Thursday, October 27, 2011

Real Madrid with Roller Hockey Flavor

Pedro Gil starts the match (source: Real Madrid website)
Real Madrid has finally a Roller Hockey team???
Not yet...unhappily, but yesterday for the first time in Real's Madrid history a Roller Hockey player started a football match in Santiago Bernabéu.
Who could be? Just Pedro Gil, one of the greatest Roller Hockey players nowadays, with one of the best Curriculum's.
After a news in a Spanish newspapers, Pedro Gil announced that one of his dreams was to give the first kick in a Real's Madrid match. 
Due to his uncommon preference for Real (he comes from Catalonia, so almost everybody there supports Barcelona), the club gave him the honor to start yesterday the football match against Villareal. After Alonso and Nadal, Pedro Gil made history also yesterday.
According to "O Jogo" newspaper Casillas wish to Pedro Gil more titles with Spanish colours, and Mourinho asked if was everything nice with the Dragon (meaning FC Porto)...
Pedro Gil with Casillas (source: Real Madrid website)
As in this blog we like to dream to a greater future to our sport we hope that this fact can sensitize Real Madrid to have soon a Roller Hockey team.

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Let's show them that World wants Real Madrid playing Roller Hockey

Real Madrid Roller Hockey Team in 1950 (source: Biesca Gijon)
Real Madrid Rolling Together!!!!!!!!!!