Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wonderful videos promoting Roller Hockey Schools in Brazil and Portugal

Just enjoy the fantastic work done by the Brazilian and Portuguese Roller Hockey friends from  "Portuguesa dos Desportos" club and "União Micaelense" club.
The main goal with this two videos are the promotion of the Roller Hockey school in São Paulo (Brazil,Capital) and Ponta Delgada (São Miguel Island, Azores).
I hope that other friends can use this marketing example to promote our Sport, because day by day the Internet World can be used more and more to spread our Sport around the World.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

How to promote Roller Hockey in XXI Century??

Kids enjoying our Sport in a Square of Avila
 One of the biggest problems of Roller Hockey comparing with others like football, basket, tennis... is it promotion around the World.
Most of the times is hard to think in Marketing ideas to find solutions to this problem.

Happily there are a lot of people that wants to see Roller Hockey in other level and with more players.
The unique form to reach this point, is betting and teaching the young generation about the beauty of Roller Hockey.

For example last weeks was done in Avila, Spain a Roller Hockey Weekend Camp where a lot of kids could learn more about Roller Hockey. the right image shows the young players rolling in a square of this city, a good marketing idea to promote our sport also also to normal citizians.

Stuart Carvalhais club that competed in the Portuguese Final 4 of Juveniles
Another example comes from Portugal and is a Roller Hockey school inside a normal public school. In Portugal there's a sport program to schools, but unhappily Roller Hockey doesn't make part of it yet. Although João Campelo, a ex player, wanted to promote our sport in a portuguese school, "Escola Secundária Stuart Carvalhais", in Massamá, Portugal, and founded 10 years ago this club inside the school.
After 10 years the club is one of the bests in the formation of roller hockey players in Portugal, and has disputed the final four of the Juveniles National Championships, together with some of the best teams of Portugal like SL Benfica, FC Porto and HC Braga.

Young players rolling in Valongo

Another idea that comes from Portugal is the promotion of the sport inside a Shopping Mall, as appears on the photo.
In this case AD Valongo, a club from Valongo city, invited all young to roll or to learn it.
Also FC Bom-Sucesso (another portuguese club) did a similar campaign but inside a traditional Portuguese Market.

 To show how Roller Hockey must come to the streets of cities and towns all over the World watch the next video, that was a marketing idea to promote the  2011 CERS Cup Final 4 , in Vilanova i la Geltrú, Catalonia.

Young playing Roller Hockey in the middle of Vilanova i la Geltrú, host city of CERS Cup Final 4 in 2011

All these 4 examples, are simple ideas that were used to promote our sport. Together with all the  Internet skills that we can use for free nowadays (youtube, facebook, twitter, softwares) it is simple to promote our sport, just takes sometime.

Why you don't try one of them in your city or town??
Do you accept the Challenge??

I would be very receptive to promote it after in Rolling Together

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Final Four of Israel Cup next Weekend

Roller Hockey in Israel like in other countries of Europe is almost crossing the end of one more year.
After the title of Israel League conquered by Maalot, it's time to decide about wich club will win the National Cup.
The model of competition is a final 4 and it will be disputed next 1st and 2nd of July, in Bet lehem Aglilit city..

The semifinals matches are:

Bet lehem aglilit vs Maalot  (16:00 +2UTC)
Nofit vs Hockey Academia (17:30 +2UTC)

Video with some of the Israel Players and also the new rink of Bet Lehem Aglilit, after a reconstruction

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Roller Hockey a World Sport

Who told you that Roller Hockey is/was played just in a few countries?

This is a question that will be answer today, and will prove that is a total mistake.
During the last century and even now Roller Hockey is crossing some better moments and other times worse moments.
As all Roller Hockey fans knows our sport was part of Olympic Games in 1992, in Barcelona. This was the greatest moment of Roller Hockey, and was the struggle of one man that allow this, Juan Antonio Samaranch "just" the president of  the International Olympic Committee at that time.

But the main goal of this article is to prove that Roller Hockey, since the last 60 years, was played all over the World.
Most of people doesn't imagine that next countries presented in the list, had already played roller hockey in history.
So these are the countries where roller hockey was played some years ago, and nowadays there isn't any news that still it is played:

Denmark, Ireland, Canada, Cuba, Sweden, Slovenia, Russia, China, Scotland, Norway, Hungary, Guatemala, South Korea, North Korea, Hong Kong, Venezuela, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Porto Rico, Cuba, Yugoslavia (now Serbia) and Slovenia.

Are you surprised, wonder, curious????

It is true all these 23 countries played in International Competitions as you can see on the next list of World Cup's, and other Continental Competitions:

1982 World Cup: Canada, Ireland, Guatemala, Venezuela
1958 World Cup: Denmark
1956 World Cup: Norway
1955 World Cup: Yugoslavia, Norway, Ireland, Denmark
1953 World Cup: Denmark, Ireland
1952 World Cup: Denmark
1951 World Cup: Denmark, Ireland
2004 B World Cup:   China  
2002 B World Cup:   South Korea 
2000 B World Cup: Canada,  South Korea
1998 B World Cup: Canada, China, North Korea

1994 B World Cup: Canada
1992 B World Cup: Canada
1990 B World Cup: Venezuela, Cuba, Canada, South Korea, Hong Kong,China
1988 B World Cup: Venezuela, Ecuador, Canada
1986 B World Cup: Costa Rica
1984 B World Cup: Ireland 

1987 Asian Cup: South Korea, Hong Kong
1991 Asian Cup: South Korea, Hong Kong, China
1991 Asian Cup: South Korea,  China

1995 Pan American Cup: Canada

(Source of all Championships Information:  and

Next you can see some photos of Irish, Swedish, and Canadian Teams.
Photo Of Irish National Team in a World Cup (source:
Veberöd RHC, extinguish Swedish Team (source:

Canada Women's Team (source:
To note that on the edition of B World Cup before Olympic Games (1990) there were a record of countries, 22!!! Unhappily our sport didn't guarantee it permanence to next edition of Olympics and the interest of these countries for the sport decreased...

All the Roller Hockey international organisms like FIRS and CIRH should increase the promotion of the sport using new technologies, and call again all these countries to play on of the most beautiful sports of our World.
We need to see countries like China, Canada, Russia... to play our sport.
If somebody from these countries wants to do it and need help all roller hockey lovers are available to help, and of course can be other new countries.   

I expect with this article to make everybody see that our sport was, and is a global sport, but of course doesn't have the power of others.

We should effort to put the World Rolling again our Sport!!!!!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Tomorrow 2nd Day of NRBB, Dutch Roller Hockey League in Brunssum

Last 28th May the Dutch Championship, NRBB started in Dordrecht.
With the six teams already annouced the final results were:

Valkenswaardse RC 15 x 3 edrc AGOR
RC Brunssum 4 x 7 Valkenswaardse RC
Zaanse Roller Club 1 x 5 ehrc Marathon
RC de Lichtstad 12 x 3 RC Brunssum
ehrc Marathon 9 x 8 edrc AGOR
RC de Lichtstad 7 x 1 Zaanse Roller Club

The Classification after the first journey is:

Teams       Points       M      W       D       L       GD       GL       DG
Valkenswaardse RC  4 2 2 0 0 42 7 35
RC de Lichtstad  4 2 2 0 0 19 4 15
EHRC Marathon  4 2 2 0 0 14 9 5
Z.R.C.  0 2 0 0 2 2 12 -10
e.d.r.c. AGOR  0 2 0 0 2 11 23 -12
RV Brunssum  0 2 0 0 2 7 39 -32

Next day of NRBB will happen tomorrow 18th June, and the city to host will be Brunssum. The matches will be the following:

RC de Lichtstad x Valkenswaardse RC
RC Brunssum x ehrc Marathon
Zaanse Roller Club x edrc AGOR
RC de Lichtstad x ehrc Marathon
Zaanse Roller Club x Valkenswaardse RC
RC Brunssum x edrc AGOR

and there's the hot match between the two big teams in Netherlands RC de Lichtstad (a Vice title on the first edition of CERS CUP and Valkenswaardse RC. Important to refer that Valkenswaardse RC plays in NRBB after assure it presence in next edition of German Championship, Bundesliga, due to the fact that was 2.Bundesliga Champion (see the pictures here)

Dutch talking with the top coach, Carlos Dantas, in Andorra Final 8
All this news and also the travel of some Dutch Roller Hockey fans to Andorra, to see the Final 8 of European League, are  good news, proving that all the efforts are done to have a better Roller Hockey in Netherlands.

All the results at:
Photos of the 1st NRBB Day

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Angola rolling to FIRS World Cup

Image from Jornal de Angola
At the last days the Angolan national teams, senior and U-20, are preparing it presence in both FIRS World Cup.

The "Palancas" are preparing the San Juan 2011 in Europe these days and will take part a famous Roller Hockey Tournament, Golden Cup,that will take place in Blanes, Catalonia, from tomorrow 16th until 19th of June. During 4 days Angola will play against Catalonia, France, Switzerland, a World Team, and the hosts of the competition, Sather Blanes.

Almost all the players of Angola compete in Europe, and from Angola just one goalkeeper has come, Pedalé.
The other names that will play in Golden Cup are: Tiago Santos, Kirro, Márcio Santos, Big (Geieg), Joe, Rui André, Rui Miguel, João Pinto and André Centeno.
Also some junior players had taken part with the main team, to prepare the FIRS World Cup U-20, that will happen in Barcelos, Portugal. The young players are Paizinho (Coinasa HC Liceo), Nery, Paulo, Geovety, Paulo Temba (Óquei Barcelos).

Angola has preselected players to 2011 FIRS World Cup U-20

The preselected players by Orlando “Nando” Graça (national coach) to the U-20 World Cup are: Paulo, Nery, Geovety, Ery, Paulo Temba, all playing in Portugal, Big, that plays in  GEiGE from Spain and the others Nadi, Reace, Caio, Gui, Dinho, Lelas, Paizinho, Susi, Bebucho e Adilson Diogo, that play in Angola.

Although Angola is playing with a lot of Portuguese nationalized players, that are bringing a lot of excellent results in the last years,  it's very important this bet of Angola Federation in young formation.  

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Monday, June 13, 2011

D’ Rapeg and Patín Sport Winners of the Colombian 6th Journey

6ta Parada Nacional Interclubes Hockey SPOne of the Federations that keeps it support and also is improving it, giving more promotion to Roller Hockey, is Colombia.
Like other big countries, and also ones where the sport doesn't have yet the money to do normal championship, like Portugal, Spain, Italy..., in Colombia the national championship is played just in some weekends and at the same place, playing all the teams against each other.

In Colombia there are 9th Journeys during one year.
In 28th and 29th of May happened the "6th Parada Nacional Interclubes", in the pavilion of  Rafael Naranjo Pertuz, in the city of Barranquilla. 

There were men's and women's competition. 
Concerning the results, in women's, the winner was D’Rapeg of Bogotá finishing the 6tht matches played, with 5 victories, and a total of 13 points. The second place was conquered by Patín Sport from Antioquia and the third Mimbre fom Bogotá.

About men's the winner was Patín Sport from Antioquia, winning all the 5 matches, finishing with 15 points. The team that got second place was Corazonista from Antioquia, and the third was Internacional de Bogotá.

The next "Parada" (Journey) is programmed to happen from next 24th to 27th of June, in Bogota.

This competition was very important, to prepare and select players which could play and represent Colombia in next International Competitions, Men's World Cup, Senior and U-20, and also Women's Copa America to happen this year.

Another important subject that I think is important to happen soon is the presence of a Colombian club in the next Rink Hockey South American Club Championship to be held in São Paulo from 29th to 3rd of December. Hope to see the Colombian Federation to support it, because in the last editions of the tournament there weren't Colombian Clubs.

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Friday, June 10, 2011

Finally All the World can watch Roller Hockey Championship's from Argentina

TODAY AT 16:45 (-3 UCT) 
Estudiantil VS Andes Talleres

After a lot and a lot of years where the best American Roller Hockey was out of TV's, finally all the World can watch it...
Using the news
the website Bochin Stick will start to transmit matches from Argentina on it Channel

Watch the schedule on bochin stick website or facebook

After Chile transmissions this is a very good news...
Hope to see the same on the other American Countries

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Although Unofficial... Roller Hockey still is played in Mexico

The Roller Hockey doesn´t stop in Mexico, although it is not supported by the Mexican Roller Sports Federation as everybody know.

Trophy of the Tournament
Next weekend will be full of practice in Mexico City
In 11th and 12th of June will be disputed by 7 teams the "PRO-PISTA PUERTA 6 AFILIACIÓN 2011".
The competition will be held in Pista Puerta, Mexico City. The referee will be Alvaro Flores.

The struggle continues thinking in Future
Photo of the future generation of Mexican Roller Hockey Players (
The Mexican Roller Hockey Lovers don't give up against FEMAPAR (Official Federation), and keep teaching to young generation the pleasure of play Roller Hockey. 
In Ensenada, province of Baja California, Mexico, Hernán Pérez is working together with young players.Should be good that more examples like this one can appear in other parts of Mexico

4Th Internacional Friendship Senior Hockey Tournament 2011

Video of the Final Match between All Blacks (Mexico) and Lubbock A (USA)

One of the last events was the participation of a Mexican team, All Blacks (Mexico City team) in the 4Th Internacional Friendship Senior Hockey Tournament 2011, held in Lubbockk, Texas, USA, during 9th and 10th of April. Proving that Roller Hockey is not death in Mexico, and can compete against other countries All Blacks was the Winner of this tournament.
The other teams that had disputed the Tournament were: Lubbock A, Lubbock B, Sisson, Patin San Luis and San Angelo.
The result of the final was: All Blacks 5-4 Lubbock A

More info:

Videos of American Tournament:

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

APLisboa TV will transmit a lot of Roller Hockey next weekends

Text sent by: Pedro Gonçalves
The Web TV channel APLisboa TV is back to the portuguese roller hockey!

After the broadcast of some events of (Speed Skating), this channel returns to the roller hockey matches, to show all around the world, great emotions of the end of the 2010/2011 season. After some time preparing this month's events, the official television of the Lisbon Roller Sports Association (Associação de Patinagem de Lisboa), will be live during next 3 weekends, broadcasting exclusive events! With a new image and a new design and some news, the viewers of this channel may see:
- June 10th and 11th - APL CUP's Final 4 - (Ages: Juniores e Iniciados)
- June 18th and 19th - APL CUP's Final 4 - (Ages: Juvenis e Infantis)
- June 25th and 26th - APL CUP's Final 4 - (Ages: Bambis, Benjamins e Escolares)
- June 25th and 26th - National Championship-Final 4 (Juniores e Iniciados) - Live from Castro Verde, this main event will have a special program before the games, with some guests like José Gaspar, Hugo Gaidão, Luís Duarte, Luís Moreira and António Rocha.
There will be many activities and matches during this month, in the APLisboa TV's

Facebook page -

Note: APL TV is one of the Portuguese examples (Brunim TV, PA TV, Plurisport, HCTV...), made to give a solution against the fact, that TV's left the regular Roller Hockey transmissions. With the new technologies there's no excuse to don't transmit and watch Roller Hockey.

Just with a camera connected with a computer and Internet, we can transmit a Roller Hockey match to all the World? Do you accept the Challenge in your Country???????

Monday, June 6, 2011

Brazil will be the Center of American Roller Hockey in 2011

As announced by CSP (South American Confederation), this year there will exist 2 American Competitions organized by CBHP (Brazilian Roller Sports Confederation).

Logo of Copa America last edition, the best ever
Copa America, after the best Cup ever hosted in Vic, Catalonia, will return this year, with the Women's Competition. The Championship will be held from 07 to 12 of November 2011, in São Paulo, Brazil.
Last time Women's Copa America was played by 8 teams: Catalonia, Argentina, Chile, USA, Uruguay, Germany and South Africa. The last 2 countries were invited to enlarge the tournament to has more competitiveness.
10 Countries were presented (3 not from America)
It would be great that Brazilian Edition could receive more countries like Colombia (present in the 2010 FIRS World Cup)
To note that Brazil will receive next year the 2012 FIRS Women's Roller Hockey World Cup for the second time after 1996 Edition, hosted in Sertãozinho.

2010 South American Club Championship (Photo:Mundook)
Otherwise the 2011 South American Roller Hockey Clubs Championship, will be also hosted in São Paulo, from 29th November to 3rd December of 2011.
If we take a brief look on the teams of last editions, is possible to see that Argentinian and Chilean were the most present. Thereby this organization will assure the presence of Brazilian teams, and who knows if teams coming from other countries, e.g Colombia, Mexico, Uruguay, USA ... (as happened in 2007).
In 2010 the teams presented were:
Argentina: Concepción PC, Estudantil San Juan, Olímpia PC
Brazil: Português Recife
Chile: Universidad Chile, Estudantil San Miguel, Subercaseaux Llano, Universidad Catolica

The information of City to host and dates of the tournament was confirmed by CSP.
If do you have some questions send an email to

America (South and North) needs to Roll Together!!!!!

Read the letter of CSP on:

Sunday, June 5, 2011

New teams in Switzerland

 Article written by: Simon von Allmen (RH-news)

In Switzerland some new teams will appear in the next season.

RHC Basel and RHC Langenthal will start to play in the NLB (National League B).
Furthermore the team of Berner RHC (founded this year) hasn't enough junior players to play yet, so it is expected that they will play only some friendly matches. Some more promotion work should be done.
In other hand Konstanzer REC doesn't have enough players to continue in the NLB , but some efforts are being done, together with the RC Zürich.

Another new team, RSV Baden, untill now without roller hockey, is searching also for players to start in the season of 2012/2013 with a team in the NLB.

At least a note that from next season, the French Federation doesn't allow their teams to play in other championships, so HC Chambéry can't play it no more.

It is very important to have Swiss Teams from all the main Swiss Cities, and who know if some kind of partnership between the main Football clubs can be a solution to promote our sport. Another help, using the example of Geneva, could be the help of Portuguese (there are a lot living in Switzerland) to improve the quality of the Roller Hockey in Helvetian Grounds.

More information about all:

Friday, June 3, 2011

Final of Bundesliga, 1st match

The German Championship, Bundesliga, is at the end one more year, and once again, the final of the playoff is being disputed by RSC Cronenberg  and  ERG Iserlohn.
Since the last 6 years the competition has been dominated by this two teams, with 3 titles to each team. It is important to refer, that both of teams have Portuguese players, that are helping to improve the quality of German Roller Hockey.

The first match had the final result of:

RSC Cronenberg
Luís Coelho

2º Lugar 16J  11V  2E  3D
35 Pts Gol: +59 (101-42)


(1-1 Jogo)

Golo Ouro

Under you can watch a video of this match, with the best moments

The next matches will be:

Final Bundesliga City Date Time

ERG Iserlohn (1º)


RSC Cronenberg (2º)
2-1 Cronenberg 28th May  2011 14:30
- Iserlohn 4th June  2011 14:30
- Iserlohn 5th June 2011 14:30

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