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Future in Risk on South African Roller Hockey

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From 30th March till 5th April, was disputed the National Championship of South Africa in Indoor Arena “Comendador António Braz” (host club ACPP), in Pretoria. Once again the Men's senior Champion were Northerns. This competition is disputed by national teams, from some provinces of South Africa.

In other ages and genre the winners were:
Ladies: Central  
Juniors: Central
Juveniles: Central
Infants: Vaal 

There were teams from the provinces of:
-Northern Gauteng (Pretoria)
-Vaal de (Vanderbijlpark) 
-Central Gauteng (Johannesburg) 
-Central Youth (Johannesburg)
-Eastern Gauteng (Johannesburg)

On Thursday 5th April, were the final matches with the next scores 

Infants: Vaal Dolphins 10-0 Vaal Ducks
Juveniles: Central 8-2 Vaal
Juniors: Central 4-1 Vaal
Ladies: Central Ladies 4-1 Vaal

Seniors: Northerns 5-2 Vaal
Northerns goals (Pretoria): 3 by Cláudio Araújo, 2 by Ricardo de Sousa
Vaal goals (Vanderbijlpark): Ricardo Guerra, Michael Guerra

The final balance of this competition, one year after the first participation of a South African National team in A World Cup, is not perfect. On the positive side is the fair play, commitment, drive and determination of all teams.
Unfortunatelly there's a big negative point during all the championship, the lack of assistance.
Probably roller hockey fans doesn't know but this sport it's possible to play in South Africa due to Portuguese community living there, which brought the sport on 60's, last century.
Like in Portugal, until last decade one of the most important aspects of rolleer hockey was the passion that people had for this sport, filling each pavilion where the sport was played.
The situation is changing since the begging of this millennium, and now it's possible to see some pavilion without spectators. Although the presence of some familiars, this was the biggest negative point during this Championship, 
According to "O Seculo" if this situation doesn't change, roller hockey will die in South Africa, even with kids and youngs playing it.

The egoisms and oportunisms of the actual society is killing activities that in other times were unifying people. The newspaper writes that it's time to change the way of acting and give a better future for this sport, so caracteristic of Portuguese community in South Africa.

It's important to revel the main sponsor of this National Championship, Dallmeier, represent by Paulo Alexandre and Mário Ferreira (president of ACPP) brothers. This enterprise was also the main sponsor of South African national team on last A World Cup, diputed in San Juan.
To complete, Joaquim Coimbra, president of SARHA, gave thanks to all participants, ACPP by the space and dinner, and the main responsbles by the Championship the players.

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Rolling Together hopes and believes that this situation can change on the future, and would like also to see other communities involved in our Sport!!!

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