias Claro
Rua Antonio Pinto Machado, 60 - 3° - Sala 5
4100-068 Porto , Portugal
Phone: 351.226.099 807  351.226.099 807
Fax: 351.226.099 807

 <br/> Vicepresident of Fédération Internationale de Roller Sports (FIRS)  <br/> President of Confederation Asia of Roller Sports (CARS)  President of Confederation Asia of Roller Sports (CARS)

Sheng Zhiguo
Tiyuguan Road Beijing, 9
100763 Chonweng District , People's Republic of China
Phone: 0086.106.714.7628
Fax: 0086.106.713.3577
 <br/> Vicepresident of Fédération Internationale de Roller Sports (FIRS)  <br/> President of Oceania Confederation of Roller Sports (OCRS)  <br/> President of Sports Medicine Committee

President of Oceania Confederation of Roller Sports (OCRS)
President of Sports Medicine Committee

Patricia Wallace
PO Box 285
6208 Pinjarra , Australia
Vicepresident of Fédération Internationale de Roller Sports (FIRS)  <br/> President of Pan-American Confederation of Roller Skating (CPRS)

President of Pan-American Confederation of Roller Skating (CPRS)

Carlos Orlando Ferreira
Calle 28 No. 25-18
Santafe de Bogota , Colombia
Phone: 57.1.3405764  57.1.3405768
Fax: 57.1.3405768
 Inside FIRS there's CIRH, Roller Hockey International Committee.Like it "mother" FIRS, CIRH has a president, and president of each Continental Roller Hockey Commitee, as you can see next:

President of Comité International de Rink Hockey (CIRH)

President of Comité International de Rink Hockey (CIRH)

Harro Strucksberg
Freerbruchstr, 22
45770 Marl , Germany
Phone: 49.236514769  49.236514769
Fax: 49.236514769

President of Roller Hockey European Commitee (CERH)

Carlos Graça
Avenida Almirante Gago Coutinho, 114
1700-032 Lisboa
Phone: + 351218411166
Fax: + 351218491919

President of African Roller Hockey Committee (ACRH)

Joaquim Coimbra
Avenida Almirante Gago Coutinho, 114
1700-032 Lisboa
Phone: +27 (0)11 728 9222
Fax: +27 (0)11 728 9228
Mobile: +27 (0)832666646

President of Roller Sports South American Committee (CSP)


Armando Quintanilla
Polcura N°1946 Las Condes
Santiago de Chile
Phone: +56 26659155
Fax: +56 22221641 
Mobile: +56 999957899

If you have information about the Asian and Oceania Roller Hockey responsible send an email, please.