Sunday, November 13, 2011

Valkenswaardse RC is Dutch Champion for the 7th time

The Stars of the 7th Title (
In last 7th November Valkenswaardse RC had confirmed it power in Dutch Roller Hockey winning the 50th Edition of the Championship at home.
The results of the weekend confirm it supremacy in Netherlands:
EHRC Marathon 4-25 Valkenswaardse RC
Valkenswaardse RC 19-2 RC de Lichtstad

Also taking a look to the classification, we can observe that in all League Valkenswaardse RC didn't lost any point against the other teams.
Final Classification (

Valkenswaardse RC continues in the fourth place of the teams with more trophies in Dutch League. The first place continues to be occupied by RC de Lichstad with 10 titles (all info in wikipedia).

Unhappily any team of Netherlands will take part of European Competitions this year. Rolling Together would like to suggest a changing in the dates of this championship to allow the participation of Dutch teams in CERH competitions, because is the last championship in Europe to finish this year.
As we know Valkenswaardse RC is taking part of German Championship and until now the results are not so bad as probably some roller hockey fans were expecting. This can be a signal that the level is not so different to other countries in Europe and next year Valkenswaardse RC could take place in European Competition.

New rink in Netherlands??

Old Rink of Valkenswaard
Rolling Together was surprised by the following news these days:
"Sportshall 17th edition EVRICup 2012 Valkenswaard outdate

Valkenswaard - The sportshall where the club Valkenswaardse Roller Club (V.R.C.) operates with rollerhockey and figure skating is quite outdated. And this sportshall, De Dennenberg, will most probably have closed in 2013. An alternative is not there yet. Marty van den Brand, president of the Technical Committee of the rollerhockey section, says that the floor is a big problem. Van den Brand : "We still hope that we can stay here in this part of Valkenswaard and hope that the community of Valkenswaard understands that. With a good boost, we are on our way." Until then V.R.C. is still in an old sportshall. Chairman of the Club V.R.C., Marc Schoonderwoert, the municipality of Valkenswaard has already proposed to renovate the sportshall. "In the short term, we do need support of the municipality," he says. V.R.C. is still in consultation with the municipality of Valkenswaard for a better sportshall."

Also this problem was reported by Dutch TV. See in the link.

2011-11-12 IGR Remscheid - Valkenswaardse RC (For the German Bundesliga)

Rolling Together wish a happy end to this story, a construction of a new Rink with modern floor and appropriated to receive Roller Hockey Competitions.

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