Friday, September 30, 2011

Argentinian Hell waiting for Portugal

Commemoration of Mozambique team yesterday
One more delicious day of Roller Hockey finished yesterday.
The quarter finals had a big surprising. The sensational Mozambique team, made did history again and defeated Brazil by 9-6, after being losng 2-6 at the half-time. After Angola surprise, Mozambique is for the first in semi-finals, where the tasks now to be in final just will be possible with a miracle.

Video of Mozambican Miracle

This time it will be Spain, World Champions, which are realizing an excellent World Cup until now. They had guaranted the place yesterday against Italy. The "squadra azure" with all it experient players wasn't enough good to beat the Spanish.

Argentinian commemorating one of the 12th goals
The other semi-final will be a delicious Argentina-Portugal.
Argentina won Chile for an imponent score, 12-3. One more time the Stadium" was full to watch the magical team.
Also Portugal with a perfect first time defeated France with a final score of 6-3.

Today all the cameras are focused in the Roller Hockey Classic Argentina-Portugal, and nobody knows what will happen. Argentina is spreading style always on the rink, but Portugal seems that is saving all energy to this phase of the World Cup.

Games for today (Argentina Time +4 UCT):

10,00: South Africa - USA
11,30 Netherlands - England
13,00 Switzerland - Colombia
15,00 Germany - Angola

16,30 France - Chile
18,00 Brazil - Italy
19,30 Argentina - Portugal
21,30 Spain - Mozambique

Which teams do you bet to see in Final tomorrow?????

Source of photos:

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Mozambique surprising the World

Watch the Gold Goal that had qualified Mozambique against the strong national team of Angola

Also the press release of Mozambique and Angola

Also yesterday San Juan proved to the World why is the Capital of Roller Hockey. Watch this small movie:

The Quarter Finals will be tomorrow with following matches and time (Argentina time +4 UCT):

16,30 Portugal - France
18,00 Brazil - Mozambique
19,30 Spain - Italy
21,00 Argentina - Chile

Don't forget that all the matches have web livestream!!!

Open Ceremony and a Wonderful Show (source of photo: )

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Best World Cup Ever-Open Ceremony

The Show is ON!
An amazing Week started last Saturday with an amazing Open Ceremony.
Don't wast this opportunitty to watch all the matches live for the first time...

Know all the info about broadcasts at:

Visit also the biggest group on facebook about the competition:´

Roller Hockey an Amazing Sport

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Who broadcasts the World Cup? The Problem of Wall Street Contract

Begins the World Cup. Everybody is waiting for this moment, and all over the World there's people that wants to watch Roller Hockey, but there's a big problem. There are no TV's transmitting all the matches. The contract with the Portuguese company "Wall Street" with FIRS gives all the TV rights to this company.

Somebody should change this because until now just 3 TV channels will transmit just the matches of Portugal, Italy and Argentina!!!!!!
A last email make me discover that also FIRS TV will transmit all the matches World Cup Matches like happened in U-20 World Cup.

 1. Argentina Matches

2. Portugal Matches

3. Italy Matches

 4. First Match and Any news about the others

5. All Matches

I will report more channels if I receive feed back!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

San Juan World Cup and the Amazing Work

 Missing 3 days to the beginning of the biggest Roller Hockey Competition,  the organization of the San Juan World Cup continues to surprise all the Roller Hockey fans. 
Next you can take a look about the design of the mascot, and after for the first time, the installation of a Digital cube in the Aldo Cantoni Arena (place of the World Cup). This cube will allow to all the spectators to see the score, players details (faults, goals...) and video of the goals.

Take a Look!!!


Behind the Estiqui Junior's History

A signal of modernization

Source of photo: San Juan 2011 Organization

Are you Prepared to the World Cup??????
San Juan is waiting for you!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

It's TRUE, Belgium is rolling again Officially

K. Modern SCW in 1956 (source)
 K. Modern SCW plays in Dutch League

The Belgium club K. Modern SCW  (website: will play roller hockey again. A group of seniors started training for some months ago and now they asked to the organization of Dutch League if they can play in the competition next year. So hopefully in 2012 a Belguim roller hockey team is playing again on competition level.

 Not just seniors level plays Roller Hockey in Belgium

Other good news from Belgium is that a Belgium youth team will participate in a tournament (U13) in Eindhoven (RC de Lichtstad) on October 16.
The team is playing with the name “Brussels Stars”.  Other teams that will come to Eindhoven are RSC Wasquehal (France), Swiss selection (U13), VRC (Netherlands), Herne Bay United (England), IGR Remscheid e.V. (Germany), SC Bison Calenberg (Germany) and of course RC de Lichtstad (Netherlands)

These are two great steps to introduce again the Roller Hockey in Belgium, country that was for some years one of the best playing our sport.
This is just the beggining!!!
Let's GO Belgium, because Roller Hockey needs YOU!!!

Final Classificstion of 5th FIRS World Cup U-20

1. Spain
2. Portugal
3. Italy
4. Argentina
5. Germany
6. France
7. Chile
8. Switzerland
9. Angola
10. Colombia
11. England
12. South Africa
13. Austria
14. USA
15. India

Best goalers:

1. Lucas Karschau (Germany) - 20
2. Gonçalo Alves (Portugal) - 19
3. Andrea Brendolin (Italy) - 17

Saturday, September 17, 2011

The "Grande" Final of the FIRS World Cup U20 LIVE Tonight

It's almost finishing. An intensive week of Roller Hockey full of emotion and good hockey will over tonight.

After the semi finals disputed by Argentina-Portugal and Italy-Spain, the countries to play the final were determined.
Thus  Portugal will try to conquer the World Cup one more time against Spain (won the last World Cup in Bassano).

Yesterday an exciting Portugal-Argentina finished with 5-5. In penalties Portugal won the place in the final

In the other semi final Spain won 5-2.

The time of the final is 19:30 (Portuguese Time +0 UCT) and will be transmitted  on: 


Monday, September 12, 2011

San Juan World Cup also in Cartoons

The organization of the 40th FIRS World Cup doesn't stop to surprise us. After the song, now it's time to watch a fantastic cartoon, concerning the  mascot of the Tournament Estiqui Jr..

Estiqui Jr. presented to Argentinian Kids (source: World Cup website)
The video presents the passion of the dinosaur for this wonderful sport. During the World Cup in the World Cup Arena, the mascot will be there to support all the national teams, and give more color to the event that everybody is waiting.  

Friday, September 9, 2011

Lots of Roller Hockey LIVE next days

Who says that our sport doesn't appear on TV???
Since Wednesday, with the U-17 Euro Cup, and now tomorrow with the beginning of U-20 World Cup Roller Hockey will be very busy next days on TV/webTV.
Also for the first time the draw of the European Clubs competitions will be transmitted, live from Geneve, starting at 9h am tomorrow (10h Swiss time).

In the next image you can take a look in the schedule of the next days of transmissions, or to know deeper all the transmissions see the calendar of Plurisport. (all info in Portuguese, an also Portuguese time +0GMT)

Concerning the U-17 Euro Cup, will finish tomorrow with an interesting Portugal-Spain at 19:30h (20:30h Swiss Time). Today the results that decided the final matches were:

Switzerland 2-5 France 
 Andorra 4-2 England 
 Spain 9-0 Germany  
Italy 1-3 Portugal 

About the FIRS U-20 World Cup to be held in Barcelos, Portugal, everything appoint to be a great tournament. Seems that all national teams prepared harder to the competition. For the first time in a Roller Hockey Championship all the matches will be transmitted, and countries like India, South Africa, Angola, Colombia... will have the opportunity to see their young players in activity, against some of the best countries, and stars like Gonçalo Alves (just with 19 years, was the top scorer of senior 3rd division in Portugal).
The future of Roller Hockey is Alive and finally we have the opportunity to watch all the moments.
Thanks Plurisports!!!

Rolling to the Euro Final

After the quarter finals the teams to play the semifinals are Germany, Spain, Portugal and Italy.

17:00h France – Switzerland
18:30h Andorra – England
19:00h Germany – Spain
20:30h Portugal – Italy

(Switzerland time +1GMT)
All the matches will be transmitted on the Portuguese website Plurisport (also in the Portuguese Federation the match of Portugal is available) LIVE, since the quarter finals until the final next Saturday at 8pm . 

So if you love this Sport don't wast this opportunity to watch the Future of our Sport.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

CERH U-17 Championship LIVE Today by webstream

Since last Monday the CERH European Under-17 Roller Hockey Championship started in Geneve, Switzerland. A total of 8 countries are playing the tournament, that finished yesterday the group phase.

The final classification was:
Group A: 1stº Spain, 2nd Italy, 3rd Germany, 4th Andorra.
Group B: 1st Portugal, 2nd France, 3rd England,  4th Switzerland

Today will start the knockout stage with the follow matches and time:
18:00h Spain – Switzerland
19:30h Italy – England
20:00h Germany – France
21:30h Portugal – Andorra
(Switzerland time +1GMT)

To notice that for the first time ever all the matches will be transmitted on the Portuguese website Plurisport (also in the Portuguese Federation the match of Portugal is available) LIVE, since the quarter finals until the final next Saturday at 8pm . 

So if you love this Sport don't wast this opportunity to watch the Future of our Sport.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Fund Raising to Build a Rink in Moldova

Some weeks ago I received an email from Mr. Toribio Linares. I wouldn't expect never, the subject of it, the construction of a roller hockey rink in Chinisau, Moldova!!!!!

This would be the first rink of roller hockey ever in Moldova.

The plan was done by Mr. Linares and consist in a rink with 40x20 meters, according to FIRS rules. As everybody knows Moldova isn't a rich rountry, so the project needs external support.

Thus, Mr. Linares is calling for financial help until 31st December, and since there, the project starts. Everybody which support the project will have his name written on a board at the entrance of the rink.

In a document that I can send to interested people he describes all the plan even some prices of the material to use, giving examples that just with 4€ you can help buying 75kg of cement. 
The entire document has 59 pages and everything concerning the construction is described, explained and illustrated - to the smallest design.

This is a very important project, that could be just the begging of our sport in Eastern Europe, and of course I hope that CERH could help also, like FIRS and Spain Roller Sports Federation are doing.

So if you want to help the project please send some money to the two availabe bank accounts, that make part of the Fund Raising of Public Roller Sports Association, "Scorpion", in Euros or Dolars.


JSCB “EXIMBANK-Gruppo Veneto Banca”




JSCB “EXIMBANK-Gruppo Veneto Banca”



I hope to receive feedback about this important news, and to see more examples like this one in other parts of the World.
This is the best example of what can Rolling Together do!!!