Monday, August 20, 2012

Tribute to the Best Roller Hockey Player Nowadays, Jordi Bargalló

As all the other sports roller hockey has players that play it like magicians and can create unique moments each match. After a lot of excellent players, at this moment there's one name, one man that all roller hockey fans agree as Best Roller Hockey Player, JORDI BARGALLÓ!!
Magicocentro and created a wonderful tribute video to show that Bargalló is a "name to remember". This video and the topic Best player of the World, could be a new initiative for Roller Hockey organizations, CIRH, FIRS and continental Confederations. Why not, as all the other sports do at this moment, CIRH and FIRS create an annual award where the best men and women players could be recognize as the best. This could be very important to promote roller hockey.
And now it's time to watch and enjoy!!!

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