Sunday, November 20, 2011

21st South American Club Championship

The skates don't stop in South America. After Women's Copa America, now it's time to start the main Clubs Competition, the South American Clubs Championship. Once again Sertãozinho will be the American Capital of our Sport. Organized by CBHP ("Confederação Brasileira de Hóquei e Patinação") and Sertãozinho Hóquei Club, this competition will start from tomorrow 21st until 25th of November.

Are confirmed 7 clubs from 3 different countries, and one invited National team, divided in two Groups (classification updated daily):

Grupo A
Olimpia Patin Club (Argentina) 9 pts
Huracán (Argentina) 6 pts

Grupo B
Unión Vecinal Trinidad (Argentina) 6 pts
Sport Clube do Recife (Brazil) 6 pts
Miguel Leon Prado (Chile) 4 pts
      The schedule of 21/11/2011 is:
      • 18:30 Português do Recife 4-2 Angola
      • 20:00 Unión Vecinal de Trinidad 3-6 Miguel León Prado
      • 21:30 Open Ceremony
      • 22:00. HC Sertãozinho 6-7 Sport Recife
      2nd Day Tuesday - 22/11/2011
      • 17h00       Sport Recife 6-2 Leon Prado
      • 18h30       Seleção Angola 2-4 Olímpia
      • 20h30       Sertãozinho 1-10 UVT
      • 21h30       Português do Recife (BRA)  2-3 Hurracan
      3th Day Tuesday - 23/11/2011
      • 10h00 Olimpia 3-2 Huracan
      • 18h00 Olimpia 6-0 Português do Recife
      • 19h30 UVT 10-4  Sport Recife
      • 21h00 Sertãozinho 3-3 Leon Prado
      • 22h30 Huracan 3-2 Angola 
      4th Day Tuesday - 24/11/2011
       Matches for 5th to 8th place
      • 17:00 Miguel León Prado 1-2 Angola 
      • 20:00 Português do Recife 3-4 Sertãozinho
      • 18:30 Unión Vecinal Trinidad 4-5 Huracán
      • 21:30 Olimpia 13-2 Sport Recife

       5th Day Tuesday - 24/11/2011 Match for 7th/8th place
      • 17:00 Miguel León Prado 9-8 Português do Recife

       Match for 5th/6th place
      • 18:30  Sertãozinho 5-2 Angola
       Match for 3rd/4th place
      • 20:00 Unión Vecinal Trinidad 4-5 Sport Recife

      Huracan yesterday was the King in Sertãozinho (from hóqueibrasil)
       Match for 1st/2nd place

      • 21:30 Olimpia 1-2 Huracan
      Huracan is South American Championship for the first time!! It's an excellent news for Roller Hockey in Buenos Aires, and a signal that it is possible to win the San Juan teams.

            Roller Hockey World Starts like Mariano Velasquez and Alan Karan are confirmed.

            For the first time all matches will be transmited by WEBTV in tvexcelsiorstz.

            Watch live video from tvexcelsiorstz on 
            Also Radio will transmit some matches of the Championship (at least Sertãozinho Hóquei Clube Matches.

            Ranking (source: Wikipedia)

            The winner of last year was Olimpia Patin Club, defeating in the final Universidade Catolica from Chile.
            On left you can see the ranking of clubs with more titles.
            Who will be next to fill the History of Roller Hockey???
            Follow all the competition in the following websites and facebook pages:

            To finish Rolling Together doesn't forget Uruguay, Colombia, Mexico and USA. We hope next year teams from al these countries could be present!!

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