Thursday, July 19, 2012

Roller Hockey Festival in Colombia

Organizer Committee (photo:Zonacero)
During next weekend Barranquilla, in Colombia, will held a big Roller Hockey Festival. It's expected a participation of 300 kids, and furthermore some matches between veteran players.
In Colombia the roller hockey activity is divided by Leagues (Ligas), and in this festival will be present in a number of 5:
This kind of Festivals are a good example of roller hockey promotion.

Colombia National team present in "Taça Zé Du" in Angola

Colombia National Team of San Juan 2011 (photo:Eltiempo)
During these days the Colombian Federation is organizing a national camp to select the list of players which will have the opportunity to play in Angola, in September for the Taça Zé Du (read article about this tournament pressing here) and prepare the next World Championship (also host in Angola).

The list of players is composed by 28 players:
  1. From Antioquia League: David Saldarriaga (goalkeeper), David Bustamante, José Alejandro Naranjo, Roberth Martínez, Eduardo Prisco, Raúl Raigosa, Sebastián Valencia, Santiago Vásquez, Sergio Andrés Vásquez.
  2. From Bogota League: Juan Pablo Salgado, Juan David Vásquez  (both goalkeepers), Carlos Ernesto García, Javier Mora, Carlos Esteban Ospina, Gustavo Ramírez, Fabián Rivas, José Luis Rivas, Alejandro Rodríguez and Nicolás Vásquez
  3. From Caldas League: Juan Jacobo García (goalkeeper), David Mauricio Alzate, Cristhian David Castaño, Daniel Hoyos, Jonathan Giraldo, Luis Miguel Martínez y Camilo Ramírez. Los porteros convocados son David Saldarriaga, de Antioquia, los bogotanos , y el caldense Juan Jacobo García. Other Countries: Diego Camilo Salamanca Rey and Luis Gabriel Toro
Technical Staff: Fernando Sierra, Jaime Jaramillo and Andrés López.

If somebody has doubts that roller hockey is the main hockey sport in Colombia this news is a good example of the efforts of roller hockey lovers in Colombia to promote our sport.

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