Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Spanish Federation an example in Roller Hockey Management

Spanish Federation Logo (RFEP)
One of the big problems in Roller Hockey is their organization inside National Federations. Here in Rolling Together we like to present the best examples to follow in our Sport.
Concerning National Federations almost all Roller Hockey fans agree that the Spanish is the best one at this moment, and to prove it, are all the titles conquered in 2011: 
  1. CERH European Roller Hockey World Cup U-17  
  2. FIRS Roller Hockey World Cup U-20 
  3. FIRS Roller Hockey World Cup 
  4. CERH European Women's Roller Hockey Cup
Spain has won all the possible titles in 2011!!!

Thus, Spain also has an excellent developed work in both seniors sex's, like in school bases are the best country at this moment.

Their Leagues are also the most competitive in the World and they won for several times last year the European League (most important clubs competition in Europe, with clubs from many countries).

In terms of media in my opinion they have the best website, merchandising...

Weekly they present a resume of each journey with all the best moments of each match in youtube, and for the first time in the break of TV transmission on Monday

Day 2 of OKLiga

The big problem that Spanish Roller Sports Federation has, is just the fact that Roller Hockey is to much concentrated in Catalonia region, while in the rest of country there's a big problem to grew our sport. Hope that like in other areas, RFEP can change this also.

So if we want a best Roller Hockey is necessary to learn with the best, and Spain is the best teacher!!!


  1. España ha demostrado ser la mejor Federación por lo que debería liderar la promoción del hockey sobre patines en el mundo........

  2. Tienes toda la Razon Internacional...

  3. La mayoría de jugadores son catalanes y no se sienten españoles, y lo sabéis.

  4. Estimdo Anonymous eu sei disso.É verdade que sem Catalunha a Espanha não ganharia nem um título de hóquei em patins. Eu a título pessoal sou totalmente a favor de que Catalunha tenha as suas próprias seleções tal como acontece com a Escócia, País de Gales e Irlanda do Norte...

  5. Xaral: Obrigado. :)