Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Brighter Future in Angolan Roller Hockey

Infrastructure to built will benefice 3000 young in several sports
Some weeks ago Rolling Together reported about Campeonato Unificado (Unified Championship began in Angola). Was referred in the article the exaggerated concentration of teams in Luanda, missing teams from another regions...

Although according to recent news from "Jornal Angola", the things are changing and new rinks are starting to be built in other cities, like Lobito and Huambo.
Both of them born from a partnership between local clubs Sporting Clube do Lobito, JGM do Huambo and the Portuguese Sporting Clube Portugal (one of the main clubs in Portugal, actually in 2nd Division).
Sporting Clube Moçâmedes in 1956 (source:Memórias Desportivas)

For example JGM has until now 48 young registered to be part of a team to compete in several National Championships or particular matches.
Sporting Clube Portugal had a lot of "brother clubs" in Angola, before the "25th April" (Revolution in Portugal that finished with colonial territories) playing roller hockey. Due to the revolution and the civil war almost all of them finished Roller Hockey sections. Nowadays just Benfica de Luanda has a team.Thus should be good if other brother teams of Sporting, SL Benfica and FC Porto could support this kind of initiatives in other parts of Angola, to turn Roller Hockey a Real National Sport!!!

These are great news for Angolan Roller Hockey, proving once again all the efforts that the country is doing to be a power, 2 years before the A World Cup to be host in Luanda.
Once again Rolling Together wishes that all this initiatives could start with kids and young, to finish finally in Seniors. Of course girls and women's shouldn't be forgotten.

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