Friday, November 4, 2011

European Continental Cup ?

By Fernando Castro
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Pelo Hóquei em Patins

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Very unfortunate news for roller hockey:

As diffused by several websites, the team of HC Liceo should miss the game of tomorrow in Viana do Castelo, against SL Benfica.

A "legal" dispute on the interpretation of the cup regulation between club HC Liceo and the organizing body CERH is on the basis of this unattended decision by HC Liceo.

SL Benfica assures that the team will be in Viana to dispute the game.

If the game is not played, because of HC Liceo missing it, this will be the first time in rink-hockey history that one of the top european competitions is not played by missing of one team.

The game will be transmitted in direct by Portuguese TV RTP2, as well as for all world by internet sports channel Plurisports.

If the game is not to be played, beside the probable economic losses for organizers, this will represent a strong back move in media diffusion of rink-hockey at worldwide level. Probably with very bad impact on the sponsoring of the sport, because of the evident loss of credibility this unfortunate accident will have upon companies and public opinion.

One more sad moment for our Sport
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